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Mr Scraps

Author : Taylor Holden
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INSPIRED by the true story of a dog named Rip who was the first search-and-rescue dog during the Second World War, Mr. Scraps is a heart-warming story of courage, love and devotion that will appeal to parents and children alike.Bobby, a seven-year-old rescue dog of dubious heritage, lives with his Master and uses his sense of smell to navigate the world. His Boy is missing in action, his Lady has slipped down the rabbit-hole and there's little excitement in his life. No sooner had his Master told him they were at war than the terror-birds started dropping the egg-bombs that forever change his world.Through Bobby's perceptive eyes, ears, and nose, the reader experiences the life of a canine victim of war. Alone and terrified, he encounters only death and fire-stink until he is befriended by a scab-kneed boy called Lawrie who names him Mr. Scraps, and Harry, a fireman who realises how useful he could be.In a daily game of seek-and-reward Mr. Scraps becomes the first ever search-and-rescue dog. Between them, he and Harry find more than three hundred dead or dying and are almost killed in the process. After the war Mr. Scraps is awarded the Dickin Medal (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross).

Cooking with Scraps

Author : Lindsay-Jean Hard
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“A whole new way to celebrate ingredients that have long been wasted. Lindsay-Jean is a master of efficiency and we’re inspired to follow her lead!” —Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, cofounders of Food52 In 85 innovative recipes, Lindsay-Jean Hard—who writes the “Cooking with Scraps” column for Food52—shows just how delicious and surprising the all-too-often-discarded parts of food can be, transforming what might be considered trash into culinary treasure. Here’s how to put those seeds, stems, tops, rinds to good use for more delicious (and more frugal) cooking: Carrot greens—bright, fresh, and packed with flavor—make a zesty pesto. Water from canned beans behaves just like egg whites, perfect for vegan mayonnaise that even non-vegans will love. And serve broccoli stems olive-oil poached on lemony ricotta toast. It’s pure food genius, all the while critically reducing waste one dish at a time. “I love this book because the recipes[ing] us how to utilize the whole plant, to the betterment of our palate, our pocketbook, and our place.” —Eugenia Bone, author of The Kitchen Ecosystem “Packed with smart, approachable recipes for beautiful food made with ingredients that you used to throw in the compost bin!” —Cara Mangini, author of The Vegetable Butcher

Top Secret Stewie Scraps Teacher Resource

Author : Sheila Blackburn
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This teacher resource is designed to accompany and extend the Stewie Scraps series of reading books. The worksheets explore and develop children’s understanding of each book in turn. The teacher’s notes explain the tasks and give suggestions to help foster reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Top Secret Photocopiable Worksheets for Enhancing the Stewie Scraps Stories

Author : Sheila M. Blackburn
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Top Secret is a teacher's resource designed to accompany the Stewie Scraps series of reading books. It consists of six sets of photocopiable worksheets exploring the children's understanding of each book in turn. There are teacher's notes that explain the tasks and give suggestions about use to help develop reading, writing and comprehension skills. The beginning of each section gives a brief synopsis about the book before going on to the tasks involved. Ending each section is a set of comprehension questions that allows you to determine whether the children have fully understood the books. All the Stewie Scraps series of books, as well as this resource, have been illustrated by Leighton Noyes, a noted children's book illustrator. Stewie also has his own website: It contains excerpts from his stories, information about his family, the author and illustrator and a special 'Top Secret' area to be accessed only by those creative genius' possessing the password!

Scraps of Early Texas History

Author : Mary Sherwood Helm
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Author : Lori Baker
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Scraps of Paper

Author : Arthur Pole Nicholson
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My Heart 2 Heart Scraps Pockets

Author : Fine Print
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Say X Bits of Monologue Fragmented Dreams Scraps of Patriasis from the Internal American Theatre

Author : Donald Schenker
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It s Easy to Sew with Scraps and Remnants

Author : Carol Inouye
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Complete instructions for making clothing, accessories, toys, and other sewing projects using recycled fabric and remnants.

ScrapTherapy Cut the Scraps

Author : Joan Ford
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Presents a plan for disposing of scrap and remnant fabrics by making them into quilts.

Scraps Saved from the Waste Basket

Author : Rush Christopher Hawkins
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Scraps from the History of Edward the Confessor

Author : Luke Berrington
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Addicted to Scraps

Author : Bonnie K. Hunter
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Forever change the way you look at scraps! Best-selling author, Quiltmaker columnist, and esteemed teacher Bonnie K. Hunter shares 12 large, multicolored scrap quilt patterns in her signature style. Learn how to sew leftover strips into usable fabric that s readily available for projects with Bonnie s easy-to-use Scrap User s System. This complete guide to scrap quilting includes full-size templates, 2 paper-piecing patterns, and a full chapter on quiltmaking basics for scrap addicts."


Author : Judy Martin
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Scraps features 16 new and original Judy Martin designs. Every quilt is presented in 3 sizes so you can make the design you like in the size you want. You are given your choice of accurate rotary cutting instructions or templates. Fat quarter requirements and yardage are listed for every quilt in every size. Color diagrams show piecing details. And every pattern is rated for ease of cutting, ease of sewing, and ease of thinking.Perhaps the greatest challenge with Scraps is in deciding which quilt to make first! Several quilts feature shadows and other dimensional effects that make patches appear to float over the surface of the quilt. You'll find an abundance of stars, including a magnificent Lone Star. In addition you'll see a Log Cabin, a Wedding Ring variation (with no curves!), an exotic Nine-Patch, a beautiful flower quilt, and much more.Scraps is more than just patterns. The upfront material draws upon Judy's 37 years of making quilts from scraps. She offers basic quiltmaking information plus scrap quilt cutting strategies, techniques for sewing with scraps, suggestions for building and organizing your stash, and ideas for working with color and style in scraps.Whether you're looking for a pattern that is clearly simple, surprisingly easy, or stunningly beautiful, your next quilt should be made from Scraps.

Scrap Basket Bounty

Author : Kim Brackett
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Get scrappy with the best-selling author of the "Scrap-Basket" series! In her fifth book, Kim Brackett reveals a fun surprise waiting in these gorgeous repeat-block designs: each quilt pattern comes with two additional block arrangements. Simply sew the blocks; then rotate them this way and that for an abundance of creative possibilities! * 16 beautiful patterns * 3 different setting options for each quilt * 48 patchwork projects in all! Throw your favorite scraps into the mix and let the scrap-basket sewing begin!

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Markets Bulletin

Author :
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No Scrap Left Behind

Author : Amanda Jean Nyberg
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Rescue your fabric scraps even the smallest pieces with 16 satisfying quilts and projects. Sew modern quilts for everyday use that will help you return to the roots of quiltmaking, with projects designed to help you use up every last scrap. Learn sorting and storage tips to help you plan your next quilt, with projects categorized by type of scrap squares, strings, triangles, or little snippets. You ll never look at scraps the same way again!"

Wisconsin State Department of Agriculture Bulletin

Author :
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Author : Wisconsin. Dept. of Agriculture
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