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Contains short stories about the experiences of several generations of a seafaring family and their good luck charm

The Sea Bird as an Individual

Author : Ronald Mathias Lockley
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Marine mammal and seabird survey of the Southern California Bight area

Author : University of California, Santa Cruz
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Sea Birds

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We never know how events affect our lives. In Sea Birds, events that seem to be totally unrelated gradually draw several lives together in the tropical paradise of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sea Birds describes in a series of stories how the personal relationships of the people involved develop. Even in paradise, there is crime, greed, love, hate, and passion leading to an ultimate new beginning Anjanette was abandoned as a child of mixed heritage. She now, as an adult, operates the Arawak Eco-Camp with the goal of preserving the Caribbean land where it is located and providing educational opportunities for those interested in learning about the Virgin Islands land and the sea around them. Unfortunately, her land is a magnet for people more interested in exploiting the islands than in preserving them. Sea Birds describes the struggles of Anjanette and her friends to save the Eco-Camp from development as a resort hotel and casino. During this time, she learns much about her family, her husband, and her friends, culminating with an unexpected ending. Comments from readers: I completed the book with tears of happiness streaming down my face. A frequent visitor to the Virgin Islands. I could vividly paint the characters as I went along. A serious book collector.

Sea birds and the Lessons of Their Lives

Author : Elizabeth Surr
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Alaska Seabird Information Series ASIS

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"Compilation of seabird species accounts for all seabirds breeding in Alaska and five important nonbreeders. Conservation status, life history, distribution, population size and trends, conservation concerns, and recommended management actions are included in the accounts"--Leaf i.

Seabird Ecology

Author : R. W. Furness
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In the last few years there has been an excltmg upsurge in seabird research. There are several reasons for this. Man's increased ex ploitation of natural resources has led to a greater awareness of the potential conflicts with seabirds, and of the use of seabirds to indicate the damage we might be doing to our environment. Many seabird populations have increased dramatically in numbers and so seem more likely to conflict with man, for example through competition for food or transmission of diseases. Oil exploration and production has resulted in major studies of seabird distributions and ecology in relation to oil pollution. The possibility that seabirds may provide information on fish stock biology is now being critically investigated. Some seabird species have suffered serious declines in numbers and require conservation action to be taken to reduce the chances that they will become extinct. This requires an understanding of the factors determining their population size and dynamics.

The Exploitation of Sea Birds in Seychelles

Author : M. W. Ridley
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Oregon and Washington Marine Mammal and Seabird Surveys

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Nordic Seabird Colony Databases

Author : Nordisk Ministerråd
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