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Search Models and Applied Labor Economics

Author : Nicholas M. Kiefer
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This collection of papers marks the development of empirical application of the search approach to labor economics--an approach which arose as a theoretical development of the 1960s and led to numerous insights in the 1970s. The search approach naturally incorporates uncertainty in the economic model, making up some of the early work in what is now called "the economics of information." Included are econometric issues such as estimation and specification of search models for wages and unemployment duration, continuous time models of turnover, and identification of structural parameters. Applications to policy questions including Unemployment Insurance and wage subsidy programs are given, and data collection issues are discussed within the search framework.

Empirical Labor Economics

Author : Theresa J. Devine
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Presenting a complete survey of labor economics from the search point of view, this is the first book to coordinate a vast and scattered literature, making an increasingly important and sophisticated area in modern applied economics readily accessible. Completely comprehensive, Empirical Labor Economics covers not only sequential and random search, but all stochastic models of the labor market, and treats underlying economic theory and econometric methods as needed. It examines structural search models, studies directed at particular policy questions--such as the effect of unemployment benefits on unemployment durations--and simple descriptive studies, considering data from all over the world. With valuable summaries and trenchant assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the search approach, Empirical Labor Economics is essential for those embarking on labor market research.

Modern Labour Economics

Author : Peter Sloane
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Labour economics as a discipline has changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days of a "job for life". These days, firms and employees are part of a less regulated, more fluid, and more international labour market. Knowledge, training, human resource development and human capital are all major factors on the contemporary scene. This new textbook is the first properly international textbook to reflect these swingeing changes. Its key areas of concentration include: the increasing importance of human capital including education and occupational choice the major subdivision of personnel economics including economic inactivity and absenteeism comparative cross country studies and the impact of globalization and migration on national labour markets equal opportunities and issues of discrimination on the basis of race, gender and disability conflict at work, including both strikes and, uniquely, individual disputes. Other issues explored include the supply and demand of labour, wages, the current role of trade unions, bargaining and conflict, and working time. The book is written in a clear, accessible way with some mathematical exposition, reflecting the text’s grounding in current microeconomic theory. The book also contains case studies designed to illuminate theoretical concepts and exercises and discussion questions to test the students understanding of the various concepts outlined in the text.

The Economics of Search

Author : Brian McCall
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The economics of search is a prominent component of economic theory, and it has a richness and elegance that underpins a host of practical applications. In this book Brian and John McCall present a comprehensive overview of the economic theory of search, from the classical model of job search formulated 40 years ago to the recent developments in equilibrium models of search. The book gives decision-theoretic foundations to seemingly slippery issues in labour market theory, estimation theory and economic dynamics in general, and surveys the entire field of the economics of search, including its history, theory, and econometric applications. Theoretical models of the economics of search are covered as well as estimation methods used in search theory and topics covered include job search, turnover, unemployment, liquidity, house selling, real options and auctions. The mathematical methods used in search theory such as dynamic programming are reviewed as well as structural estimation methods and econometric methods for duration models. The authors also explore the classic sequential search model and its extensions in addition to recent advances in equilibrium search theory.

The Flow Analysis of Labour Markets

Author : Ronald Schettkat
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Well-functioning labour markets are a precondition for economic development. In order to function smoothly the market needs to be able to adjust effectively and quickly to new developments. An understanding and analysis of adjustment processes within labour markets is therefore essential for economic theory and policy proposals. This study discusses the 'flow approach' to mobility and adjustment in labour markets. It presents an overview of flow analysis and provides many new theoretical and empirical insights. It covers all the major industrialized economies, including: USA, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, UK, France, Italy and Germany.

Labor Mobility Optimal Inertia and Land Price Dynamics

Author : Maria Manuela Ferro
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Handbook of Labor Economics

Author : Orley Ashenfelter
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A guide to the continually evolving field of labour economics.

Advances in Economics and Econometrics Theory and Applications

Author : Econometric Society. World Congress
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This book is the third of three volumes containing papers presented at the Seventh World Congress of the Econometric Society. The papers summarize and interpret key recent developments and discuss current and future directions in a wide range of topics in economics and econometrics. They cover both theory and applications. Authored by leading specialists in their fields these volumes provide a unique survey of progress in the discipline.

Unemployment Dynamics in the United States and West Germany

Author : Markus Gangl
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In writing this book, I increasingly became aware of the extent to which much of the finest social science research has been devoted to the issue of unemployment. Unemployment rightly is a key issue in the social sciences for search of social and political answers to the economic, social and psychological distress caused by un certainty and macroeconomic change. I was glad to find my own worries shared by eminent and respected scholars: George Akerlof once confessed to pursue the study of unemployment ultimately because of his father's distress from fear of un employment, and Wout Ultee started research on unemployment from the consid eration that parents' talk about unemployment risks should not come to dominate marriage parties or other family occasions. The problem of unemployment is thus hardly confmed to actual loss of income, but one where economic insecurity be gins to undermine the very fabric of society. In consequence, to combat unem ployment should indeed be a foremost issue in societies striving for freedom and justice for their citizenry, yet to succeed obviously requires an understanding of the underlying economic realities. If this study could contribute to this endeavor, all the time spent in writing would seem well spent indeed. Against the significant body of existing social science research on unemploy ment, it seems appropriate to be clear about the scope and limitations of the cur rent study, however.

Fundamentals of Labor Economics

Author : Thomas Hyclak
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Labor Economics, 2e covers the essential aspects of modern labor economics from an international perspective, providing students with a comprehensive survey of economic theory and empirical evidence on purely competitive labor markets. In addition, the authors examine the impact of imperfect competition, incomplete information and uncertainty, and institutional factors--stemming from laws, unions, and human resource policies--on wages and employment opportunities. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.