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Sedimentary and Evolutionary Cycles

Author : U. Bayer
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Journal of Sedimentary Petrology

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Phanerozoic Evolution of Sedimentary Basins in the Uinta Piceance Basin Region Northwestern Colorado and Northeastern Utah

Author : Samuel Y. Johnson
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A multidisciplinary approach to research studies of sedimentary rocks and their constituents and the evolution of sedimentary basins, both ancient and modern.

Zentralblatt f r Geologie und Pal ontologie

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Principles of Sedimentary Basin Analysis

Author : Andrew D. Miall
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This book incorporates developments in chronostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and sedimentation and tectonics that have taken place during the last decade. In particular, the wealth of case studies that have appeared since the late 1980s, focusing on sequence architecture and the relationships between sedimentation and tectonics, have required a virtually complete rewriting of Chapters 6 to 9. The global-eustasy model that was popular as a mechanism for sequence generation at the time of writing of the earlier editions of this book has been downplayed in this edition in the face of abundant new evidence pointing to the importance of tectonism as a process that may generate sequences over a wide range of temporal and physical scales. Amongst other additions, this edition contains new sections describing such topics as basin inversion and basement control of sedimentary basin development, and a range of new case studies of the plate tectonics of sedimentary basins.

Paleoproterozoic Evolution of the Carbon Isotope Ratios of Sedimentary Carbonates in the Fennoscandian Shield

Author : Juha A. Karhu
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Sedimentology and Paleocommunities of the Black River and Trenton Limestone Groups Ordovician Lake Simcoe Area Ontario

Author : Michael E. Brookfield
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Palynology and Its Relationship to Climatically Induced Depositional Cycles in the Middle Pennsylvanian Desmoinesian Paradox Formation of Southeastern Utah

Author : Bruce F. Rueger
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A multidisciplinary approach to research studies of sedimentary rocks and their constituents and the evolution of sedimentary basins, both ancient and modern.

Dynamic Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Hamilton Group Middle Devonian in New York State

Author : Ed Landing
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Evolution of the Western Interior Basin

Author : Geological Association of Canada
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Chemical Cycles in the Evolution of the Earth

Author : C. Bryan Gregor
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A concise review of the geochemical cycles of terrestrial evolution, written by well-known geochemists. Treatment is accessible, yet covers many geochemical specialties. Edited to provide an interdisciplinary approach for professionals and advanced students of geology, geochemistry, and earth and atmospheric sciences.

Sedimentation as a Three component System

Author : Werner Ricken
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Depositional Environments of Coal bearing and Associated Formations of Cretaceous Age in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska

Author : Etats-Unis. Geological Survey
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Depositional History and Structural Evolution of a Sedimentary Basin in a Modern Forearc Setting Western Sunda Arc Indonesia

Author : Desiree Beaudry
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Geodynamic Evolution of Sedimentary Basins

Author : Roure
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In this volume, 27 papers deal successively with thematic aspects of basin formation, case history in extensional and compressional basins (either in the CIS Republics or in their Western counterparts), physical and numerical structural models and other modeling techniques used for petroleum potential appraisal in sedimentary basins. These proceedings are of great interest to all geologists dealing with geodynamics of sedimentary basins, either in academic institutions or in the petroleum industry.

Microfacies Sedimentation and Some Aspects of Diagenesis of Upper Jurassic Sediments from the Elevated Part of the Northern Peri Tethyan Shelf

Author : Jacek Matyszkiewicz
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Simulation of Climate sedimentary Evolution

Author : Peter J. Fawcett
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Evolution of Fish Species Flocks

Author : Anthony A. Echelle
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The Sedimentology of the Zerrissene Turbidite System Damara Orogen Namibia

Author : Roger Swart
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Petroleum Abstracts

Author :
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