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Seismic QI An End User s Guide

Author : Liz Chellingsworth
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This book offers a practical guide to quantitative interpretation (QI) products for reservoir modelling and uncertainty analysis. Its content and format make it accessible to readers with and without a geophysical background. Understanding the geological meaning, or meanings, of the seismic response can be challenging, especially in unexplored or under-appraised areas. It falls to geologists and reservoir modellers to integrate the seismic response and geological data into reservoir models, prospect evaluations and uncertainty analysis. The authors provide these end-users with a guide on how to extract the most value from QI products and incorporate them into reservoir models; further, they illustrate how to translate QI results into meaningful inputs for common, and not so common, modelling workflows. After a concise and accessible introduction to rock physics, the book provides an overview of a range of inversion techniques used in the industry, and presents real-world examples capturing the highs and lows, benefits and limitations. This gives end-users the tools they need in order to play an active part in all stages of the QI workflow. This book will benefit all geologists, reservoir modellers, technical professionals working in integrated sub-surface teams, and non-technical experts who need a sound grasp of QI techniques in order to evaluate commercial decisions based on their outputs. Advanced students of petroleum geology will also find this book of interest.

Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing

Author : University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. School of Architecture-Building Research Council
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Title List of Documents Made Publicly Available

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Author : Henry J. Lagorio
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The most comprehensive compilation of seismic safety concerns currently available. Implications of historic earthquakes on the built environment and new lessons learned from recent earthquakes are discussed. Emphasizes methods of design for the numerous hazards caused by architectural, non-structural elements of a building such as non-loadbearing walls, mechanical equipment and ductwork, furniture, etc. Additional coverage focuses on the latest developments in earthquake hazards reduction measures for advancing seismic safety goals; new data on the repair and retrofit of earthquake damaged buildings; identification of existing hazardous structures; and recovery aspects of post-earthquake reconstruction. Recommendations are made regarding the responsibilities in earthquake hazards mitigation programs, the design of earthquake-resistant buildings, professional liability and the evaluation and rehabilitation of older buildings.

Seismic Exploration Fundamentals

Author : J. A. Coffeen
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This book focuses on using seismic techniques to find oil in specific situations. It looks at variables such as exploration attitude, being competitive, and being affected by deadlines among others.

Government Reports Announcements Index

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Earthquake Engineering

Author : Charles K. Erdey
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Learn to design code-compliant, earthquake-resistant structures with this practical guide Earthquake Engineering demonstrates how to design structural members and joints for seismic resistance. The text guides readers through dozens of structural designs, documenting how to perform each step, make the necessary calculations, and adhere to relevant design codes. Most other texts on seismic design focus on theory and the construction of idealized structures; this text is a radical departure, presenting actual tested design methodologies that protect structures from the devastation of earthquakes. All the design methods presented by the author comply with the current U.S. building codes. References to these codes are provided throughout the text, helping readers understand how they are integrated into an overall structural design. Everything readers need to create sound designs, from analysis to design implementation, is provided, including: * Dozens of worked problems throughout the text * Complete reference chapters dedicated to matrices, differential equations, and numerical analysis * Latest results of ongoing seismic research, including how these studies are likely to influence future design projects * The latest 2006 IBC, highlighting significant variations from the 2000 and 2003 editions of the code * Detailed coverage of seismic design for steel moment-resisting frame structures (SMRF), as well as braced-frame steel, concrete, masonry, and wood-framed structures This text, with its many worked problems, is ideal for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. Now that the seismic engineering provisions of the IBC Code apply to the entire United States, this text should also guide practicing engineers not yet exposed to seismic design in designing code-compliant, earthquake-resistant structures.

Handbook of Exploration Geophysics

Author : Paul A. Chapel
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Geophysics, the excellent exploration tool which traditionally uses the latest techniques has been in great demand, and has assisted by remarkable development of the methods which consist of gravimetry, electromagnetics and, the most important, seismic reflection. The book is presented like an encyclopedia. One may find an exact definition, illustrated with simple sketches, precise formulae & orders of magnitude & data which have so often been missing.

Acquiring Better Seismic Data

Author : W.C. Pritchett
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Written as a reference for geophysicists, seismic surveyors and engineers in the mining, hydrocarbon and water industries this book attempts to recommend solutions to problems commonly experienced in the field. It recommends careful planning and executions of operations at this stage of resources exploration, results in large cost and time saving.

Vertical Seismic Profiling and Its Exploration Potential

Author : E.I. Galperin
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The present book is the author's third on the subject of vertical seismic profiling (VSP). Ten years have elapsed since the pUblication of the fIrst book. During this period, VSP has become the principal method of seismic observations in boreholes and the chief method of experimental studies of seismic waves in the real earth. VSP combines borehole studies in the seismic frequency band, well velocity surveys, proximity or aplanatic surveys, all of which previously existed as separate methods. The high effectiveness ofVSP, its great practical value, the express nature and clarity of the results obtained have all contributed towards a very rapid acceptance of the method. In the USSR VSP has been used in an overwhelming majority of areas and is being used increasingly in many foreign countries as well. This has been greatly facilitated by the translation into English and the publication in the U. S. A. by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists of the book Vertical Seismic Profiling (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1974). As the method has become more familiar, it has attracted growing interest outside the USSR This has been substantiated by the special seminar on VSP (Oklahoma, 1979) which was organized for 22 U. S. companies and universities and presented by the author.