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Seismic QI An End User s Guide

Author : Liz Chellingsworth
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This book offers a practical guide to quantitative interpretation (QI) products for reservoir modelling and uncertainty analysis. Its content and format make it accessible to readers with and without a geophysical background. Understanding the geological meaning, or meanings, of the seismic response can be challenging, especially in unexplored or under-appraised areas. It falls to geologists and reservoir modellers to integrate the seismic response and geological data into reservoir models, prospect evaluations and uncertainty analysis. The authors provide these end-users with a guide on how to extract the most value from QI products and incorporate them into reservoir models; further, they illustrate how to translate QI results into meaningful inputs for common, and not so common, modelling workflows. After a concise and accessible introduction to rock physics, the book provides an overview of a range of inversion techniques used in the industry, and presents real-world examples capturing the highs and lows, benefits and limitations. This gives end-users the tools they need in order to play an active part in all stages of the QI workflow. This book will benefit all geologists, reservoir modellers, technical professionals working in integrated sub-surface teams, and non-technical experts who need a sound grasp of QI techniques in order to evaluate commercial decisions based on their outputs. Advanced students of petroleum geology will also find this book of interest.

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Centennial Field Guides

Author : Carol S. Prentice
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The twenty field trip guides in this volume represent the work of earthquake professionals from the earth science, engineering, and emergency management communities. The guides were developed to cross the boundaries between these professions, and thus reflect this diversity: trips focus on the built environment, the effects of the 1906 earthquake, the San Andreas fault, and other active faults in northern California.

Publications of the Geological Survey

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.)
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Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

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Author : Henry J. Lagorio
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The most comprehensive compilation of seismic safety concerns currently available. Implications of historic earthquakes on the built environment and new lessons learned from recent earthquakes are discussed. Emphasizes methods of design for the numerous hazards caused by architectural, non-structural elements of a building such as non-loadbearing walls, mechanical equipment and ductwork, furniture, etc. Additional coverage focuses on the latest developments in earthquake hazards reduction measures for advancing seismic safety goals; new data on the repair and retrofit of earthquake damaged buildings; identification of existing hazardous structures; and recovery aspects of post-earthquake reconstruction. Recommendations are made regarding the responsibilities in earthquake hazards mitigation programs, the design of earthquake-resistant buildings, professional liability and the evaluation and rehabilitation of older buildings.

Government Research Directory

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Refraction Seismics

Author : Derecke Palmer
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Seismic Modelling and Pattern Recognition in Oil Exploration

Author : Amita Sinvhal
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This book is aimed primarily at earth scientists, research workers and engineers who are investigating new techniques and ideas for processing and interpreting large amounts of numerical data. It meets the long felt need for a comprehensive text dealing with various aspects of pattern recognition in a single volume. The treatment starts with a description of seismic modelling, i.e. the formulation of mathematical models for subsurface geology based on Monte Carlo and Markov chains. It then guides the reader through various steps in pattern recognition, viz. identification and automatic extraction of attributes in the time and frequency domains from the seismic response of models. The use of these attributes in pattern recognition is validated by interpreting seismic reflection data as a practical application area. Appropriate computer programs have also been included in the text. An important aspect of this book is that it links subsurface geology with pattern recognition. The present work will be of interest to those working in the areas of seismic prospecting, seismic zonation and strong motion modelling as well as to those who deal with data interpretation in other disciplines.

Seismic Exploration Fundamentals

Author : J. A. Coffeen
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This book focuses on using seismic techniques to find oil in specific situations. It looks at variables such as exploration attitude, being competitive, and being affected by deadlines among others.


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