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Selling to Win

Author : Richard Denny
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"Fantastic read, the results speak volumes." - Steve Bennett, JUNGLE.COM Selling to Win has established itself as one of the world's best-selling books on selling skills. The power of Denny's simple message has helped many thousands of salespeople become high flyers. In a very direct and accessible style, he shows how to put winning techniques into practice. Updated and revised, this third edition is even more effective, highlighting the important change needed to sell and win business in a more sophisticated and competitive marketplace. It gives practical advice on how to: get a sale when your service is not the cheapest; turn your customer into an ambassador; build a positive attitude; beat the competition close a sale. This invaluable book is recogised as one of the most effective and powerful sales-improvement guides ever written.

Win win Selling

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At last, nearly four decades after Larry Wilson pioneered the Counselor selling approach, here's the book that gives you the original concepts plus important refinements. A million salespeople who use the Counselor method will tell you it's profoundly revolutionary and powerful. That's because it puts the customer's needs and problems first. As a Counselor seller, you become a trusted problem-solver for your customers. Both you and your customer win. And you're not only successful -- you feel fulfilled. Hundreds of the world's most respected corporations worldwide use Wilson Learning's Counselor Salesperson method today to win and maintain sales superiority. In this quick-reading book, you learn how to adopt the Counselor mindset and develop the skills that make selling a win-win process for the buyer's organization and your own. This makes it extra hard for competitors to take future business away, and gives you a powerful, sustainable advantage in today's super-competitive marketplace. A foreword by Larry Wilson, schematic models and diagrams, quotes from the field, practical applications, real life lessons, an index, and further resources ensure that you really will master the Counselor method. Book jacket.

Communicate to Win

Author : Richard Denny
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Richard Denny is famous for his powers of communication, whether he's training hundreds of salespeople, getting his message across in his best-selling books or delivering charismatic speeches. Communicate to Win is full of sound, practical advice on every aspect of business and personal communication, such as how to: help people to like you, understand what motivates people, use the telephone effectively; excel at one-to-one conversation, develop your emotional intelligence, master a good writing style and give a great public presentation. Whatever your professional or personal goals in life, Communicate to Win will help you to get your message across or make a first-rate presentation - and the better you can communicate, the more you will achieve.

Win Win Selling 3rd Edition

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Differentiating your company's products and services in the marketplace is a big challenge these days. But a company's sales force can gain sustainable advantages if it adopts the Counselor approach. A win-win mind- and skill-set, based on trust, problem solving and side-by-side work between seller and customer, makes buying easy. And because the seller stays by the customer after the sale, the door opens for long-term, expanding business. This book is useful for both new and experienced salespeople. Readers learn to adopt the unique Counselor mindset. They avoid or successfully address the four key obstacles to buying, combining the mindset with Counselor selling techniques. Fortune 500 companies in thirty countries have benefited from Wilson Learning's Counselor approach to selling for years. Larry Wilson, author of One Minute Salesperson and founder of Wilson Learning, wrote the foreword. It's indispensable for salespeople and sales managers. Models, charts, anecdotes, an index, and other resources add to its immediate impact.

Principled Selling

Author : David Tovey
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Because buyer behaviour has changed and buyers now trust social media and personal recommendations more than salespeople, companies need to respond to this new reality to acquire customers. Principled Selling discusses the skills and behaviours needed to win customers, build relationships and retain existing ones. It offers a different, more effective approach based on the premise that if you want more sales, stop 'selling' and focus on building long-term, profitable relationships. Readers will learn to avoid cold calling and generate meetings; develop relationships built on trust to maintain customer loyalty; sell services in ways clients appreciate; sustain long-term sales growth and incorporate social media into an effective business development strategy. With a foreword from legendary sales expert and bestselling author Richard Denny, Principled Selling helps anyone involved in selling to align his or her techniques with customer expectations to get people to buy over and over again.

The Secrets of Selling

Author : Geoff King
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Want to beat your sales target? Buy this book. This is THE new sales bible for anyone selling services. Full of practical, definitive advice and guidance, The Secrets of Selling will ensure you are primed for success in any sales situation.

Buying and Selling a Business

Author : Garrett Sutton
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Buying and Selling a Business reveals key strategies used to sell and acquire business investments. Garrett Sutton, Esq. is a best selling author of numerous law for the layman books, and he guides the reader clearly through all of the obstacles to be faced before completing a winning transaction. “Buying and Selling a Business” uses real life stories to illustrate how to prepare your business for sale, analyze acquisition candidates and assemble the right team of experts. The book also clearly identifies how to understand the tax issues of a business sale, how to use confidentiality agreements to your benefit and how to negotiate your way to a positive result. Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of Rich Dad/Poor Dad has this to say about Buying and Selling a Business, “Garrett Sutton’s information is priceless for anyone who wants to increase his or her knowledge of the often secret world of the rich, what the rich invest in, and some of the reasons why the rich get richer.” Buying and Selling a Business is a timely business book for our times.

Motivate to Win

Author : Richard Denny
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In Motivate to Win Richard Denny shows how you can transform your dreams of success into reality by becoming more motivated. Motivation is essential for business survival as well as a rewarding personal life, so learning the skills and techniques to improve it is never time wasted. This stimulating book covers every aspect of this important life-skill including, how to become highly motivated and achieve goals, understanding what motivates others and inspiring them, and avoiding the pitfalls of de-motivation. Richard Denny defies anybody not to attain greater achievements by following the techniques in this book. For anyone who wants to motivate themselves or those around them, this book is the key to great results.

Live It Love It Sell It

Author : Jules White
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A book for anyone interested in succeeding at sales/selling either for their own business or working for an employer. It is written by entrepreneurs' sales coach and Dragon's Den winner, Jules White, with the benefit of over 30 years experience of working in sales.

ProActive Selling

Author : William Miller
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Most sales professionals make the mistake of using the same sales patterns over and over. But since all customers are different, true pros know they must tailor their methods to the buyer if they want to make their numbers every year. ProActive Selling gives readers the tools they need to adapt their approach and maintain control at every stage of the sale. Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition shows salespeople how to: * Qualify and disqualify prospects sooner to focus on the most promising accounts * Examine buyers' motivations from every angle * Quantify the value proposition early * Double the number of calls returned from prospective customers * Appeal to the real decision-makers * Use technology (e.g. cloud, video, social media, and more) to generate leads and shorten sales cycles * Increase the effectiveness of every interaction Featuring dozens of enlightening examples and the author's 17 exclusive, practical selling tools, ProActive Selling gives sales professionals the edge they need to exceed their goals-with any company, in any industry.

The New Strategic Selling

Author : Robert B. Miller
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`Efficient, professional... the finest high-level training programme I have ever seen... a mini-MBA in how to sell national accounts.` Henry J Cockerill, former Senior Vice President, USA Fountain Sales, COCA-COLA Company `Even more timely and effective today than when we first adopted it in 1986.` Gary Hardy, Global Leader of Sales Education and Development, The Dow Chemical Company The book that sparked a selling revolution... In 1985 one book changed sales and marketing for ever. Rejecting manipulative tactics and emphasizing "process", Strategic Selling® presented the idea of selling as a joint venture and introduced the decade's most influential concept, Win-Win. The response to Win-Win was immediate, and it helped to turn Miller Heiman, the small company that created Strategic Selling®, into a global leader in sales and development with the most prestigious client list in the industry. The New Strategic Selling is the latest edition of the business classic and confronts the rapidly evolving world of business-to-business sales with new real-world examples, new strategies for confronting the competition and a special section featuring the most commonly asked questions from the Miller Heiman workshop.

Influential Selling

Author : Ken Carnes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Playing to Win

Author : Allen Guy
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Playing To Win is a convergence of sports analogies and practical business skills to educate and entertain readers as they further develop their sales abilities. Written to appeal to youthful professionals seeking to grow in their careers, the book provides applicable advice that can easily be remembered as a result of the book's sports theme. The market is filled with self-help books promising to propel one's sales career to the top. Yet these books make it impractical for readers to retain, let alone apply, the myriad principles laid out in such writings. Playing To Win combines simple, yet effective sales principles with sports analogies to help the reader absorb and implement what he or she reads. Playing To Win first defines the four basic personality types as positions on a football team - The Quarterback, The Running Back, The Wide Receiver and The Lineman. Readers are exposed to personality characteristics that are easily identifiable with each of the positions, making the concepts easy to remember. Parallels are drawn between sporting events and business situations that aid the reader in growing his or her skills as a salesperson. Defined as periods much like sporting events, readers are then walked through a process for planning, conducting and closing a business transaction. Again through ideas and analogies that incorporate men and women's athletic competition with the realities of business relationships, the reader gains a solid understanding of age-old sales techniques as they are presented in colorful examples of dialog and sports highlights. Whether the reader has years of sales experience or is simply contemplating a new career in sales, Playing To Win provides valuable resources to men and women regardless of the level of expertise currently possessed. The concepts discussed in the book are relevant for any industry where a buyer/seller relationship exists.

Social Upheaval

Author : John Golden
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John Golden, best selling author of "Winning the Battle for Sales" presents "Social Upheaval: How to Win At Social Selling" to explain how every B2B salesperson can add social selling methods to their toolkits, and why it is so important that they do so without delay. Using social media to sell is all about communicating value quickly and concisely. Any book on the subject should do the same, and "Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling" does exactly that. A short, easy-to-read treatise that delivers practical advice and tactics to successfully leverage this new frontier of selling, Social Upheaval is provocative, entertaining and above all immediately useful.

Selling Above and Below the Line

Author : William Miller
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Cost, service, functionality-good salespeople know the value propositions that speak to frontline managers. But there's another crucial player in the buying decision, with an entirely different set of criteria. Top-level executives evaluate proposals from an "above the line" perspective: ROI, time saved, risk lowered, productivity improved. Sales professionals that appeal to both achieve spectacular results. In Selling Above and Below the Line, master sales trainer Skip Miller shows how to simultaneously sell the technical and financial fit of any product or service-a strategy used by Google, Apple, Cisco WebEx, and other powerhouses. Readers learn to: Create energy by including executives early in the sales process * Ask the right questions and pinpoint big-picture financial needs * Keep "below the line" managers from feeling bypassed * Uncover value propositions that target each set of decision-makers Too often, sales that seemed locked in will stall or go dark. Learn to sell above and below the line, and keep the process moving swiftly toward successful, lucrative deals.

Toolbox Essential selling skills to win more business

Author : Phil M Jones
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Your TOOLBOX is your sales aid, designed to inspire you throughout your sales process using tried, tested and proven methods to WIN MORE BUSINESS. Phil Jones writes from experience and explains how to get more customers and keep all of your customers happy, while they are spending more money, more often. Using simple, practical and easy to implement methods, Phil will educate and guide you, giving you the confidence you need to develop into the business you want to be. - Prepare for success - Open more doors - Master sales appointments - Increase conversion rates - Maximise your average order value - WIN MORE BUSINESS

The Neuroscience of Selling

Author : John Asher
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A revolutionary way to increase your sales! Sales is not just about logic and emotion. Extraordinary salespeople are top earners because they understand the deeper levels of the brain and how buyers think. Global sales expert John Asher explores these hidden biases and brain stimuli, and provides tips and techniques to: Increase your likeability Steer a profitable conversation Stand out from the competition Win customers for life! Discover real sales success and bring new value to your company!

Selling Through Relationships

Author : Katrina Madewell
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Stop struggling and build a business you love today!Think about it: that first meeting with a new customer is a careful dance where both parties are trying to decide whether this will be a match or not. Like dating, finding the right customer is about knowing what traits mesh well with your own. Having a clear vision of who your ideal customer is and continually investing in those connections, instead of constantly pursuing the next new customer avoids those "messy breakups" with customers. Communication is the key to success in any business, marriage or relationship. The best business people in the world build their networks and customer base through relationships, not constant cold calling. They invest their time and energy with integrity, honesty, great communication, and insightful listening, all while really getting to know their customers. If you're in sales, business, or just thinking of a career in sales, this book is for you. If you're tired of cold calling, or don't see how to get out of the rat race with the day-to-day prospecting of strangers (only to be rejected) and prefer to build a powerful, highly referred, and trusted business, Selling Through Relationships gives you that blueprint for success.

Connect Win How to Build Value with the Service of Selling

Author : Lauri M. Nelson
File Size : 76.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How many sales have you lost or delayed closing? With Connect & Win, you'll identify your prospects' motivations and how they make decisions allowing you to close more deals, reduce your sales cycle, and build better client relationships. If your sales are sluggish and your customer relationships could be improved, Connect & Win is your solution to quicker successes. Connect & Win offers proven methods that you can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your customer conversations and put more wins on the board for yourself, your company, and your customer. The proven methods show you how to effectively identify opportunities to bridge the gap between what your customers seek and what you have to offer, so you can align and communicate your message clearly and reach an optimal solution. Every day, sales professionals lose time and money wondering how best to close the deal. With these tools, not anymore. Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or an amateur, Connect & Win is the quick read you need to help you cross the finish line without breaking a sweat.

Every Job is a Sales Job How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work

Author : Cindy McGovern
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Format : PDF, ePub
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***#5 WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER*** An essential roadmap to achieving professional and personal success—from the “First Lady of Sales” While you may not have “sales” in your title, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to sell. Renowned sales authority Dr. Cindy McGovern believes that everyone is a salesperson, regardless of his or her job description. When you ask for a referral, network to form a new connection, or interview for a job, you’re selling the other person on an ideal version of yourself. Every Job is a Sales Job will help you learn to identify “selling” opportunities that you may have overlooked. This indispensable roadmap will show you how to take control of your personal and professional success. McGovern shares her proven 5-step sales process to help you attract new business, retain existing customers, and spot opportunities to promote yourself and your ideas. You’ll learn how to: • Create a plan and set attainable goals • Identify subtle opportunities that could result in future success • Establish trust and listen for clues to understand what others need • Ask for what you want and move past the fear of rejection • Follow up on your ask, be grateful, and pay it forward • Muster up the courage to ask for referrals and references