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Seminars in Liaison Psychiatry

Author : Elspeth Guthrie
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This is an up-to-date overview of a wide range of common clinical areas within the liaison psychiatry sub-speciality.

Liaison Psychiatry

Author : Sidney Benjamin
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The first British book to examine the need for liaison psychiatry services, their scope, planning, organisation and management. Its purpose is to prompt service providers to raise the profile of and improve their psychiatric liaison services.

Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry

Author : George Stein
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This second edition of Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry provides a highly readable and comprehensive account of modern adult psychiatry. Key features of the first edition that have been retained are the detailed clinical descriptions of psychiatric disorders, and historical sections to give the reader access to the classic studies of psychiatry as well as the current evidence. Additional topics covered here for the first time include liaison psychiatry, psychosexual medicine, clinical epidemiology, and international and cultural psychiatry. Clinical management is given due prominence, with extensive accounts of modern drug management, cognitive therapy, the main psychosocial approaches, and current guidelines such as those published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. An essential text for trainees studying for their MRCPsych, this book is also a one-stop reference work for established practitioners, providing comprehensive coverage of the whole of adult psychiatry.

Consultation liaison Psychiatry

Author : Robert O. Pasnau
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Seminars in Old Age Psychiatry

Author : Rob Butler
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A concise and updated guide to the mental health of older people that includes sections on training, guidelines and treatments.

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

Author : Hoyle Leigh
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The essential role of the psychiatrist as consultant and educator of primary care physicians is increasing in importance as the American health care system faces fundamental restructuring. In a recent workshop during the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, a number of prominent consultation-liaison psychiatrists reviewed major developments in consultation-liaison psychiatry during the past decade and looked toward the future. This book is based on these presentations, but it is not simply a proceedings book. A number of additional experts have contributed important chapters, and all the chapters based on the presentations are expanded and updated. Thus, this book reviews the current state of consultation-liaison psychiatry and anticipates future challenges. It also informs the reader about the state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in consultation-liaison psychiatry as of 1994. This book should be a valuable up-to-date overview/refresher for both consultation liaison psychiatrists and general psychiatrists who wish to update and formulate his/her consultant role. It should be especially valuable for psychiatric residents for whom the role as consultant to primary physicians assumes increasing importance, and for primary physicians and medical students who are interested in learning about commonly encountered complex biopsychosocial problems of their patients and integrating these dimensions in patient care. I am grateful to Mary Safford and Eileen Bermingham of Plenum for their help with the preparation and production of this book. I am also thankful to Anita Shaw for her secretarial help. Hoyle Leigh, M. D.

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Author : William C. Orthwein
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The concept of "the craft of caring" dictates that the basis of good nursing practice is a combination of both art and science, encouraging nurses to take a holistic approach to the practice of psychiatric and mental health nursing. Supported by relevant theory, research, policy, and philosophy, this volume reflects current developments in nursing practice and the understanding of mental health disorders. The book includes case studies of patients with anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder as well as victims of sexual abuse, those with an eating disorder, homeless patients, and those with dementia and autism.

Seminars in the Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities

Author : Oliver Russell
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Book has two purposes: to provide an up-to-date account of recent research and a practical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorder.

Psychosomatic Medicine and Liaison Psychiatry

Author : Z.J. Lipowski
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Men born to distinction do not always develop it in their homeland. Sometimes trans plantation taps routes to hidden sources of concern for the embracing of novel con cepts or the clarification of man's behavior, illuminating this understanding in the lan guage of their adopted tongue. Such a one was Joseph Conrad, the Polish sailor whose new vision graced our literature long after his death in 1924. Such a one also is the author this book, who was born in that same year to carryon his country's vigor and resourcefulness in our time. He is numbered among those distinguished emigres whose contributions to our culture and progress emanated from the trials and tribulations of the political upheavals, persecutions, and wars of Europe. Like many others, he has brought sound traditions and learning from his native land to enhance the new and less developed of what was only recently a frontier land. Watersheds in world events impose themselves willy-nilly on our lives. One such time was 1946, when the author of this book left his native land and set out for the West. He spent six months in London learning English and then moved to Ireland, where he trained in medicine and also absorbed novel ways and a new culture, includ ing the writings of Swift and Joyce. This young medical graduate's potential was soon recognized by his teacher in neurology at Belfast, who with foresight predicted great accomplishment.

Epidemiology and Community Psychiatry

Author : P. Pichot
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The purpose of the World Psychiatric Association is to coordinate the activities of its Member Societies on a world-wide scale and to advance enquiry into the etiology, pathology, and treatment of mental illness. To further this purpose, the Association organizes mono- or multi thematic Regional Symposia in different parts of the world twice a year, and World Congresses dealing with all individual fields of psychiatry once every five or six years. Between these meetings the continuation of the Association's scientific work is assured through the activities of its specialty sections, each covering an important field of psychiatry. The programs of the World Congresses reflect on the one hand the intention to present the coordinating functions of the Association and on the other to open a broad platform for a free exchange of views. Thus, the VII World Congress of Psychiatry, held in Vienna from July 11 to 16, 1983, was composed of two types of scientific events - those structured by the Association and those left to the initiative of the participants. The first type comprised Plenary Sessions, planned by the Scientific Program Committee, anq Section Symposia, organized by the WPA sections; the second embraced Free Symposia, free papers, video sessions, and poster presentations prepared by the participants. Altogether, 10 Plenary Sessions, 52 Section Symposia, and 105 Free Symposia took place, and 78 free papers and poster sessions and 10 video sessions were held.

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Author :
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Author : University of California, San Francisco. School of Medicine
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Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Author : Dora Black
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Both a practical guide to help trainees through their first encounter with the subspecialty in their rotational training schemes, and a textbook to serve as a study aid.

Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Psychosomatic Research

Author : John Hubert Lacey
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Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Author : David J. King
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This text is part of a series which aims to help psychiatric trainees through their clinical and academic training. It provides an overview of the field and makes use of boxes, tables and figures to set out important points and key information.

UCSF General Catalog

Author : University of California, San Francisco
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Consultation liaison Throughout the World

Author : Thomas N. Wise
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Author :
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The Neuropsychology of Psychopathology

Author : Chad A. Noggle, PhD, ABN
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This clinical reference book presents state-of-the-science knowledge about the neurobiology and genetics of the major mental disorders and how this corresponds with their psychiatric features and neuropsychological traits. The text demonstrates how the application of neuropsychology to these disorders provides a more comprehensive foundation for greater accuracy in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. The book focuses on the neuropathological and pathophysiological basis of the various symptoms, emphasizing the biological basis of each disorder. This approach stresses the importance of looking at the other functional impacts of these manifestations (for example, cognitive deficits secondary to depression). The text compares adult versus child presentation of psychiatric disorders and covers the major forms of psychopathology including ADHD; Learning Disabilities; Pervasive Developmental Disorders; Mood, Anxiety, Personality, and Schizophrenic Disorders; Cortical and Subcortical Dementias; and Delirium. The book is written for clinical professionals to increase diagnostic accuracy and intervention success and to provide a way to approach psychopathologies as disorders of the neurological system. Key Features: Provides state-of-the-science knowledge about the application of neuropsychological practice to the major forms of psychopathology Examines neurological and neuropsychological features of the major forms of psychopathology Demonstrates how the application of neurobiology and genetics to psychiatric disorders can increase accuracy of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment Considers adult versus child presentation of psychiatric disorders

One Child

Author : John Apley
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'The Cartesian split of human creatures into "psyche" and "soma" has had a profoundly bad influence on the medical care of children.' In fact the concept of psychosomatic disease as a separate entirely false one, there being on illness that does not in some way affect behaviour, and no behaviour which is not in some way mediated by physiological factors. However, the subtleties of our understanding of child illness have gone much further than simply unmasking this false dichotomy. This book will now unveil the parts played by other features of the broader environment - the family, stress, socioeconomic factors - and other predicaments, including that of loving and being loved. To understand the child within these wider terms, the professionals involved in helping the child and the parents must in some way be given a new perspective, a broader view. One Child provides this perspective, stepping outside conventional presentations into the more exciting possibilities of reassessing the influences and rôles of the disease itself and the environment in which it arises. This represents challenge and will inevitably cause controversy, which should itself push the perspectives further.