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Preaching the Scriptures

Author : Joel K. T. Biwul
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The African church needs preachers who preach the Scriptures to bring people to Christ and nurture them in the faith. Yet many are failing at this task. Some use their sermons to promote themselves rather than Christ, while others do not know how to preach from the Scriptures. In Preaching the Scriptures Dr Joel Biwul addresses these problems. Using African stories and illustrations, he clearly sets out the process of preparing and delivering a sermon that is rooted in the Scriptures. He also provides sample sermons and outlines that will help preachers apply these principles in their own preaching preparation.

The doctrine of sacrifice deduced from the Scriptures sermons

Author : John Frederick Denison Maurice
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Sermons Sermons with an essay on the right interpretation and understanding of the Scriptures 3rd ed 1844

Author : Thomas Arnold
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Sermons on the Final Verses of the Song of Songs Sermons 1 14

Author : John (Abbot of Ford.)
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John completed the sermon-meditations on the Song of Songs which had been begun by Bernard of Clairvaux and continued by Gilbert of Hoyland. In one-hundred twenty sermons, he brings the task to its conclusion, in the process demonstrating the persistence of the patristic-monastic exegetical tradition and the influence of the early thirteenth-century intellectual tradition.

Let the Gospels Preach the Gospel

Author : Christopher J. H. Wright
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Preaching about the cross of Christ is one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities any preacher can have! The four Gospel writers who wrote about the cross of Christ and the events leading up to it, did so in their own unique way. Each interpreting the events through the lens of different Old Testament Scriptures and each emphasising different themes. Based on his own sermons preached over a number of years at All Souls Church in London, Christopher Wright explores the rich variety and lets the four Gospels preach the Gospel in their own way. This is an excellent resource for preachers, which is further enriched by the final chapter that provides a personal commentary on how Wright prepared each of the sermons.

Scripture difficulties 4 sermons preached before the University of Cambridge in April 1853 at th lecture founded by J Hulse to which is added A sermon preached before the University on Ascension day 1852

Author : Benjamin Morgan Cowie
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Preaching and Reading the Old Testament Lessons

Author : Elizabeth Rice Achtemeier
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Prominent author and biblical scholar Elizabeth Achtemeier provides an outstanding preaching and study resource with this collection of brief expositions on all of the First Lesson texts contained in Cycle C of the Revised Common and Lutheran Lectionaries. Infused with her customary insight into the Hebrew scriptures, this compendium of Achtemeier's stimulating contributions to the preaching journal Emphasis furnishes a plethora of fruitful starting points for preparing sermons solidly rooted in the Bible yet connected to modern life. But as the book's title suggests, this volume isn't just for preachers and homiletics students -- it's also a powerful commentary for study groups and personal devotional reading. Achtemeier's unrelenting focus on the promises of God appearing in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament, combined with her outstanding scholarship, make these faith-filled essays an enriching resource for anyone who wants a clearer understanding of God's Word contained in the scriptures.Elizabeth Achtemeier has spent her interpretive life at the interface between critical exegesis and the task of proclamation. In this series of brief expositions, she exhibits her interpretive agility, her passion for the church, and her subtle judgments on a number of theological issues. Those faced with the weekly task of preaching will find rich and suggestive clues for letting the text have its say in the church. Walter Brueggemann

Sketches of Sermons on Scripture Characters and Incidents

Author : Jabez Burns
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How to Prepare Bible Messages

Author : James Braga
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Using recognized public speaking techniques combined with time-tested theories of preaching, here's your logical, step-by-step guide to preparing and delivering an effective sermon.

Aquinas Bonaventure and the Scholastic Culture of Medieval Paris

Author : Randall Smith
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In this volume, Randall B. Smith provides a revisionist account of the scholastic culture that flourished in Paris during the High Middle Ages. Exploring the educational culture that informed the intellectual and mental habits of Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure, he offers an in-depth study of the prologues and preaching skills of these two masters. Smith reveal the intricate interrelationships between the three duties of the master: lectio (reading), disputatio (debate), and praedicatio (preaching). He also analyzes each of Aquinas and Bonaventure's prologues from their student days to their final works, revealing both their artistry and their instructional character. Written in an engaging style, this book serves as an invaluable resource that will enable scholars and students to read thirteenth-century sermons, prologues, and biblical commentaries with greater understanding and ease.