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Sexual Cultures and Migration in the Era of AIDS

Author : Gilbert Herdt
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Sexual Cultures and Migration in the Era of AIDS is the first demographic anthropological study of what happens to sexual behaviour and the rules of risk-taking in sexual encounters when people migrate from countryside to city, from one city to another, or from one country to another culture. It represents a milestone in the study of cross-cultural sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases. At the foreground of the study are commercial sex and prostitution, sexual tourism, heterosexual marriage and social pressure, and homosexuality and bisexuality in emerging sexual cultures. The volume brings together quantitative and qualitative case studies by an international panel of anthropologists, demographers, and sociologists aimed at better understanding the impact of human movement and mobility on sexual change and fertility.

Sexual Cultures and Migration in the Era of AIDS

Author : Gilbert H. Herdt
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Seminar on Sexual Sub Cultures and Migration in the Era of AIDS

Author :
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Herdt sexual Cultures Migration a

Author : Gilbert H. Herdt
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Sexual Cultures and Migration in the Era of AIDS is the first demographic anthropological study of what happens to sexual behaviour and the rules of risk-taking in sexual encounters when people migrate from countryside to city, from one city to another, or from one country to another culture. It represents a milestone in the study of cross-cultural sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases.; At the foreground of the study are commercial sex and prostitution, sexual tourism, heterosexual marriage and social pressure, and homosexuality and bisexuality in emerging sexual cultures. The volume br.


Author : Guillaume J. Wunsch
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This four-volume collection of over 140 original chapters covers virtually everything of interest to demographers, sociologists, and others. Over 100 authors present population subjects in ways that provoke thinking and lead to the creation of new perspectives, not just facts and equations to be memorized. The articles follow a theory-methods-applications approach and so offer a kind of "one-stop shop" that is well suited for students and professors who need non-technical summaries, such as political scientists, public affairs specialists, and others. Unlike shorter handbooks, Demography: Analysis and Synthesis offers a long overdue, thorough treatment of the field. Topics to be covered: * Population Dynamics and the Relationship Between Population Growth and Structure * The Determinants of Fertility * The Determinants of Mortality * The Determinants of Migration * Historical and Geographical Determinants of Population * The Effects of Population on Health, Economics, Culture, and the Environment * Population Policies * Data Collection Methods and Teaching about Population Studies * All chapters share a common format * Each chapter features several cross-references to other chapters * Tables, charts, and other non-text features are widespread * Each chapter contains at least 30 bibliographic citations

Culture Health and Sexuality

Author : Peter Aggleton
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The last twenty years have seen a growth in multi-disciplinary work in the area of sexuality, culture and health. What was once a set of specialist concerns has been steadily mainstreamed. Alongside this, a broader interest has developed in ‘social’ and 'cultural’ factors relating to sexuality and sexual health, from family planning and STI management to gender and intimate partner violence and the technologisation of sex. This book offers a research-based overview of key topics relevant to social and cultural perspectives on sexuality and sexual health. Beginning with an extended introduction and divided into six sections, it looks at culture, sex and gender, sexual diversity, sex work, migration and sexual violence. Each section opens with an editorial discussion which places the theme, and the chapters that follow, in a contemporary context. Six additional substantive chapters can be accessed online at Including cutting-edge conceptual and empirical material from around the world, this is a key resource for students in, and across, a variety of academic disciplines in the social and health sciences. It is especially suitable for readers from sexuality studies, gender studies, development studies, anthropology and sociology as well as those with public health and social work backgrounds.

Mobility Sexuality and AIDS

Author : Felicity Thomas
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Over the past two decades, population mobility has intensified and become more diverse, raising important questions concerning the health and well-being of people who are mobile as well as communities of origin and destination. Ongoing concerns have been voiced about possible links between mobility and HIV, with calls being made to contain or control migrant populations, and debate linking HIV with issues of global security and surveillance being fuelled. This volume challenges common assumptions about mobility, HIV and AIDS. A series of interlinked chapters prepared by international experts explores the experiences of people who are mobile as they relate to sexuality and to HIV susceptibility and impact. The various chapters discuss the factors that contribute to the vulnerability of different mobile groups but also examine the ways in which agency, resilience and adaptation shape lived experience and help people protect themselves throughout the mobility process. Looking at diverse forms of migration and mobility – covering flight from conflict, poverty and exploitation, through labour migration to ‘sex tourism’ – the book reports on research findings from around the world, including the USA, the UK, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, Central America and China. Mobility, Sexuality and AIDS recognises the complex relationships between individual circumstances, population mobility and community and state response. It is invaluable reading for policy makers, students and practitioners working in the fields of migration, development studies, anthropology, sociology, geography and public health.

The Sexuality of Migration

Author : Lionel Cantu
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Winner of the 2010 Distinguished Book Award from the American Sociological Association, Sociology of Sexualities Section Winner of the 2010 Distinguished Book Award in Latino Studies Honorable Mention from the Latin American Studies Association The Sexuality of Migration provides an innovative study of the experiences of Mexican men who have same sex with men and who have migrated to the United States. Until recently, immigration scholars have left out the experiences of gays and lesbians. In fact, the topic of sexuality has only recently been addressed in the literature on immigration. The Sexuality of Migration makes significant connections among sexuality, state institutions, and global economic relations. Cantú; situates his analysis within the history of Mexican immigration and offers a broad understanding of diverse migratory experiences ranging from recent gay asylum seekers to an assessment of gay tourism in Mexico. Cantú uses a variety of methods including archival research, interviews, and ethnographic research to explore the range of experiences of Mexican men who have sex with men and the political economy of sexuality and immigration. His primary research site is the greater Los Angeles area, where he interviewed many immigrant men and participated in organizations and community activities alongside his informants. Sure to fill gaps in the field, The Sexuality of Migration simultaneously complicates a fixed notion of sexual identity and explores the complex factors that influence immigration and migration experiences.

AIDS Sex and Culture

Author : Ida Susser
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AIDS, Sex, and Culture is a revealing examination of the impact the AIDS epidemic in Africa has had on women, based on the author’s own extensive ethnographic research. based on the author's own story growing up in South Africa looks at the impact of social conservatism in the US on AIDS prevention programs discussion of the experiences of women in areas ranging from Durban in KwaZulu Natal to rural settlements in Namibia and Botswana includes a chapter written by Sibongile Mkhize at the University of KwaZulu Natal who tells the story of her own family’s struggle with AIDS

Sex from Plato to Paglia A L

Author : Alan Soble
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More than 150 alphabetically arranged entries on topics, thinkers, religions, movements, and concepts locate sexuality in its humanistic and social contexts.

Culture Biology and Anthropological Demography

Author : Eric Abella Roth
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Publisher Description

Sexual Cultures in East Asia

Author : Evelyne Micollier
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Using case-studies from East and Southeast Asia, this book examines sexuality and AIDS-related sexual risk in the context of Asian cultures. It offers a complementary perspective, documented with sociological and anthropological data, to historical studies and looks at commercial sex work, kinship systems, matrimonial strategies, gender, power relations, and the relevance of cultural constructs such as Confucianism and Taoism for the analysis of sexual cultures in Asia.

The Sexual Self

Author : Michael S. Kimmel
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Skin Disorders in Migrants

Author : Aldo Morrone
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This richly illustrated book is a comprehensive guide to the dermatologic disorders that may be encountered in refugees and other migrants. It will equip readers to diagnose and treat a diverse range of skin diseases and conditions, including, but not limited to, infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, dermatologic manifestations of sexually transmitted diseases, dermatoses associated with malnutrition, pigmentary disorders, bullous diseases, connective tissue diseases, and benign and malignant cutaneous neoplasias. Attention is drawn to various neglected tropical skin diseases and to the characteristic signs of torture and genital mutilations. Helpful information is also provided on the significance of skin color and the relevance of ethnic and genetic factors. The clinical chapters are complemented by discussion of the circumstances that give rise to migration, such as poverty, war, and environmental conditions. This enables the reader to gain a more rounded understanding of patients’ circumstances that in turn will positively impact on patient care. This book will be of wide interest to dermatologists, whether experienced or in training, as well as to general physicians and researchers.

Sexual Inequalities and Social Justice

Author : Niels Teunis
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This pioneering collection of ten ethnographically rich essays signals the emergence of a new paradigm of social analysis committed to understanding and analyzing social oppression in the context of sexuality and gender. The contributors, an interdisciplinary group of social scientists representing anthropology, sociology, public health, and psychology, illuminate the role of sexuality in producing and reproducing inequality, difference, and structural violence among a range of populations in various geographic, historical, and cultural arenas. In particular, the essays consider racial minorities including Hispanics, Koreans, and African Americans; discuss disabled people; examine issues including substance abuse, sexual coercion, and HIV/AIDS; and delve into other topics including religion and politics. Rather than emphasizing sexuality as an individual trait, the essays view it as a social phenomenon, focusing in particular on cultural meaning and real-world processes of inequality such as racism and homophobia. The authors address the complex and challenging question of how the research under discussion here can make a real contribution to the struggle for social justice.

Beyond Condoms

Author : Ann O'Leary, PhD
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This book reflects cutting-edge science that has only recently become available. It is a comprehensive assortment of new approaches to HIV prevention. It describes a set of prevention strategies that do not solely rely on male condoms, including: the use of HIV antibody testing and `negotiated safety', abstinence, control of sexually transmitted diseases, treatment advances as prevention, and psychopharmacology to assist with behavior change. It is of interest to HIV prevention scientists, health psychologists, health educators, and public health workers in the communities at risk.

Making Sense of AIDS

Author : Leslie Butt
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In Melanesia, rates of HIV infection are among the highest in the Pacific and increasing rapidly, with grave humanitarian, development, and political implications. There is a great need for social research on HIV/AIDS in the region to provide better insights into the sensitive issues surrounding HIV transmission. This collection, the first book on HIV and AIDS in the Pacific region, gathers together stunning and original accounts of the often surprising ways that people make sense of the AIDS epidemic in various parts of Melanesia. The volume addresses substantive issues concerning AIDS and contemporary sexualities, relations of power, and moralities—themes that provide a powerful backdrop for twenty-first century understandings of the tensions between sexuality, religion, and politics in many parts of the world.

Economic Development

Author : Jeffrey H. Cohen
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Economic development is an important focus of anthropological work in rural and urban communities around the world, and in this volume the contributors offer expert analyses on the theory and practice of development. Chapters cover the key topics of market systems, agricultural knowledge, modernization, population growth, participatory development, conservation strategies, culturally sustainable development, globalization and privatization, tourism, urban development, and financial markets. The cross-cultural focus of the volume provides original data on development processes in many countries, including the Philippines, Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Kazakstan, and the United States. The book will be a welcome source of comparative research for anthropologists, development specialists, agricultural researchers, environmentalists, and geographers.

The Cultural Politics of Reproduction

Author : Maya Unnithan-Kumar
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Charting the experiences of internally or externally migrant communities, the volume examines social transformation through the dynamic relationship between movement, reproduction, and health. The chapters examine how healthcare experiences of migrants are not only embedded in their own unique health worldviews, but also influenced by the history, policy, and politics of the wider state systems. The research among migrant communities an understanding of how ideas of reproduction and “cultures of health” travel, how healing, birth and care practices become a result of movement, and how health-related perceptions and reproductive experiences can define migrant belonging and identity.

Pathways of Desire

Author : Héctor Carrillo
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With Pathways of Desire, Héctor Carrillo brings us into the lives of Mexican gay men who have left their home country to pursue greater sexual autonomy and sexual freedom in the United States. The groundbreaking ethnographic study brings our attention to the full arc of these men’s migration experiences, from their upbringing in Mexican cities and towns, to their cross-border journeys, to their incorporation into urban gay communities in American cities, and their sexual and romantic relationships with American men. These men’s diverse and fascinating stories demonstrate the intertwining of sexual, economic, and familial motivations for migration. Further, Carrillo shows that sexual globalization must be regarded as a bidirectional, albeit uneven, process of exchange between countries in the global north and the global south. With this approach, Carrillo challenges the view that gay men from countries like Mexico would logically want to migrate to a “more sexually enlightened” country like the United States—a partial and limited understanding, given the dynamic character of sexuality in countries such as Mexico, which are becoming more accepting of sexual diversity. Pathways of Desire also provides a helpful analytical framework for the simultaneous consideration of structural and cultural factors in social scientific studies of sexuality. Carrillo explains the patterns of cross-cultural interaction that sexual migration generates and—at the most practical level—shows how the intricacies of cross-cultural sexual and romantic relations may affect the sexual health and HIV risk of transnational immigrant populations.