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Sexual Offending

Author : Patrick Lussier
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There is growing recognition that sexual offending is a multi-determined phenomenon requiring a multi-disciplinary perspective. The significant contribution of psychology and psychiatry, but also sociology, gender studies and anthropology to the study of sex offending and perpetrators of sex offenses has played a key role in the development of a distinct field of research. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in criminological research on the topic, introducing criminological theory and concepts, scientific evidence and observations, and new methodologies to the field. This book brings together international leading scholars to consider key topics on sex offending and, where possible, compare and contrast criminological viewpoints with those of other disciplines, such as psychology and psychiatry. This book considers the following questions: Are the key explanatory factors of sex offenses completely distinct and different from those of non-sex crime and delinquency? Are current models explaining adult sex offending also applicable to explain sex crimes on college campuses, female sex offending, sexual exploitation, sexual homicide, or child luring over the internet? Are today’s youth involved in sex offenses tomorrow’s adult perpetrators of sex crimes? What is the risk of sexual recidivism and are risk assessment tools effective to identify individuals at-risk of committing another sex crime in the future? Are current legal measures used to prevent sex crimes effective? What are the known effects of such measures? What are the issues and challenges related to the criminal investigation of sex offenses? This book is essential reading for students and researchers from disciplines such as criminology, psychiatry, psychology, sexology, social work and sociology, as well as criminal justice professionals and practitioners such as police investigators, prosecutors, judges, probation/parole officers, and treatment providers/counsellors involved with individuals having perpetrated sex offenses.

Sexual Offending

Author : Theresa A. Gannon
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Sexual Offending presents the latest theory and research relating to the social cognition, emotion, and motivational goals of individuals who have committed sexual offences. Explores how individuals who have committed sexual offences perceive the world and themselves, and how understanding this can inform their rehabilitation Provides a broad-based view of cognition, and explores the complex relationship between cognition, emotion and associated constructs such as motivational goals Integrates recent work on female sexual offenders alongside the literature on their male counterparts, providing researchers and practitioners with a single resource A valuable handbook for researchers, practitioners and students concerned with understanding and rehabilitating individuals who have committed sexual offences

Attachment and Sexual Offending

Author : Phil Rich
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This book provides a broad overview of the literature, theory, and clinical treatment of attachment deficit. It discusses its application in understanding the etiology of juvenile sexual offending, as well as implications for treatment. Issues addressed include the components of attachment and social connection, attachment and the development of personality, neurology and attachment, the development of social competence, and consideration of whether attachment can be learned.

Sexual Offending and Restoration

Author : Mark Yantzi
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Mark Yantzi provides new methods for dealing with the pervasive problem of sexual abuse. He shows caring ways to confront and support those who have offended. He also calls for understanding and compassion toward those victimized by sexual wrongdoing. Yantzi's unique approach is illustrated through case examples and candid dialogue by a group of victims and those who have offended. Readers hear authentic voices and share in the process toward healing. The book honors the words of victims, offenders, their families, and communities.

Non consensual Image based Sexual Offending

Author : Dean Fido
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This book presents a timely analysis of the psychological influences, underpinnings, and predictors of non-consensual image-based sexual offending (NCIBSO), such as revenge pornography, cyber-flashing, deepfake media production and upskirting. In this rapidly expanding field, this book offers a novel perspective that encompasses both a forensic psychoanalytic analysis of offending behaviours and an examination of the influence of our use of online environments and digital platforms on these behaviours. The authors begin by outlining the historical and legal context before moving on to a critique of previously posited motivating factors. Rather than conceptualising NCIBSO in purely gendered terms, they demonstrate the potential for a psychological framework to facilitate a better understanding of how and why people engage in a range of non-consensual sexual image offences. In doing so it will provide fresh insights for policymakers and clinicians, in addition to scholars from across the fields of psychology, sociology, criminology, law, media and gender studies.

Dynamic Risk Factors for Sexual Offending

Author : Roxanne Heffernan
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Dynamic risk factors add a key element to the activities of practitioners seeking to reduce recidivism in criminal populations. This book focuses on the usefulness of dynamic risk factors and their ability to provide reliable information about the likelihood of reoffending. Practitioners increasingly depend on such assessments for more accurate prediction of recidivism as well as for improving the design of intervention programs.

Pedophilia Hebephilia and Sexual Offending Against Children

Author : Klaus M. Beier
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This book provides extensive information on pedophilia (sexual interest in the prepubescent body age), hebephilia (sexual interest in the early-pubescent body age) and sexual offenses against children, i.e., the various forms of child sexual abuse, including the use of child sexual abuse images, along with the current state of knowledge concerning offender groups. The book makes it clear that pedophilia or hebephilia do not inevitably lead to offenses against children - that there are those who keep their desires in their fantasies and do not act them out on the behavioral level. The World Health Organization classifies pedophilia as a mental disorder. It can be safely assumed that many pedophile men in a given community live their lives, unrecognized and adamant about hiding their sexual drives from society and from themselves, and who are genuinely motivated not to act upon their sexual fantasies. The numbers of exactly this particular group of pedophilically inclined non-offenders can be increased by preventive therapeutic measures. For this purpose, two treatment programs have been developed at the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin (University Clinic) since the initiation of the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld in 2005 - First, the project involving adult participants (Berlin Dissexuality Therapy: BEDIT) and later, another for adolescents (BEDIT-A), who find themselves attracted to children. Both program manuals are completely integrated into this work, which reflects 15 years of assessment and treatment experience.

Juvenile Sexual Offending

Author : Gail Ryan
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There is a continuing high incidence of juvenile sexual offenders. This essential resource is a revised version of the book that set the standard for the understanding and treatment of young people who commit such sexual offenses. The authors explore the complex issues that surround juvenile sexual offending.

Sex Offender Laws

Author : Dr. Richard Wright
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"This volume of readings provides an excellent source of information about sex offender laws and policies."--International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology "Sex Offender a good source for balanced, objective, and thorough critique of our current sex offender policies as well as a source for accurate information about a very heterogeneous population...The message that sexual abuse is often a multifaceted and complex issue and that policy based on quick fixes or knee jerk reactions do not often work will be informative and enlightening to many readers." --Sex Roles "[T]his fine book by Richard Wright and his distinguished collaborators provides the evidence that wise policy-makers would want to consider. It covers every major field of research concerning sex offenders and sexual offenses and provides evidence of bad practices and policiesÖ.Intellectually honest politicians should read this book." --Michael Tonry, LL.B, Professor of Law and Public Policy University of Minnesota Law School (From the Foreword) In response to many high-profile cases of sexual assault, federal and state governments have placed a number of unique criminal sanctions on sex offenders. These include residency restrictions, exclusionary zones, electronic monitoring, and chemical castration. However, the majority of sex offender policies are not based on empirical evidence, nor have they demonstrated any significant reductions in offender recidivism. In fact, some of these policies have unintended consequences, which actually increase the likelihood of sexual offenses. In this book, Wright critically analyzes existing policies, and assesses the most effective approaches in preventing sex offender recidivism. This provocative and timely book draws from the fields of criminal justice, law, forensic psychology, and social work to examine how current laws and policies are enacted and what to-date is known about their efficacy. The team of expert contributors includes Karen Terry, author of Sexual Offenses and Offenders, and others who bring a wealth of insight to the field of sex offense. In response to the failed policies of sex offender laws, this book presents alternative models and approaches to sex offense laws and policies. Wright also explores critical, cutting-edge topics, such as internet sexual solicitation, the death penalty, and community responses to sex offense. Key Features: An introduction and overview of the history of sex offender laws Analyzes the role of the media in sex offense and sex offender policies Examines the political "untouchability" of sex offender laws and their adverse effects Features interviews with victims of sexual assault, investigating their points of views on what kinds of reforms need to be made to sex offender laws Thought-provoking and insightful, Sex Offender Laws serves as a vital resource for policy makers, researchers, and students of criminal justice, law, and social work.

Theories of Sexual Offending

Author : Tony Ward
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This comprehensive text provides an up-to-date review and critique of current theorising about sexual offending. It presents the key ideas underpinning each theory in a clear and accessible manner. Theories are rigorously tested and evaluated, and their merits are examined from both a research and a clinical point of view. Importantly, the emphasis is on providing clear links between theory and practice, and the clinical implications of the different theories and perspectives are explicitly discussed. In addition, a number of new ideas about the aetiology of sexual offending are presented. Theories of Sexual Offending is one of the few books to draw all of the disparate strands of theorising together, and is the only one to clearly link theory to practice. It will be a valuable resource for any professional working with sexual offenders, such as clinical and forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, probation officers and social workers. It will also be of interest to students of forensic and clinical psychology.