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Sexual Violence in Australia 1970s 1980s

Author : Lisa Featherstone
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This book explores sexual violence and crime in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s, a period of intense social and legal change. Driven by the sexual revolutions, second wave feminism, and ideas of the rights of the child, there was a new public interest in the sexual assault of women and children. Sexual abuse was studied, surveyed and discussed more than ever before in Australian society. Yet, despite this, there remained substantial inaction, by government, from community and on the part of individuals. This book examines several difficult questions of our recent history: why did Australia not act more firmly to eradicate rape and child sexual abuse? What prevented our culture from looking seriously at trauma? How did we fail to protect victim-survivors? Rich in social and legal history, this study takes readers into the world of victims of sexual crime, and into the wider community that had to deal with sexual violence. At the core of this book is the question that resonates deeply right now: why does sexual violence appear seemingly insurmountable, despite significant change?

Tackling Sexual Violence at Universities

Author : Graham J. Towl
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Sexual violence is a problem well beyond universities, however universities are uniquely well placed to contribute to reducing sexual violence, encouraging those affected to come forward and speak about their experiences and actively encourage increased reporting. This book is unique, in that it offers an international perspective on the incidence, reporting and impact of sexual violence at universities. Drawing on evidence from the UK, North America, Australia and Europe, Towl and Walker explore the psychological and structural challenges to reporting sexual violence. They provide a set of policy and practice guidance recommendations that move beyond awareness campaigns to call for systems to be put in place whereby reports of sexual assault are handled promptly, fairly and consistently. They also discuss how universities can strengthen their approach to prevention, promoting safeguarding and the welfare of victims and survivors, and involving victims and survivors in the development and improvement of services. However, fundamental to their approach is keeping decision making with the victim and survivor, and emphasising that their health and recovery is paramount. Tackling Sexual Violence at Universities is an invaluable and ground-breaking resource for students and researchers in forensic psychology and criminology, as well as professionals working in higher education. The authors are donating their royalties in full to Kirklees and Calderdale Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (KCRASACC), UK, a small registered charity that provides specialist therapy, counselling advocacy and support for survivors of sexual or domestic violence and abuse. Running for nearly 30 years, the centre works with young people and adults over the age of 13.

Reporting on Sexual Violence in the MeToo Era

Author : Andrea Baker
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This edited collection examines the role of journalism in reviving and reporting on sexual violence in the #MeToo related, hashtag era. Bringing together 15 journalism scholars from around the world, this book explores and offers solutions to the common issues and inadequacies of reporting on sexual violence in the media. Presenting a range of conceptual, methodological, and empirical chapters, the book tackles issues related to, or missing from, journalism in three sections: Part I acknowledges and surveys the role journalism plays in shining a light on social injustices and critiques research deficits in reporting on sexual violence; Part II employs cutting-edge research linked to an intersectional lens to amplify the voices that have been silenced in the media coverage; Part III explores how advocacy, campaign, and solutions journalism offers frameworks for ethical reporting on the shadow epidemic of sexual violence during these COVID-normal times. This timely and important work connects established and emerging journalism practices to changing discourses about sexual violence. It is an important reading for students and scholars of journalism, gender studies, media studies, communication studies, culture studies, and sociology.


Author : Marian Sawer
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On many criteria, Australia has been a pioneering democracy. As one of the oldest continuing democracies, however, a health check has long been overdue. Since 2002 the Democratic Audit of Australia, a major democracy assessment project, has been applying an internationally tested set of indicators to Australian political institutions and practices.The indicators derive from four basic principles--political equality, popular control of government, civil liberties and human rights and the quality of public deliberation. Comparative data are taken from Australia's nine jurisdictions, as well as from three comparator democracies, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for reform.Some of the findings are disturbing. For example, Australia has fallen well behind in the regulation of private money in elections and in controlling the use of government or parliamentary resources for partisan benefit. Transparency and accountability have suffered from relatively weak FOI regimes and from executive dominance of parliaments.For those studying democracy or wanting to reform Australian politics, The State of Democracy provides a wealth of evidence in a well-illustrated and highly accessible format. Internationally, it is an important contribution to the democracy assessment literature and pushes into new areas such as the intergovernmental decision-making of federalism.

Shades of Grey Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women

Author : Anna Carline
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Arguing that law must be looked at holistically, this book investigates the ‘hidden gender’ of the so-called neutral or objective legal principles that structure the law addressing violence against women. Adopting an explicitly feminist perspective, it investigates how legal responses to violence against women presuppose, maintain and perpetuate a certain context that may not in fact reflect women’s experiences. Carline and Easteal draw upon relevant legislation, case law and secondary studies from a range of territories, including Australia, England and Wales, the United States, Canada and Europe, to contextualize and critique different policy responses. They go on to examine the potential and limits of law, making recommendations for best practice models of policymaking and law reform. Aiming to help improve government, community and legal responses to women who experience violence, Shades of Grey – Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women: Law Reform and Society will assist law-makers, academics, policymakers and a wider audience in understanding the complexities of violence against women.

Encyclopedia of Rape and Sexual Violence 2 volumes

Author : Merril D. Smith Ph.D.
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This two-volume set provides an authoritative overview of rape and other forms of sexual violence, containing the latest information about victims and perpetrators; events, laws, and trends related to sexual violence; and attitudes toward it. • Explains the many types of rape and sexual violence • Discusses what organizations and nations are doing to help victims and survivors and to convict perpetrators, and provides insights into what has worked and what has failed—and why • Covers sexual violence committed globally against people of all genders and ages and in a variety of conditions, including prisons, nursing homes, over the internet, and in wartime, so that readers may understand the universality of the issue • Covers both U.S. and international topics in primary documents including testimonies from rape victims given before the US Senate in relation to violence in the military, scandals in gymnastics, and human trafficking; documents concerning corrective hate in South Africa and those forced into sexual slavery by ISIS; and legislation such as the Clery Act and Title IX

Preventing Sexual Violence

Author : N. Henry
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While there is much agreement about the scope of sexual violence, how to go about preventing it before it occurs is the subject of much debate. This unique interdisciplinary collection investigates the philosophy and practice of primary prevention of sexual violence within education institutions and the broader community.

Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

Author : Louise McOrmond-Plummer
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Research shows that intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV) is the most common form of sexual assault. Professional focus is often on the victim, but more information is needed about the perpetrators in order to have a fuller understanding of this crime. The very nature of IPSV – sexual assault within a relationship – means that professionals who work with victims must understand the dynamics of perpetrators as well. This new book will distill the knowledge that exists about perpetrators of IPSV. It includes chapters by authors who have worked directly with IPSV perpetrators and covers important subjects such as addressing IPSV in batterer groups, police management strategies, the danger of IPSV to children, the different types of violence perpetrators use, and prevention approaches for young people. There is also still a widely held view that rapists are strangers in alleyways. This book is intended to educate professionals about who is a perpetrator, as well as to highlight the very real danger these perpetrators represent, including a heightened risk of lethality. The contributors look at the social context of IPSV and the implications for prevention and provide hands-on knowledge to practitioners in a number of fields. The book may also be used within the academic context in fields such as social work, sociology, counseling, psychology, medicine, nursing, criminal justice, and law.

Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence

Author : Estelle Zinsstag
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Sexual violence, in all its forms, is a crime for which anecdotal accounts and scholarly reports suggest victims in their great majority do not receive adequate ‘justice’ or redress. The theory and practice of restorative justice is rapidly developing and offers some well-argued new avenues for dealings with crime in general. It has the potential to be extended to cases of sexual violence and a number of small scale programmes are already underway across the world. Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence examines this innovative justice paradigm in more depth in the particular context of sexual trauma and violence in order to establish the empirical realities of restorative justice approaches in cases of sexual violence, and considers how such approaches could be developed adequately in the future. This book is divided into two parts, each representing a key area of research and practice: theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and justice and therapeutic perspectives. This international collection brings together leading expert scholars and practitioners to offer both theoretical and practical perspectives on restorative justice and sexual violence. This book will be of interest to researchers in the field of law, criminology, psychology, social science, social work and psychotherapy, as well as practitioners in the fields of criminal justice, restorative justice and sex offender and victim trauma therapies.

Sexual Violence in Australia

Author : Bree Cook
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