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Sexuality and Fertility After Cancer

Author : Leslie R. Schover
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Looks at the potential for renewed sexuality in cancer patients, covering sexual problems faced after treatment, infertility treatments, the risk of pregnancy, and the special problems of gays, singles, and the survivors of childhood cancers

Sexual Health Fertility and Relationships in Cancer Care

Author : Maggie Watson
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"This book, from the International Psycho-oncology Society, is the second in a series of brief Companion Guides for Clinicians. The series editors identified a need for a guide to focus on the impact of cancer and oncology treatments on sexual health, fertility and relationships. The topic is approached from a psycho-oncology perspective, i.e. placing the emotional, behavioural and social elements at the centre of the topics covered in the chapters.The aim is to describe approaches and treatments that can be utilised by cancer clinicians, mental health professionals, psycho-oncologists in training and allied psychosocial oncology professionals. It emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary care. The guide is not intended to replace national clinical guidelines and policies but gives a more generic international overview of the important factors and elements that need to be considered when dealing with sexual health, fertility and associated relationship issues for cancer patients at all points on the treatment trajectory. Topics include: management of sexual health; onco-fertility care; relationship issues. It covers standards of good practice across all cancer patients, as well as focussing on the needs of individuals, couples, young people and LGBT groups in a pragmatic format for use in everyday practice.Assessment methods are covered, alongside psychological treatments, covering a wide range of patient ages and types of cancer. Policies, service issues, legal, ethical, confidentiality and communication issues are also covered.This brief pocketbook manual can be used for quick reference. This will suit oncology professionals who decide to look further into a topic on a case-by-case or problem-focussed basis as they undertake clinical work"--

Sexuality and Fertility Issues in Ill Health and Disability

Author : Rachel Balen
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This text explores sexuality and fertility issues for people with ill health or disability. It examines the impact of illness or disability on the sexual and fertile identities of young people. Chapters include the experiences of minority ethnic groups, managing relationships, fertility preservation and treatment, and the transition to parenthood.

Cancer Intimacy and Sexuality

Author : Yacov Reisman
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This book provides a wide-ranging overview of the sexual consequences of cancer and its treatment with the aim of equipping physicians and other health care providers with the awareness and knowledge required in order to offer patients effective treatment. While sexuality may not be the primary focus for cancer patients, at some point, whether because of sexual changes or relationship issues, many patients come to acknowledge the effects that cancer and its treatment have had on their sexuality. Although the impacts are frequently similar, significant variation is observed. Some patients experience changes in all phases of sexual response, while others experience none; moreover, the consequences of the effects may be felt differently by patients and partners. Unfortunately, many physicians and health care providers remain insufficiently aware of the impact of cancer on sexuality and/or lack knowledge about the concerns of patients and the available treatments and coping strategies. A further issue is the reticence of physicians to discuss sexuality and the fear of sexologists to talk to patients about cancer. Readers will find this book to be a rich source of help in overcoming these constraints and delivering suitable care to patients.

The Sexual Health Concerns and Sexual Health Education Needs of Adolescents with Cancer

Author : Louise Sue
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Background: International studies have highlighted that having cancer during childhood and adolescence can impact on a persons' psychosexual development and sexual functioning. Cancer survivors report a need for further education and support in regard to their sexual health and fertility. However, the existing knowledge stems largely from retrospective studies documenting the accounts of survivors of cancer during childhood and adolescence, and very few studies have explored the sexual health concerns and sexual health education needs of young people who are currently receiving active cancer treatment. Aim: To explore the sexual health concerns of young people living with cancer in New Zealand. To explore young people with cancers perceptions and experiences of, and access to sexual health education, and identify their sexual health education needs. Methods: Semi-structured face-to-face interviews were conducted with eight adolescents, aged between 16 and 21 years who were on active treatment for cancer. Interviews were digitally recorded, transcribed verbatim and analysed using a general inductive approach. Results: The findings show that adolescents on active cancer treatment report considerable concern about the impact of their diagnosis and treatment on their ability to socialise with peers and maintain romantic relationships. Participants wanted to be told by their healthcare team whether sexual activity was safe during treatment and be informed of the potential sexual side effects of their cancer treatment. Participants raised questions surrounding the prevention of pregnancy, along with concerns surrounding their fertility and ability to have healthy offspring in the future. They believed that the provision of sexual health education to adolescents with cancer would be extremely beneficial and assist in allaying a young person's concern and anxiety surrounding sexual health. Conclusion: This study describes the sexual health concerns, sexual health education needs and sexual health care needs of adolescents on active treatment for cancer. The findings show that sexual health and fertility are important to young people with cancer and that their cancer diagnosis and treatment impacts on their ability to maintain their sexual health. The findings contribute to the existing evidence available in the international literature. This study supports the development of a sexual health education package and sexual health care approach that addresses the unique needs of adolescents with cancer.

Cancer and the Family

Author : Lea Baider
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"Since the first edition of this book, in 1996, the field has made great strides as research and clinical studies have shed new light on the important role of the family in cancer. The second edition has been completely revised and extended to incorporate this new knowledge. With ten more chapters than the first edition, new areas are discussed including the role of culture and belief systems, specific family intervention and the impact of genetics on the response of patients and their families to cancer."--BOOK JACKET.


Author : Teresa K. Woodruff
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In the past, pregnancy after cancer was largely unheard of. Today, it is increasingly a possibility. Oncofertility has emerged as an interdisciplinary field bridging biomedical and social sciences, and examining issues regarding an individual’s fertility options, choice and goals in light of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Written by leaders in this evolving field, the volume covers various aspects: medical, ethical and social.

Sexuality and Fertility Issues in Ill Health and Disability

Author : Rachel Balen
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This groundbreaking text explores sexuality and fertility issues for young people living with ill health or disability. This subject is often considered taboo, although for some of those coping with sexual or fertility impairment, it can be as difficult as coping with the disability or health condition itself. Bringing together personal, professional and academic perspectives from a variety of disciplines and located within a life-course development framework, this book takes a holistic view of young people moving towards adulthood and examines the impact of illness or disability on their sexual and fertile identities. The broad range of chapters includes the experiences of minority ethnic groups, managing relationships, fertility preservation and treatment, and the transition to parenthood. Professionals working with adolescents and young adults will find this book a rich source of insights, information and guidance.

Fertility Preservation and Restoration for Patients with Complex Medical Conditions

Author : Allison L. Goetsch
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This unique book is a comprehensive guide for healthcare providers who treat patients with complex medical conditions but lack the resources to address fertility and sexuality concerns and help patients navigate their fertility decision-making process. It presents up-to-date information concerning fertility preservation and restoration for patients with hereditary cancer syndromes, disorders of sex development, hematologic diseases, genetic disorders of gonadal dysfunction, immunologic diseases, gynecologic diseases, endocrine disorders, and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Utilizing a practical, user-friendly format, each chapter discusses the epidemiology, classification, risk factors and/or clinical manifestations, and diagnosis and treatment modalities specific to each condition, as well as the effect of it or its treatment on fertility and unique options that may exist. Complex medical conditions are inherently difficult to manage, and reproductive interventions are often not part of the conversation. As such, Fertility Preservation and Restoration for Patients with Complex Medical Conditions will be an excellent resource for primary care physicians, obstetrician/gynecologists, endocrinologists, oncologists, and other health professionals working with patients with fertility concerns. This book, together with Oncofertility: Fertility Preservation for Cancer Survivors; Oncofertility: Ethical, Legal, Social, and Medical Perspectives; Oncofertility Medical Practice: Clinical Issues and Implementation; Oncofertility Communication: Sharing Information and Building Relationships across Disciplines; and Pediatric and Adolescent Oncofertility: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies, provides scientific and medically relevant information on fertility preservation from all vantage points and is an indispensable series for those interested in fertility management in cancer or complex settings.

Pediatric and Adolescent Oncofertility

Author : Teresa K. Woodruff
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Reflecting the increasing interest in fertility management for pediatric and adolescent patients and fulfilling an urgent need to have a comprehensive guide to the management of these individuals, this is the first book of its kind to present a comprehensive discussion of pediatric and adolescent oncofertility. It carefully examines the impact of pediatric cancer and cancer therapy on fertility and presents both current and emerging fertility preservation techniques for both males and females, such as cryopreservation. Fertility concerns beyond cancer are also discussed, including disorders of sexual differentiation, gender dysphoria and thalassemia. Practical chapters on pediatric oncofertility in the clinic round out the book, covering setting up a practice, counseling and consent, disclosure and insurance considerations. Concluding chapters document fertility preservation techniques and outcomes internationally, with contributions from Portuguese, Brazilian and Japanese authors. Timely and wide-ranging, Pediatric and Adolescent Oncofertility is an ideal resource for reproductive medicine specialists, pediatric oncologists, and primary care physicians treating pediatric and adolescent cancer patients looking to protect fertility options.