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The light princess The giant s heat The shadows

Author : George MacDonald
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The Giant of Greenland

Author : Mostyn Heilmannovsky
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Is the legend real? Are Giants still walking the earth amongst us, unnoticed by most common folk? According to some accounts, they still are, especially in places way up north such as Greenland where solitude and peace prevail.

The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail

Author : Sergei O. Prokofieff
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"And however paradoxical it may seem today, the 'Grail mood' is in the fullest sense to be found in Russia. And the future role that Russia will play in the sixth post-Atlantean epoch, a task of which I have so often had to speak, rests firmly upon this unconquerable 'Grail mood' in the Russian people." --Rudolf Steiner (Nov. 3, 1918) Although Eastern Europe has been part of Christian humanity for more than a thousand years, its task and spiritual identity remain a mystery, the answer to which cannot be found unless we look behind outer historical events to the spiritual, meta-historical dimensions of history. This momentous work, breathtaking in its scope and detail, represents just such a penetrating, esoteric study of Eastern Europe in the light of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual research. Prokofieff shows how, from the earliest times, the future "conscience of humanity" flowed from hidden mystery centers in Hibernia to the eastern Slavic peoples. As a result, qualities of "compassion, patience, and willingness for sacrifice" developed in their souls, creating a truly Christian "Grail mood." Despite incalculable suffering--from the persecutions by the Mogul hordes of the thirteenth century to the Bolshevik experiment of the twentieth century--this quality has become an unconquerable force in the depths of their being. In illuminating the maya of outer history, Prokofieff reveals the forces that have been at work to hinder the progress and future intentions of humankind. Those adversarial forces have created a "karma of materialism" that the eastern Slavic peoples have taken upon themselves out of their exalted willingness for sacrifice. Will we be able to use the present opportunity granted by this sacrifice to fulfill the primary purposes of the present cultural epoch? Serious study of this book--intended for students of spiritual science--can lead to a profound awakening to the challenges that face humankind today.

Standing in the Shadow of Giants

Author : Rebecca Moore Howard
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Surveys changes and conflicts in Western theories of authorship and presents an account of how and why plagiarism became important to academic culture.

Proceedings of the Symposium on Giant Sequoias Their Place in the Ecosystem and Society

Author :
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The Giant s Shadow

Author : Thomas Bontly
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In the Shadows of Giants

Author : Jamie L. p. Livergood
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A na ve youth grows into a middle age man. Along the way, he learns from Masters, Mystics, and Medicine Men while encountering his spirit guides and a supernatural being.

The Giant s Almanac

Author : Andrew Zurcher
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Fitz thinks he is an ordinary eleven-year-old and loves to turn simple things into mini-adventures, like sneaking next door and filching books from Mr Ahmadi's vast library of mysterious tomes, and goading the guard dog into giving breakneck chase. But one tranquil evening three sharp knocks on the front door change everything . . . 'I said I would come for him. He is my jewel. It is time. It is past time.' Now on the run from a threat that has been waiting his entire life, Fitz's only hope is to put his life in the hands of his enigmatic neighbour, Mr Ahmadi. Taken on as an apprentice in a secret society who keep all they really do cloaked in mystery, Fitz has to quickly learn the ropes within the most skilful, most powerful, most dangerous and wealthiest organisation in the world . . .

The Giant s Shadow

Author : Thomas Bontly
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An American teacher goes to Germany to escape his failing marriage and drinking problem, finds himself the prime suspect in a muder, and becomes ensnarled with international intelligence forces and a beautiful, dangerous woman

The Giants of Mogo

Author : Don Wilcox
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The relationship between men of tremendous stature and ordinary men is peculiar at best --and on the planet Mogo, events dwarfed even the imagination --and brought death!