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We Are Makers

Author : Amy Richards
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MAKERS is the award-winning video collection of women's stories. And we're bringing these inspirational and amazing stories to young readers in a book! Did you know that Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to complete the Boston marathon in 1967, was almost pulled off the course before she could finish the race? And that Mae Jemison, an astronaut, was inspired by a Star Trek character to pursue her passion in science? Behind every successful woman is the fascinating story of how she got to the top. And throughout history, trailblazing women have opened doors for those who followed. Based on the rich collection of interviews and documentaries from MAKERS, this book introduces pioneering women from all walks of life. Readers will get to know these women's hopes, dreams, challenges, and accomplishments in chapters filled with personal stories, historical information, inspiring quotes, and much more. They will learn about the women's movement and its impact today, and about common experiences women have. Most importantly, they'll be inspired to follow their dreams and become MAKERS themselves!

Shaping Our World

Author : Gretar Tryggvason
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A look at engineering education today? with an eye to tomorrow Engineering education is in flux. While it is increasingly important that engineers be innovative, entrepreneurial, collaborative, and able to work globally, there are virtually no programs that prepare students to meet these new challenges. Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st Century seeks to fill this void, exploring revolutionary approaches to the current engineering curriculum that will bring it fully up to date and prepare the next generation of would-be engineers for real and lasting professional success. Comprised of fourteen chapters written by respected experts on engineering education, the book is divided into three parts that address the need for change in the way engineering is taught; specific innovations that have been tested, why they matter, and how they can be more broadly instituted; and the implications for further changes. Designed to aid engineering departments in their transition towards new modes of learning and leadership in engineering education, the book describes how to put into practice educational programs that are aligned with upcoming changes, such as those proposed in the NAE's Engineer of 2020 reports. Addressing the need to change engineering education to meet the demands of the 21st century head on, Shaping Our World condenses current discussions, research, and trials regarding new methods into specific, actionable calls for change.

Shaping Our World

Author : Julia Wall
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Shapes are everywhere you look. They are in the streets, in your classroom, and in your home. Two-dimensional (2-D) shapes have length and width. Regular 2-D shapes have angles (which are measured in degrees °) that are all equal, and irregular shapes have angles that are not equal. Shapes can create different patterns. You can discover the different types of 2-D shapes and patterns as you look around you.

The World Caf

Author : Juanita Brown
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Introduces readers to a simple, yet powerful conversational process for thinking together and creating actionable knowledge that has been used successfully with organizations and communities on six continents Clearly articulates seven key World Caf design principles that create the conditions for accessing collective intelligence and breakthrough thinking Includes actual stories from widely varied settings-such as Hewlett-Packard, American Society for Quality, the nation of Singapore, the University of Texas, and many, many others-to show the World Caf process and results The World Cafe is a flexible, easy-to-use process for fostering collaborative dialogue, sharing mutual knowledge, and discovering new opportunities for action. Based on living systems thinking, this innovative approach creates dynamic networks of conversation that can catalyze an organization or community's own collective intelligence around its most important questions. Filled with stories of actual Cafe dialogues in business, education, government, and community organizations across the globe, this uniquely crafted book demonstrates how the World Cafe can be adapted to any setting or culture. Examples from such varied organizations as Hewlett-Packard, American Society for Quality, the nation of Singapore, the University of Texas, and many others, demonstrate the process in action. Along with its seven core design principles, The World Cafe offers practical tips for hosting ''conversations that matter'' in groups of any size- strengthening both personal relationships and people's capacity to shape the future together.

Fast Future

Author : David D. Burstein
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A millennial examines how his generation is profoundly impacting politics, business, media, and activism They’ve been called trophy kids, entitled, narcissistic, the worst employees in history, and even the dumbest generation. But, argues David Burstein, the millennial generation’s unique blend of civic idealism and savvy pragmatism will enable us to overcome a deeply divided nation facing economic and environmental calamities. With eighty-million millennials (people who are today eighteen to thirty years old) coming of age and emerging as leaders, this is the largest generation in U.S. history, and, by 2020, its members will represent one out of every three adults. They are more ethnically and racially diverse than their elders and have begun their careers at a time when the recession has set back the job market. Yet they remain optimistic about their future and are deeply connected to one another. Drawing on extensive interviews with his millennial peers and compelling new research, Burstein illustrates how his generation is simultaneously shaping and being shaped by a fast-paced and fast-changing world. Part oral history, part social documentary, Fast Future reveals the impact and story of the millennial generation—in its own words.


Author : John Gradwell
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Grade level: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, e, i, s, t.

Shaping the World Through Engagement Assessing the Department of Defense s Theater Engagement Planning Process

Author :
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Shaping the World

Author : Manju Kapur
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Shaping the World: Women Writers on Themselves addresses these very questions. The array of formidable writers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – acclaimed both nationally and internationally – share their insecurities and triumphs that occurred on their journeys to becoming writers. Was it easy? The answer is No. Many of them were closet writers, not sharing their writings with the world. Writing was no career, they were told. But they persevered. And they wrote. Because they had to. Because it was their calling. The writers reveal their inspirations: be it another writer, a personal tragedy, or triumph, a fascination with the English language, or a passion for putting pen to paper and finding wings. Shaping the World: Women Writers on Themselves is an anthology of intimate, honest and brave accounts that will provide the reader with an insight into the realm of writing: its adventurous terrain of highs and lows and how it continues to shape these 24 women and the world we all inhabit. The contributors are: Ameena Hussein (, Amruta Patil (, Anita Nair (, Anjum Hasan (, Anuradha Marwah, Bapsi Sidhwa (, Bina Shah (, Jaishree Misra (, Janice Pariat (, Kavery Nambisan (, Lavanya Sankaran (, Maniza Naqvi, Manju Kapur (, Meira Chand (, Mishi Saran (, Moni Mohsin (, Namita Devidayal, Ru Freeman (, Shashi Deshpande (, Shinie Antony, Susan Visvanathan (, Tania James (, Tishani Doshi (

Shaping the World

Author : Liz Brownlee
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A beautiful gift anthology containing forty incredible shape poems in the shape of world shapers! Learn about about Amelia Earhart in a poem shaped like a plane, Maya Angelou in a poem shaped like a bird or Francis Drake in a poem shaped like a ship. Each poem is paired with a biography, quote and fascinating fact. Includes poems about: Greta Thunberg, Maya Angelou, Socrates, Frances Glessner Lee, Elizabeth Blackwell, Florence Nightlingale, Anne Frank, Alexander Fleming, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Mary Anning, Jane Goodall, Archytas, Otto F Rohwedder Shauna, John Logie Baird, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Ludwig van Beethoven, William Wordsworth, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Beatrice Tinsley, Ravi Shankar, Isaac Newton, John Muir, Valentina Tereshkova, Amelia Earhart, Sir Francis Drake, Junko Tabei, Rachel Carson, Samuel Johnson,William Shakespeare, Ursula Le Guin, Sir John Tenniel, Charlie Chaplin, Georgia O’Keeffe, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mahatma Ghandi and Malala Yousafzai.

Shaping Our Mothers World

Author : Nancy A. Walker
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Shaping the World Through engagement

Author : Thomas M. Jordan
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Paving Conversations with Incredible Women Who are Shaping Our World

Author : Maya Sharma
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A book about 25 global women leaders would be remarkable by itself. The fact that it is written by a teenage girl makes it incredible. There is only one word to describe this book - inspiring! - Sunil Gupta, Edward W. Carter Professor of Business, Harvard Business School Just when you thought you knew everything about some of the women shaping our world, you read Maya Sharma's book and realize you didn't know much at all. Smart questions that prompt lively, inspiring, and in-depth answers from incredible women will make your mind wander. A recommended read to all-no matter your age or gender. - Joanna Stern, Senior Personal Tech Columnist, The Wall Street Journal This book is a piece of art. It would have been an impressive book if just two or three of Maya's Wonder Women agreed to do the personal interviews - but she got twenty-five! I plan on gifting this important book to my five granddaughters (and two grandsons) so that they can also grow up to be, like Maya, our next generation of architects for a better, more equal world. - Mitch Lewis, Adventurer and Author, Climbing Your Personal Everest Paving: Conversations with Incredible Women Who are Shaping our World is a provocative and stirring piece of brilliant writing from the up-and-coming Maya Sharma. Impressively, as she is still a student in high school, Maya has expertly featured many inspirational and powerful women from all walks of life and has interviewed them to gain their insights and wisdom on the world today. From their first-hand experiences, Maya's expressive conversations have delved into the difficulties that many women face in the modern world and deftly drawn valuable knowledge from the panoramic fount of the remarkable minds of these global influencers. From how they rose up the ranks to where they sit today, and the challenges they faced on their journey there, to how they stood against them, there is much inspiration and encouragement for the many ambitious women they have paved the way for. In fact, Paving is a force of its own, an audacious undertaking, and an eloquent book of thought-provoking answers and extraordinary stories. There is one pivotal theme: No matter what your circumstances, and whatever adversity you face, with perseverance, achieving your goal is always possible.

Leftover in China The Women Shaping the World s Next Superpower

Author : Roseann Lake
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Factory Girls meets The Vagina Monologues in this fascinating narrative on China’s single women—and why they could be the source of its economic future. Forty years ago, China enacted the one-child policy, only recently relaxed. Among many other unintended consequences, it resulted in both an enormous gender imbalance—with a predicted twenty million more men than women of marriage age by 2020—and China’s first generations of only-daughters. Given the resources normally reserved for boys, these girls were pushed to study, excel in college, and succeed in careers, as if they were sons. Now living in an economic powerhouse, enough of these women have decided to postpone marriage—or not marry at all—to spawn a label: "leftovers." Unprecedentedly well-educated and goal-oriented, they struggle to find partners in a society where gender roles have not evolved as vigorously as society itself, and where new professional opportunities have made women less willing to compromise their careers or concede to marriage for the sake of being wed. Further complicating their search for a mate, the vast majority of China’s single men reside in and are tied to the rural areas where they were raised. This makes them geographically, economically, and educationally incompatible with city-dwelling “leftovers,” who also face difficulty in partnering with urban men, given the urban men’s general preference for more dutiful, domesticated wives. Part critique of China’s paternalistic ideals, part playful portrait of the romantic travails of China’s trailblazing women and their well-meaning parents who are anxious to see their daughters snuggled into traditional wedlock, Roseann Lake’s Leftover in China focuses on the lives of four individual women against a backdrop of colorful anecdotes, hundreds of interviews, and rigorous historical and demographic research to show how these "leftovers" are the linchpin to China’s future.

Re shaping the World

Author : Dámaso de Lario Ramírez
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The essays presented in this volume were delivered as papers by British, Filipino, and Spanish historians at a conference in Manila on December 1-2, 1999.

Shaping the Developing World

Author : Andy Baker
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Why are some countries rich and others poor? Colonialism, globalization, bad government, gender inequality, geography, and environmental degradation are just some of the potential answers to this complex question. Using a threefold framework of the West, the South, and the natural world, Shaping the Developing World provides a logical and intuitive structure for categorizing and evaluating the causes of underdevelopment. This interdisciplinary book also describes the social, political, and economic aspects of development and is relevant to students in political science, international studies, geography, sociology, economics, gender studies, and anthropology. The Second Edition has been updated to include the most recent development statistics and to incorporate new research on topics like climate change, democratization, religion and prosperity, the resource curse, and more. This second edition also contains expanded discussions of gender, financial inclusion, crime and police killings, and the Middle East, including the Syrian Civil War.

Shaping the Emerging World

Author : Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu
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India faces a defining period. Its status as a global power is not only recognized but increasingly institutionalized, even as geopolitical shifts create both opportunities and challenges. With critical interests in almost every multilateral regime and vital stakes in emerging ones, India has no choice but to influence the evolving multilateral order. If India seeks to affect the multilateral order, how will it do so? In the past, it had little choice but to be content with rule taking—adhering to existing international norms and institutions. Will it now focus on rule breaking—challenging the present order primarily for effect and seeking greater accommodation in existing institutions? Or will it focus on rule shaping—contributing in partnership with others to shape emerging norms and regimes, particularly on energy, food, climate, oceans, and cyber security? And how do India's troubled neighborhood, complex domestic politics, and limited capacity inhibit its rule-shaping ability? Despite limitations, India increasingly has the ideas, people, and tools to shape the global order—in the words of Jawaharlal Nehru, "not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially." Will India emerge as one of the shapers of the emerging international order? This volume seeks to answer that question.

Earth in Human Hands

Author : David Grinspoon
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NASA Astrobiologist and renowned scientist Dr. David Grinspoon brings readers an optimistic message about humanity's future in the face of climate change. For the first time in Earth's history, our planet is experiencing a confluence of rapidly accelerating changes prompted by one species: humans. Climate change is only the most visible of the modifications we've made--up until this point, inadvertently--to the planet. And our current behavior threatens not only our own future but that of countless other creatures. By comparing Earth's story to those of other planets, astrobiologist David Grinspoon shows what a strange and novel development it is for a species to evolve to build machines, and ultimately, global societies with world-shaping influence. Without minimizing the challenges of the next century, Grinspoon suggests that our present moment is not only one of peril, but also great potential, especially when viewed from a 10,000-year perspective. Our species has surmounted the threat of extinction before, thanks to our innate ingenuity and ability to adapt, and there's every reason to believe we can do so again. Our challenge now is to awaken to our role as a force of planetary change, and to grow into this task. We must become graceful planetary engineers, conscious shapers of our environment and caretakers of Earth's biosphere. This is a perspective that begs us to ask not just what future do we want to avoid, but what do we seek to build? What kind of world do we want? Are humans the worst thing or the best thing to ever happen to our planet? Today we stand at a pivotal juncture, and the answer will depend on the choices we make.

Shaping the Culture of Peace in a Multilateral World

Author : Patrick Petit
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As the world faces a multitude of complexly-interwoven challenges, new values and new worldviews are emerging to change the ways in which human beings relate to each other, to our planet, and to all life on Earth. In today's globalized world, humanity is becoming inescapably aware that coexistence, cooperation, and respect for diversity are fundamental values by which all of us must live. These essential human values, which apply in all individual and societal relationships, are likewise intrinsic to a culture of peace: a way of living that will allow a harmonious, multifaceted, global civilization to blossom.Central to this volume is a belief that in an interdependent world, collective decision-making for the collective good is the most effective way to move forward. In order to respect the balance among cultures and nations, decisions that have a global impact must be taken multilaterally. No culture can achieve and maintain its international objectives by acting unilaterally; nor can any nation or cultural group claim to represent the whole of humanity.Shaping the Culture of Peace in a Multilateral World compiles prominent visionary articles from United Nations institutions and regional and other intergovernmental organizations, and highlights the contributions being made to the creation of a culture of peace. It aims to strengthen multilateral cooperation among intergovernmental organizations worldwide, and to facilitate the formation of a global network of multilateral mechanisms, which will provide collective and holistic responses to the peace and security challenges of the 21st century. Shaping the Culture of Peace in a Multilateral World is in itself a true example of multilateralism, and a publication treasure for people, who are active or interested in international diplomacy and international affairs.

50 Years Lahmeyer International

Author :
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Shaping Your Future

Author : Barry Bennett
File Size : 20.30 MB
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The Future Is in a Seed You are the one who shapes your future! No matter how you’ve lived up until now, your past cannot derail your future because God’s potential lives in you! In Shaping Your Future, author and teacher Barry Bennett explains that God has entrusted each of us with the ability to grow our own future, but the future comes in the form of seeds. Every thought, word, action, attitude, and resource can be the seed of blessing or destruction. These seeds define our lives. Examining practical truths from God’s Word, Barry will help you understand… The power of sowing and reaping How the seeds you sow affect your health, relationships, ministry, employment, and more God’s purposes and promises for your life Where your future originates God’s nature and goodness How you can unlock the blessings of God for yourself and your family Whether you realize it or not, you are planting seeds that shape your future. Release your destiny by planting the right seeds today!