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tie me up

Author : Nikolas Honoré
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Noli Me Tangere Touch Me Not

Author : Jose Rizal
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The great novel of the Philippines In more than a century since its appearance, José Rizal's Noli Me Tangere has become widely known as the great novel of the Philippines. A passionate love story set against the ugly political backdrop of repression, torture, and murder, "The Noli," as it is called in the Philippines, was the first major artistic manifestation of Asian resistance to European colonialism, and Rizal became a guiding conscience—and martyr—for the revolution that would subsequently rise up in the Spanish province. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The HELP Quilt

Author : Deb Force
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The stories in this book will involve you in the drama of shelter adoptions that are sometimes nearly miraculous. You will read about the joy adoptions have brought to families, the tragedies that brought these animals to the shelter as well as the humor and surprise of animal life in adoption shelters.

The Hound of Tooty River

Author : LTC David Ryder US Army Retired
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Terry Toivo desperately wanted to hide from his legend; an outlaw which every sheriff wanted out of town. Branded as the Ghost of Fort Rice, a title earned by cheating the gallows, Terry finds unexpected and unwelcomed help to turn his life around, to include a judge that declared him married to his nemesis. Hounded by an Indian tracker, his journey takes him from complete reprobation to a respected hero of the Dakota Territories. The Hound of Tooty River is a masterpiece of both simple and complex themes modeled after the C.S. Lewis style of storytelling. This authentic narrative tells of the lives of the hard working families living on the vanguards of the nation as frontier justice gave way to rule of law. Drawing from family oral traditions, a military dossier, a Canadian Bible, and newspaper clippings dating back to the early days of Fort Rice and Bismarck, The Hound of Tooty River is a deep, moving, and exciting account of the romance that brought the author’s great-grandparents to marriage, and made an honest man out of Terry Toivo. Readers will want to mine the next page for new clues as the “Hound” chases the unlikely hero through a captivating series of events. This adventure will delight the teen, stir the heart of the romantic, and inspire the theologian. Dr. Lloyd Olson

Bible Study with Me and the Cowboy

Author : Bea Serious
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This book has been written to help Christians understand the Bible in a new way. Biblical characters present an account of their own lives as taken from the biblical text. This book will also familiarize a person with the Bible and help them to know Jesus Christ. Some Bible characters included in this book are Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, Samson, David, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus. Anyone interested in the Bible will benefit by reading this book. It has action, prophecy, humor, and much more to keep the reader engaged throughout.

The Last Smythe

Author : Barbara E. Sharp
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The Internet is a Playground

Author : David Thorne
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David Thorne has quickly established himself as the world’s leading internet troublemaker. Since his emailed efforts to settle an overdue bill with a drawing of a spider achieved massive worldwide online exposure in 2008, millions of people have followed Thorne’s hilarious exchanges with unwitting victims reported via the mainstream media, online and email inboxes globally. Thorne’s razor-sharp writings, compiled in his first book “The Internet is a Playground” say something about everyday life we can all relate to.

Blank Spaces

Author : Brenda Conaway
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I truly believe this book is a good read; that it is a good story. One that I think most people will enjoy. It has drama, suspense, a little comedy, and romance. But there is murder, kidnapping, and mystery. What more could you want? All I ask is for you to give it a try. Remember the title is Blank Spaces, a novel about forgotten memories. Melissa Morgan is a young woman who desperately wants to remember her childhood. Her brother, Stephen, would rather she didn’t. Her childhood was filled with tragedy. Stephen remembers, and he can see no reason for Melissa to remember, to the point that he will do anything to keep her from remembering. Melissa is kidnapped, and she starts having nightmares about her father. Even after being rescued, she continues to have nightmares. Her roommate, Lacey, suggests getting professional help. Jesse Taylor is stunned to see Melissa on the evening news. There, on TV, is the only person who can clear his name from a crime that he did not commit. Is this a sign that he is to go to her? Wanting to get his name cleared, Jesse asks Melissa to help him. Melissa has no idea why he is asking for her help until he tells her the truth that she is the only witness to her father’s murder. Now Melissa must remember her childhood to help Jesse. Stephen is adamant that she not remember. But Melissa wants to fill in the blank spaces in her mind even if it means destroying her mind completely.

Selected Letters of William Styron

Author : William Styron
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In 1950, at the age of twenty-four, William Clark Styron, Jr., wrote to his mentor, Professor William Blackburn of Duke University. The young writer was struggling with his first novel, Lie Down in Darkness, and he was nervous about whether his “strain and toil” would amount to anything. “When I mature and broaden,” Styron told Blackburn, “I expect to use the language on as exalted and elevated a level as I can sustain. I believe that a writer should accommodate language to his own peculiar personality, and mine wants to use great words, evocative words, when the situation demands them.” In February 1952, Styron was awarded the Prix de Rome of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, which crowned him a literary star. In Europe, Styron met and married Rose Burgunder, and found himself immersed in a new generation of expatriate writers. His relationships with George Plimpton and Peter Matthiessen culminated in Styron introducing the debut issue of The Paris Review. Literary critic Alfred Kazin described him as one of the postwar “super-egotists” who helped transform American letters. His controversial The Confessions of Nat Turner won the 1968 Pulitzer Prize, while Sophie’s Choice was awarded the 1980 National Book Award, and Darkness Visible, Styron’s groundbreaking recounting of his ordeal with depression, was not only a literary triumph, but became a landmark in the field. Part and parcel of Styron’s literary ascendance were his friendships with Norman Mailer, James Baldwin, John and Jackie Kennedy, Arthur Miller, James Jones, Carlos Fuentes, Wallace Stegner, Robert Penn Warren, Philip Roth, C. Vann Woodward, and many of the other leading writers and intellectuals of the second half of the twentieth century. This incredible volume takes readers on an American journey from FDR to George W. Bush through the trenchant observations of one of the country’s greatest writers. Not only will readers take pleasure in William Styron’s correspondence with and commentary about the people and events that made the past century such a momentous and transformative time, they will also share the writer’s private meditations on the very art of writing. Advance praise for Selected Letters of William Styron “I first encountered Bill Styron when, at twenty, I read The Confessions of Nat Turner. Hillary and I became friends with Bill and Rose early in my presidency, but I continued to read him, fascinated by the man and his work, his triumphs and troubles, the brilliant lights and dark corners of his amazing mind. These letters, carefully and lovingly selected by Rose, offer real insight into both the great writer and the good man.”—President Bill Clinton “The Bill Styron revealed in these letters is altogether the Bill Styron who was a dear friend and esteemed colleague to me for close to fifty years. The humor, the generosity, the loyalty, the self-awareness, the commitment to literature, the openness, the candor about matters closest to him—all are on display in this superb selection of his correspondence. The directness in the artful sentences is such that I felt his beguiling presence all the while that I was enjoying one letter after another.”—Philip Roth “Bill Styron’s letters were never envisioned, far less composed, as part of the Styron oeuvre, yet that is what they turn out to be. Brilliant, passionate, eloquent, insightful, moving, dirty-minded, indignant, and hilarious, they accumulate power in the reading, becoming in themselves a work of literature.”—Peter Matthiessen

We All Fall Down

Author : Robert Cormier
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Buddy Walker is troubled by his parent’s recent divorce, and when Harry Flowers suggests a prank, he goes along, just for opportunity to do something different. He doesn’t realize that someone is watching. When Jane Jerome’s house is trashed, and sister brutally injured in a home invasion, she struggles to continue with her life as her family falls apart. The Avenger has witnessed reckless evil. He has killed before and knows that he just needs to wait until the time is right before he can take his revenge. Robert Cormier once again sheds light on the conflict between good and evil and the dark side of human nature. In his classic style, each character’s point of view is revealed invoking both sympathy and horror while showing the complexities of the psyche.


Author : George Sand
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Russian Fairy Tales

Author : Aleksandr Afanas'ev
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The most comprehensive collection of classic Russian tales available in English introduces readers to universal fairy-tale figures and to such uniquely Russian characters such as Koshchey the Deathless, Baba Yaga, the Swan Maiden, and the glorious Firebird. Beautifully illustrated, the more than 175 tales culled from a landmark multi-volume collection by the outstanding Russian ethnographer Aleksandr Afanas'ev reveal a rich, robust world of the imagination. Translated by Norbert Guterman Illustrated by Alexander Alexeieff With black-and-white illustrations throughout Part of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library

Taylor s Awakening

Author : E.F. Turner
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A short story that was a scene in the Taylor Saga. It was edited out but here it is for your enjoyment.


Author : Eugene M. Koon
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Reporters John Robertson and Peter Stallings have been shot covering a hostage standoff at the bus station terminal. Later, they wake up outside the wall of Heaven, but they aren’t dead. With a rare opportunity to interview angels, the reporters are shown God’s plan for their lives. Satan, however, has other plans. Judy Metcalf and Amy Tuinstra have been taken hostage and eventually left for dead in the middle of nowhere. The refuge they find is short lived as their captors return for them. Jack McDougal is determined to solve his first case as a detective, especially since it involves the woman he is dating. William Benning’s world is crashing in. If he cannot resolve the situation, he may be the next one terminated.

What Don t Kill Me Just Makes Me Strong

Author : Stewart Francke
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The Detroit music legend and founder of the Stewart Francke Leukemia Foundation shares his inspiring story of illness, faith, and the drive to survive. In this candid survival memoir, Stewart Francke recounts his remarkable journey with leukemia through a bone marrow transplant, complications, and eventual recovery. Understanding that his survival makes him part of the “lucky unlucky,” the young father and renowned musician finds the silver lining—and then some—in his struggle. Francke’s story from initial biopsy to full recovery is often harrowing. Yet it is in the darkest moments that he learns important lessons about survival. Coming to understand that faith is a choice, he also realizes that only death is irrevocable. All else either makes us stronger or becomes part of the gift of life. Beginning each chapter with a brief but powerful lesson in living, Francke’s singular story of illness, faith, and family is also a universal guide for facing adversity.

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

Author : Jennifer Lynch
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Laura Palmer - the sweet-faced beauty of "Twin Peaks" - hid her darkest deeds and twisted dreams in a secret diary from the time she was twelve years old… Until the day she was murdered - and a quiet rural community began to fall apart at the seams. The diary contains important clues to the identity of her killer. For the inhabitants of Twin Peaks it begins a mystery that will reach out to obsess them all…

Innocent Prey

Author : Maggie Shayne
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To save innocent lives, they'll have to risk their own. Self-help superstar Rachel de Luca and Detective Mason Brown have finally given in to their overwhelming attraction to each other, but neither of them is ready to let physical passion turn into full-blown romance, so they carefully maintain an emotional distance. Then a judge's daughter disappears, and Mason has a terrible sense that it's connected to the most recent case they solved together: the abduction of Rachel's assistant. The discovery of a string of missing women—all young, all troubled—seems like a promising lead. But there's no clear connection between the missing girls and the high-profile young woman Mason is trying to find. He realizes that once again he'll have to rely on his own well-honed instincts and Rachel's uncanny capacity to see through people's lies in order to catch a predator and rescue his captives. But can they do it before Rachel becomes his next victim?

The Gold Hunters Adventures Or Life in Australia

Author : William Henry Thomes
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The Affair

Author : Santa Montefiore
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A captivating tale of desire and temptation from the number one bestseling author of Songs of Love and War. Angelica has the world at her feet: a gorgeous French husband, two beautiful children and a successful career. One night at a gossipy dinner party, Angelica’s husband harmlessly flirts with another woman and Angelica herself encounters Jack, a handsome and charismatic man from South Africa. Angelica and Jack are irrevocably drawn together and cannot ignore the sparks that fly between them. From her glamorous life in London, to the lush vineyards of South Africa, Angelica finds herself on a journey that will risk all she has worked for. She and Jack come together for a moment, only to be torn apart by fate. What will Angelica do when she finally realises just how far she has strayed from home…? ‘Accomplished and poetic’ Daily Mail ‘Santa Montefiore is a marvel’ Sunday Express

Tie Me Up Daddy

Author : Cassandra Dee
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What Daddy says, is what I do. What Daddy wants, is what I give. What Daddy takes, is what I find. Breanna: I went undercover with the Mafia as a working girl. It was a difficult assignment, but I took a vow to protect and serve. There was a crime syndicate to be broken, and I wanted to do my part. But that’s before I met Cash. He’s an enforcer for the Mafia. Gorgeous and huge, he’s called the Punisher for a reason. He’s got a special baton that he uses to discipline unruly girls, and now, I’m part of his brood. Daddy made me pant. Daddy made me moan. Daddy made me want it all. Now, I’ve forgotten what I came for. I was supposed to infiltrate the crime family, but all I can think of are Cash’s hot kisses and tender caresses. How did this happen? How can a sworn member of the NYPD be in love with a career criminal? Even more, what do I do under these circumstances? I’ve fallen in love with the mafia hitman, but do we have a future together when we’re on different sides of the law? Hey Readers – Indulge in this passionate tale of a young woman trying to do right in the world. Breanna wants to honor her vows as a police officer, but when she falls in love with a handsome career criminal, what does it mean for her morals and values? You’ll love this enthralling story, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie