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She Say He Say

Author : Brett Elizabeth Blake
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Examines public and private writings of low-income, urban, pre-adolescent girls, illuminating ways that girls' voices are often silenced in schools and society.

She Said He Says

Author : Rev Katy O'Brien-Mastromatteo
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About the AuthorRevs. Katy and Rich Mastromatteo are ordinary people who reside in Long Island. They love and care about their home and America. But mostly, they love God and desire to bring His Son as a real person to the lost and be an encouragement to the body of Christ. Katy and Rich have been ordained and licensed ministers for seven years now, and they have been serving God collectively for more than sixty years. They seek to be honest and straightforward in bringing the Word of God, in love, in printed form, as they desire everyone to know Him.

He Said She Said But God s Word Says

Author : Beverly J. Cornish Holman
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"God always meets you at your point of need" When God's word instructs you to believe something or to follow a certain path, do you trust Him enough to believe and to follow Him? Many times we have questions, issues and concerns that we bring to God through prayer, we ask--God answers. Do we follow through with God's answers? Do we follow through with His responses? The purpose of this book is to extend to you God's responses to some contemporary, complex concerns and issues that confront many of us today or perhaps has affected someone we know. Someone, somewhere has experienced some of the issues that are addressed and are desperatly searching for an answer. Well! God does indeed answer. This book explores issues and concerns as expressed from both the male and female perspective with a response from the Word of God. God's profound response to life's issues will always change our lives if we respond faithfully to His Word.

He said she said

Author : Marjorie Harness Goodwin
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..."carefully researched and clearly written....Goodwin makes a major step in redefining the enterprise of studying language use in context and acress contexts." --American Ethnologist

He Said She Says

Author : Mica Howe
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The essays in this volume demonstrate the range of revisioning of women's reinterpretations of patriarchal texts. Women's responses are reaching beyond the story and into the primal bases for narrative: the philosophies, theologies, psychology, politics, and archetypal geneses that comprise the origins of narrative itself. 'He Said, She Says' brings together myriad perspectives that cover such primal narratives as the Bible, the Torah, mythology, traditional literary texts, male depictions of female sexuality, patriarchal Marxism, American democracy, and multiculturalism.

He Says she Says Shakespeare

Author : Francesco Aristide Ancona
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Macbeth : the question of personality reversal -- Othello : the question of jealousy -- As you like it : the question of escaping conventional society -- Hamlet : the question of guilt and blame -- The taming of the shrew : the question of gender and dominance -- Much ado about nothing : the question of a (happy?) marriage

Facing the Music

Author : Larry Brown
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The Things She Says

Author : Kat Cantrell
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Her Knight in a Shining Yellow Ferrari One wrong turn on a Texas highway and heartthrob director Kristian Demetrious is breaking his first rule: don't get involved. Beautiful, sassy VJ Lewis needs his help—and a ride to Dallas. Kris wants to give her both…. Yet his career depends on arriving without giving in to the passion VJ ignites in him. And denying temptation gets harder with every mile. VJ insists the heart of a hero beats beneath Kris's suave exterior—and she intends to prove it, one hands-on lesson at a time. Suddenly this road trip is taking a whole new direction….

Molly Ivins Can t Say That Can She

Author : Molly Ivins
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Whether she's writing about redneck politics in her native Texas or the discreet charms of Bushwazee, Molly Ivins in never less than devastatingly honest—and hilarious. Our toughest, funniest, and savviest columnist delivers the goods on: -Texas politics: "Well, our attorney general is under indictment. He ran as 'the people's lawyer'; now we call him 'the people's felon.'" -The flag burning debate: "Bush's last birthday cake was in the form of the American flag, and he ate it—stars, stripes, and all. Think about where that flag wound up—I call that desecration." -Beign a woman in Texas: "There are several strains of Texas culture: They are all rotten for women... One not infrequently sees cars or trucks sporting the bumper sticker "Have fun—beat the hell out of someone you love."

Living on Borrowed Time

Author : Debbie Pitts
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My book tells how I have struggled to live from day to day since my being diagnosed at six months of age. So you know I have lived a long time with this disease. It hadn't been easy.