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Memory on Cloth

Author : Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
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A sequel to the best-selling Shibori', this text provides a modern perspective on shaped-resist dyeing techniques in textile design. Japan's top fashion designers are examined, including Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake and a 96-page section features the work of 24 international artists. A sequel to the best-selling 'Shibori', this text provides a modern perspective on shaped-resist dyeing techniques in textile design. Japan's top fashion designers are examined, including Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake and a 96-page section features the work of 24 international artists.'

Stitched Shibori

Author : Callender
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Japan beyond the Kimono

Author : Jenny Hall
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In the ancient city of Kyoto, contemporary artisans and designers are using heritage techniques and traditional clothing aesthetics to reinvent wafuku (Japanese clothing, including kimono) for modern life. Japan Beyond the Kimono explores these shifts, highlighting developments in the Kyoto fashion industry such as its integration of digital weaving and printing techniques and the influence of social media on fashion distribution systems. Through case studies of designers, artisans, and retailers, Jenny Hall provides a comprehensive picture of the reasons behind the production and consumption of these rejuvenated fashion goods. She argues that conceptualisations of Japanese tradition include innovation and change, which is vital to understanding how Japanese cultural heritage is both sustained and evolving. Essential reading for students and scholars of fashion, anthropology, and Japanese studies, Jenny Hall's sensory ethnography is the first of its kind, describing the lived experiences of people in the Kyoto textiles industry, explaining the renewal of traditional techniques and styles, and placing them both within contexts such as transnational 'craftscapes' and fast or slow fashion systems.

Digital Textile Design Second Edition

Author : Ceri Isaac
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Digital Textile Design, Second Edition covers everything students and practitioners of textile design will need to learn about designing and printing digitally. Written specifically for textile designers, Digital Textile Design, Second Edition provides the know-how for students and professionals who wish to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as design tools. A series of inspirational tutorials, presented in step-by-step format, guide the reader through the process of creating designs that will be suited to both the traditional textile production process and to digital printing onto fabric. The book examines how designers can access the techniques of digital textile printing, looking at the work of those currently exploring its possibilities, and provides an insight into the technology involved. With a stunning new design, this edition has been updated in line with the latest developments in Adobe Creative Suite and contains new images throughout.


Author : Lynne Caldwell
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Learn a variety of traditional methods of folding and clamping, stitching and gathering, arashi (pole-wrapping), and binding to enhance cloth with interesting motifs and shapes.

Shibori Designs Techniques

Author : Mandy Southan
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Mandy Southan takes the art of Shibori, in which fabric is bound, clamped or stitched before dyeing, and goes beyond the traditional blue and white to create fabrics in a fabulous array of colours, patterns and textures. Clear step by step photographs and instructions demonstrate how to use acid dyes and cold water reactive dyes in a variety of creative ways. Mandy then demonstrates shibori techniques such as binding, hand painting, capping, stitching, folding and clamping, pole winding and pole wrapping can be used to create truly wonderful dyed fabrics.

Tie Dye

Author : Shabd Simon-Alexander
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THE MODERN TWIST ON TIE-DYE Tie-dye has grown up and resurfaced as one of today’s most inspired looks. Whether dip-dye, shibori, ombré, or the traditional circle pattern, the new take on tie-dye is amazingly fresh, fashionable, and fun. In Tie-Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It, acclaimed fashion designer and artist Shabd Simon-Alexander shares her techniques for creating the innovative styles that make her own hand-dyed collection so popular. Packed with Shabd’s design secrets, color guidance, expert tips on making each piece distinctly your own, and twenty-two step-by-step projects for garments, accessories, and home décor items, this book will soon have you creating sophisticated dresses, leggings, scarves, tees, and more. Once you experience tie-dye like this, you’ll never think of it the same way again!

Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan

Author : Christine M. E. Guth
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Articles crafted from lacquer, silk, cotton, paper, ceramics, and iron were central to daily life in early modern Japan. They were powerful carriers of knowledge, sociality, and identity, and their facture was a matter of serious concern among makers and consumers alike. In this innovative study, Christine M. E. Guth offers a holistic framework for appreciating the crafts produced in the city and countryside, by celebrity and unknown makers, between the late sixteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Her study throws into relief the confluence of often overlooked forces that contributed to Japan’s diverse, dynamic, and aesthetically sophisticated artifactual culture. By bringing into dialogue key issues such as natural resources and their management, media representations, gender and workshop organization, embodied knowledge, and innovation, she invites readers to think about Japanese crafts as emerging from cooperative yet competitive expressive environments involving both human and nonhuman forces. A focus on the material, sociological, physiological, and technical aspects of making practices adds to our understanding of early modern crafts by revealing underlying patterns of thought and action within the wider culture of the times.

Blue White Japan

Author : Amy Sylvester Katoh
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This Japanese design book presents the refined interiors of Japan with dozens of stunning color photos and extensive commentary . This delightful book shows that wherever it is used, the creative juxtaposition of blue and white provides both visual nourishment and spiritual balm. From the ephemeral beauty of a wind-blown noren curtain to the powerful geometry of zabuton cushions, to the calming symmetry of a soba cup—whether new or old, homely or sophisticated—all of these objects convey a lyrical message that speaks to our senses, inspiring us to seek out new ways to collect, create, and live with Japanese blue & white. Blue & White Japan will appeal to home-decorators looking for new inspiration or to the casual reader looking for insight into the fascinating world of Japanese design.

Sourcing and Selecting Textiles for Fashion

Author : Erin Cadigan
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Written with the innovative fashion student in mind, Sourcing and Selecting Textiles for Fashion gives a full overview of the current textile market and shows how to apply this knowledge when creating a fashion collection. Following a brief look at the historical growth of fashion textiles in industry and culture, the book explores the manufacturing, design, sourcing and end-use of fashion textiles. Natural and man-made fibres are discussed along with current woven, knit and non-woven production methods. A variety of industrial and custom surface design techniques including dye, print, embellishment and fabric manipulation are covered. Trend, inspiration, colour, creating the collection and how to enhance design through textile choice and surface design are included. A perspective of current innovation and sustainability is offered in each area. Colour photographs, illustrations and designer spotlights supplement informative text throughout the book, and the text includes a bonus section of interviews with designers at different levels of their career and marketplace, focusing on how they select and source fabrics and apply them to their designs.