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Shifting Images of the Hasmoneans

Author : Vered Noam
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The shifting image of the Hasmoneans in the eyes of their contemporaries and later generations is a compelling issue in the history of the Maccabean revolt and the Hasmonean commonwealth. Based on a series of six Jewish folktales from the Second Temple period that describe the Hasmonean dynasty and its history from its legendary founders, through achievement of full sovereignty, to downfall, this volume examines the Hasmoneans through the lens of reception history. On the one hand, these brief, colorful legends are embedded in the narrative of the historian of the age, Flavius Josephus; on the other hand, they are scattered throughout the extensive halakhic-exegetical compositions known as rabbinic literature, redacted and compiled centuries later. Each set of parallel stories is examined for the motivation underlying its creation, its original message, language, and the historical context. This analysis is followed by exploration of the nature of the relationship between the Josephan and the rabbinic versions, in an attempt to reconstruct the adaptation of the putative original traditions in the two corpora, and to decipher the disparities, different emphases, reworking, and unique orientations typical of each. These adaptations reflect the reception of the pristine tales and thus disclose the shifting images of the Hasmoneans in later generations and within distinct contexts. The compilation and characterization of these sources which were preserved by means of two such different conduits of transmission brings us closer to reconstruction of a lost literary continent, a hidden Jewish "Atlantis" of early pseudo-historical legends and facilitates examination of the relationship between the substantially different libraries and worlds of Josephus and rabbinic literature.

Exam Prep for Shifting Images of the Hasmoneans Second

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Strength to Strength

Author : Michael L. Satlow
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Essays that engage the scholarship of Shaye J. D. Cohen The essays in Strength to Strength honor Shaye J. D. Cohen across a range of ancient to modern topics. The essays seek to create an ongoing conversation on issues of identity, cultural interchange, and Jewish literature and history in antiquity, all areas of particular interest for Cohen. Contributors include: Moshe J. Bernstein, Daniel Boyarin, Jonathan Cohen, Yaakov Elman, Ari Finkelstein, Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert, Steven D. Fraade, Isaiah M. Gafni, Gregg E. Gardner, William K. Gilders, Martin Goodman, Leonard Gordon, Edward L. Greenstein, Erich S. Gruen, Judith Hauptman, Jan Willem van Henten, Catherine Hezser, Tal Ilan, Richard Kalmin, Yishai Kiel, Ross S. Kraemer, Hayim Lapin, Lee I. Levine, Timothy H. Lim, Duncan E. MacRae, Ivan Marcus, Mahnaz Moazami, Rachel Neis, Saul M. Olyan, Jonathan J. Price, Jeffrey L. Rubenstein, Michael L. Satlow, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Daniel R. Schwartz, Joshua Schwartz, Karen Stern, Stanley Stowers, and Burton L. Visotzky. Features: A full bibliography of Cohen’s published works An essay on the contributions of Cohen

Ars Judaica

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The journal's objective is to publish scholarly research concerning the Jewish contribution to the visual arts and architecture, from antiquity to the present. The journal promotes various approaches to the analysis of the visual arts: historical, iconographical, semiotic, psychological, social, folkloristic, and other.

Jewish Identity in the Greco Roman World

Author : Jörg Frey
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The book addresses critical issues of the formation and development of Jewish identity in the late Second Temple period. How could Jewish identity be defined? What about the status of women and the image of 'others'? And what about its ongoing influence in early Christianity?

Religion Index One

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Aufstieg und Niedergang der r mischen Welt Principat v

Author : Hildegard Temporini
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Religious and Theological Abstracts

Author :
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Solomon Schonfeld

Author : Derek Taylor
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Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld was a controversial figure in British Jewry who personally rescued many thousands of Jews from Nazi forces in Central and Eastern Europe. He was the Presiding Rabbi of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations and president of the National Council for Jewish Religious Day Schools in Great Britain.

The New Testament an Introduction

Author : Norman Perrin
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Weisheit Als Lebensgrundlage

Author : Renate Egger-Wenzel
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Als Festgabe für den Salzburger Alttestamentler Friedrich V. Reiterer zur Vollendung des 65. Lebensjahres, dessen Forschung biblischer Weisheitsliteratur vor allem dem Buch Ben Sira gewidmet ist, überreichen Kollegen und Schüler einen Strauß von Untersuchungen, die die Interessengebiete des Jubilars beleuchten: Neben Ben Sira wird die Rolle der Weisheit in weiteren spätbiblischen Schriften, in zwischen- und neutestamentlichen Texten untersucht. Die einzelnen exegetisch-theologisch-philogischen Beiträge des Bandes stehen unter dem Motto ,,Kommt zu mir ... sättigt euch an meinen Früchten" (Sir 24,19).

A Marginal Jew Companions and competitors

Author : John P. Meier
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John Meier's previous volumes in the acclaimed series A Marginal Jew are founded upon the notion that while solid historical information about Jesus is quite limited, people of different faiths can nevertheless arrive at a consensus on fundamental historical facts of his life. In this eagerly anticipated fourth volume in the series, Meier approaches a fresh topic-the teachings of the historical Jesus concerning Mosaic Law and morality-with the same rigor, thoroughness, accuracy, and insightfulness on display in his earlier works.

The Recovery of Black Presence

Author : Charles B. Copher
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The New Jerome Biblical Commentary

Author : Raymond Edward Brown
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This work is a compact commentary on the whole Bible written by Roman Catholic scholars according to the principles of modern biblical criticism. - Preface.

Means of Intelligibility

Author : David Charles Larsen
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Baths and Bathing

Author : Stefanie Hoss
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At the heart of this study of ancient bathing and bathhouses is an analysis of the culture of bathing in Roman Israel and what this reveals about the Romanisation of the Jewish population.

The Biblical Archaeologist

Author : George Ernest Wright
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Sir Gawain and the Knight of the Green Chapel

Author : Norman Toby Simms
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Although the Middle English poem known as 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' is assumed to be a kind of comic or satirical romance deriving from the Christian courts of England in the fourteenth century, several strange features suggest a different origin and generic categorization. Renaming it Sir Gawain and the Knight of the Green Chapel initiates the defamiliarization process. This book argues that the poet and his or her milieu belong to the small and confused converso community left behind after the Jewish expulsions at the end of the thirteenth century and still wondering who they were and what their place in society might be. Such a perspective may help explain why the goal of the young Sir Gawain is not only not green or even a chapel, but also why he arrives in the Castle of Hautdesert and undergoes a totally unexpected series of ordeals and tests.

Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East

Author : Avraham Sela
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This new political encyclopedia of the Middle East provides an up-to-date source of knowledge on one of the most crucial regions of world affairs. The 560 entries encompass all the Arab states, from North Africa to the Gulf, as well as non-Arab states, such as Turkey, Iran, and Israel. The encyclopedia adopts a unique approach, addressing key issues in contemporary Middle East politics through substantive entries that constitute short essays. Thus, in addition to entries on each state in the region (reviewing land, people, culture, and history), the encyclopedia addresses major issues, such as: Islamic Fundamentalism, Water Politics, The Arab-Israeli Peace Process, Military Forces, Oil, Non-Conventional Weapons, Women, and Terrorism. In addition, the encyclopedia also includes short entries on leading political figures, parties, and movements, with cross-references between them and the substantive essay-entries. It is particularly designed to meet the needs of users on various levels of interest and expertise, from academics, journalists, and business people to students and beginners in the field.

La Vida Y Muerte de Herodes

Author : Tirso de Molina
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This book makes available to students and scholars of Spanish Golden Age Drama a carefully prepared semi-critical edition and verse translation of Tirso de Molina's Herod play, a little known masterpiece fusing the two Herods - the historical protagonist of Jewish and Roman history whose life is narrated by Flavius Josephus in "Antiquities of the Jews" and the tyrant-ogre depicted in Biblical and liturgical sources - into a tragic protagonist of archetypal dimensions, a vegetation daimon or year-spirit whose life history prepares the way for the more sublime year-spirit whose nativity and epiphany coincide with Herod's ritual implosion at the end of the play. Professor Fornoff's introduction and notes show us how to read through the plot to the sacramental action which it signifies.