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Short Flights

Author : Meredith Nicholson
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Short Flights

Author : James Lough
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A compilation of satirical and philosophical aphorisms from modern writers on the cutting edge of their craft A unique anthology that draws together the work and musings of our leading pioneers of short-form writing, this book features writers who take this time-honored literary form to new heights. Concise, wise, and sometimes terse or humorous, aphorisms are short phrases that are often instructional or moralistic. With a brief introductory piece from each author and a generous sampling of each individual's particular take on the aphorism, the reader is presented with a vast trove of wit, wisdom, insight, and inspiration, as well as new ways to look at language, words, and writing. From "Nothing dirtier than old soap" to "He doesn't need imagination—he's got money," the writers expound upon their favorite adages. The contributors range from prize-winning poets Charles Simic and Stephen Dobyns to bestselling authors like James Geary, David Shields, and experimental writers such as Olivia Dresher and Yahia Lababidi. Short Flights is sure to intrigue and delight all lovers of literature, language, and wordplay.

Short Flights

Author : Barbara Probst Solomon
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A Flight Investigation of the Lateral Control Characteristics of Short Wide Ailerons and Various Spoilers with Different Amounts of Wing Dihedral

Author : C. S. Draper
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Short Swallow Flights of Song

Author : A. B. Pears
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Medical and Biological Problems of Space Flight

Author : Geoffrey H. Bourne
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Medical and Biological Problems of Space Flight covers the proceedings of the conference held in Nassau, the Bahamas. The book focuses on the biological and medical problems of space flight, as well as advanced manned space systems, cardiovascular adaptability, weightlessness, and remote visual monitoring. The selection first offers information on the development of manned space vehicles and advanced manned space systems, including manned satellite and space stations, safety considerations, and man-machine aspects. The book also takes a look at Marsflight II space cabin simulator and device for simulating weightlessness. Discussions focus on the psychological aspects of real and simulated weightlessness; physiological effects of real and simulated weightlessness; and critique of simulation excellence. The publication examines maintenance of cardiovascular adaptability during prolonged weightlessness and the physical, biological, and medical aspects of weightlessness. The text then ponders on remote visual monitoring during extended space missions and cosmic ray shower production in manned space vehicles. Topics include electron-proton showers and limitations imposed by communications on transmission of pictorial information from a space vehicle. The selection is a valuable reference for readers interested in the medical and biological problems of space flight.

Guidebook for Conducting Airport User Surveys

Author : David C. Biggs
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This report provides methods and useful information for conducting effective user surveys at airports. The guidebook introduces the basic concepts of survey sampling and the steps involved in planning and implementing a survey; describes the different types of airport user surveys; and provides guidance on how to design a survey and analyze its results. This guidebook will be of value to airport operators, planners, designers, and other takeholders that need to survey airport users to obtain useful information to plan and operate their facilities appropriately and efficiently. Airport facilities can include all aspects of airport terminal buildings, parking lot operations, surface transportation, food and retail services, and employee accommodations, among others.

Denying Flight

Author : Karl P. Mueller
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In the past two decades, the U.S. Air Force has participated in three contingencies involving no-fly zones (NFZs) over Bosnia, Iraq, and Libya, and NFZ proposals have been proffered for some time as an option for intervention in the Syrian civil war that would avoid placing Western troops on the ground. This paper is intended as a preliminary look at NFZs as a strategic approach in such situations, with an emphasis on the forms they might take, their potential utility, and their probable limitations.

Birds in Flight

Author : Carrol L. Henderson
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Describes adaptations for avian aerodynamics, and offers tips on spotting and identifying airborne birds.

Issues in Physiology Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine 2011 Edition

Author :
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Issues in Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine. The editors have built Issues in Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Physiology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Vault Guide to Flight Attendant Careers

Author : Mark Gazdik
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Five-star hotels, hob-nobbing with celebrities, working eight days per month and jetting around the world. Is it the life you've always dreamed of? Did we mention two-hours' notice to get to the airport, 5 a.m. departures and constant fatigue? Welcome to the world of flight attendant careers. This new Vault guide provides the inside scoop on everything from training programs and unions to crew schedules and perks for this exciting career.

Short Game

Author : Keith Williams
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German V Stol Fighter Program

Author : Albert C. Piccirillo
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The Combination of Flight Count and Control Time as a New Metric of Air Traffic Control Activity

Author : Scott H. Mills
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Mechanics of Flight

Author : Warren F. Phillips
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This textbook addresses the elementary concepts of flight mechanics, everything from the equations of motion to aircraft performance.

Ready for Takeoff

Author : Charles E. Schlumberger
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This book identifies the premises and prerequisites of the low-cost carriers (LCC) model, and assesses whether it could be successful in less-developed countries, in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa. Specific attention is given to the impact of LCCs on traffic stimulation through lower fares, competition, and fare levels in the market.

Canadian Warplanes

Author : Harold A. Skaarup
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This aviation handbook is designed to be used as a quick reference to the classic military heritage aircraft that have been flown by members of the Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and the present-day Canadian Forces. The interested reader will find useful information and a few technical details on most of the military aircraft that have been in service with active Canadian squadrons both at home and overseas. 100 selected photographs have been included to illustrate a few of the major examples in addition to the serial numbers assigned to Canadian service aircraft. For those who like to actually see the aircraft concerned, aviation museum locations, addresses and contact phone numbers have been included, along with a list of aircraft held in each museums current inventory or on display as gate guardians throughout Canada and overseas. The aircraft presented in this edition are listed alphabetically by manufacturer, number and type. Although many of Canadas heritage warplanes have completely disappeared, a few have been carefully collected, restored and preserved, and some have even been restored to flying condition. This guide-book should help you to find and view Canadas Warplane survivors.

Personal Control in Action

Author : Miroslaw Kofta
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This new study presents exciting international research developments on personal control and self-regulation. Each chapter examines the subject at a different level of analysis to foster a complete understanding. Brief synopses of each chapter are provided as introductions to the three major sections of the book. These sections cover the person as an agent of control, affective and cognitive mechanisms of executive agency, and reactions to threatened control.

Trailblazer in Flight

Author : Yvonne Pope Sintes
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Yvonne Pope Sintes only ever wanted to fly. But in the 1950s, very few women were allowed into the male dominated world of aviation. Whilst many women were consigned to the role of house-wife, Yvonne chose a different path. Her dream was to join the ranks of the Royal Air Force, crisscrossing international skies. Despite an awareness of the pitfalls that might await her, she embarked upon her mission. Her story, told here for the first time and in her own words, is one characterized by gritty determination against the odds, a startling level of achievement and a continually modest approach to life and her own accomplishments.A career trajectory marked by such landmark achievements as becoming the first female Air Traffic Controller with the Ministry of Aviation, the first female civil airline pilot in the UK, and the first female jet airline captain in Britain are relayed in this inspiring autobiography. Bomb scares, engine failures and other perilous episodes punctuated Yvonne's experience. All are enlivened during the course of the narrative. A raft of prestigious awards including the Brabazon Cup, the International Owner and Pilots Association award for best Air Traffic Controller in Europe, the Amelia Earhart memorial Scholarship for licensed pilots to advance in aviation, the Whitney Straight Award for courage and determination in pursuit of an aviation career (awarded by Princess Anne) and the British Airline Pilots Association Award for work towards air safety all were awarded to Yvonne during the course of a spectacular career, the details of which make for a truly inspiring and engrossing read.Yvonne has taken this opportunity to record the pitfalls and landmark successes of her career for posterity. She does so in a style that is at once both humble and immensely celebratory of a profession that has meant so much to her."I first met Yvonne and her husband Miguel in Mahon during September 1992 when I was researching my book on Dan-Air. It was immediately clear that she had a rare and fascinating story that deserved telling in its entirety to reach a much wider audience. I am pleased and proud to have played a small part in making that happen!" - Graham M. Simons, EditorAs featured in the Surrey Advertiser, Essence Magazine and Discover Your History

Tiger Lead Your Flight Is Up

Author :
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