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Shout Out to All Parents

Author : Gordon Rock
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In this book you will find 30 of the most awesome recipes to make with your kids. Trust me they will be asking you for a second plate full every time a recipe is made. No worries if your kids have food allegories because there is really something for everyone in this cookbook.

Calm Parents Happy Kids

Author : Dr. Laura Markham
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Calm Parents, Happy Kids is the UK version of Dr Laura Markham's hugely successful and ground-breaking book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids. Now adapted for UK audiences, this practical and inspiring book reveals a three step programme that will transform family life. Most parenting books focus on changing a child's behaviour, but the truth is that children only change when their relationship with their parents changes. In Calm Parents, Happy Kids, Dr Laura Markham introduces an approach to parenting that eliminates threats, power struggles and manipulation, in favour of setting limits with empathy and communication. Bringing together the latest research in brain development with a focus on emotional awareness (for both parents and children), it will appeal to all parents who don’t want to force their children into compliance and lose their temper, but want to keep calm and help their children want to behave.

Duct Tape Parenting

Author : Vicki Hoefle
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There's a new set of 3Rs for our kids-respect, responsibility, and resilience-to better prepare them for life in the real world. Once developed, these skills let kids take charge, and let parents step back, to the benefit of all. Casting hover mothers and helicopter parents aside, Vicki Hoefle encourages a different, counter-intuitive-yet much more effective-approach: for parents to sit on their hands, stay on the sidelines, even if duct tape is required, so that the kids step up. Duct Tape Parenting gives parents a new perspective on what it means to be effective, engaged parents and to enable kids to develop confidence through solving their own problems. This is not a book about the parenting strategy of the day-what the author calls "Post-It Note Parenting"-but rather a relationship-based guide to span all ages and stages of development. Witty, straight-shooting Hoefle addresses frustrated parents everywhere who are ready to raise confident, capable children to go out in the world.

I Grow and Learn with My Children 26 ABCs life lessons from my two sons

Author : Peter Tao
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Life is intriguing indeed as it has never crossed my mind that the journey of fatherhood has made me both a teacher and a humble student. It has dawned upon me that parenting is no longer a one-sided affair but a mutual connection and learning adventure, with so much to explore and learn. I am very grateful to have picked up valuable lessons from my children who in turn have also successfully reignited the passion in me to broaden my knowledge. In my first ebook, I have summarized 26 interesting life lessons (A TO Z) I have unpredictably learned from my 2 sons to share with all parents. About the Author Born in Hong Kong in 1975, I migrated to Singapore with my mother when I was 8 years old as my father was a Singaporean and working full time here. In the beginning, life was quite a challenge for me as I needed to adapt to a completely new environment, not forgetting the initial struggles to cope with both English and Chinese languages. Fortunately, with my parents' support, it was a blessing that I managed to get through the demanding yet proper education system in Singapore. After graduating from NTU with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I have been working in the field of wireless communication products for about 13 years. I am happily married with 2 amazing kids and parenthood has given me a new perspective in life and taught me what life is actually all about! Below is the quote that summarizes what I want to share with the world: 'Most parents tend to fall into the chasm of thinking we know everything but in fact, there may be a multitude of things we can observe and learn from our children.' — Peter Tao

Shout Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts

Author : Esta Spalding
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The third book in a Dahl-esque middle-grade series by award-winning poet and screenwriter Esta Spalding. The plucky Fitzgerald-Trout siblings (who live on a tropical island where the grown-ups are useless but the kids can drive) are back! After losing the boat that had become their home, oldest Fitzgerald-Trout, Kim, has put finding a home back on her to-do list. When her sixth-grade history assignment offers a clue about the ruins of a volcanic house built by an explorer on Mount Muldoon, she and her siblings set out to find it. The castle they discover surpasses their wildest dreams. But having a permanent home offers more challenges than the Fitzgerald-Trouts expect, especially when they begin to suspect their home is haunted. The siblings must figure out how to fix the cracks in their family foundation before one of them is lost for good.

Turn Up for Real

Author : Stephanie Perry Moore
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Slade, Stanley Sharp's middle daughter, feels like the odd one out. All she wants is a group of friends who aren't her sisters—and a record deal. But after losing the Teen Miss Charlotte competition and having a bad experience at a recording studio, Slade feels her dreams slipping away. Can Slade be an advocate for the arts and a singing superstar, or is she just another pretty face?

Positive Psychology for Teachers

Author : Jeremy Swinson
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Practical, actionable information about the positive, behavioural approach to education is in desperately short supply, and yet when implemented properly the impact on school behaviour and achievement can be enormous. Positive Psychology for Teachersaims to address this gap. Written by experienced practitioners, it gives teachers simple and direct advice on how they can use the positive behavioural approach for the benefit of their pupils and schools. Based on the authors’ own experiences of intervention in school settings and evidence of its effectiveness, this practical guide includes a number of vignettes and case studies illustrating how the behavioural approach has been used by teachers in a wide variety of classrooms to make their teaching more effective. Each case study will be followed by a number of suggested practical activities for classroom implementation. Throughout the book, background theory is explained in a concise and easily digestible manner and activities are clearly explained with benefits and end goals clearly signposted. Areas covered include:- Whole school interventions, turning around under-performance Reducing disruptive behaviour in the classroom Improving creative writing and increasing reading attainment Improving pupils’ self concepts SEN interventions including autism, children with challenging behaviour and those classified as having social, emotional and behavioural difficulties The difference between teachers’ treatment of boys and of girls Strategies for turning around the behaviour of very difficult pupils This practical user-friendly text is aimed directly at trainee and practising teachers but would also be very relevant to those working with trainee teachers in university departments and to educational psychologists.

Starting Up

Author : Lisa Arrastia
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Starting Up is a collection of first-person accounts by some of the best-known founders of new schools in America. Providing the kind of knowledge that only experience can teach, it is an invaluable resource for anyone in the process of or thinking about opening a new school, as well as those interested in the politics of today’s era of new school development. The authors share how they worked to make their educational aspirations a reality while wrestling with social and economic obstacles, such as the distressed state of the communities in which these schools operated and the constant competition for resources. Starting Up tells real stories that capture the rich sense of possibility that currently exists for urban education. Book Features: Behind the scenes accounts from the founders of innovative K–12 schools created to better serve primarily poor communities across the country. Lessons learned from school leaders, including both the rewards and challenges associated with starting a new school. An introduction by Pedro Noguera that situates start ups within current economic and political realities. Lisa Arrastía is the middle school principal at United Nations International School in New York. Her work in the classroom is the focus of the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary Making the Grade. Marvin Hoffman is the founding director of The University of Chicago Charter School, North Kenwood/Oakland campus and the associate director of the University’s Urban Teacher Education Program. “These are educators who recognize that although urban public schools are often deeply flawed and dysfunctional, they don’t have to be, and they are educators who act on the belief that it is possible to create schools that nurture and support the hopes and aspirations of those they serve.” —From the Foreword by Pedro Noguera, New York University “How might we reimagine our schools? This book offers a guide from those who have experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of trying to create a school from the bottom up. It asks all the right questions, both the practical and the pedagogical. It feels like essential reading as we reconsider how our urban schools should look and function.” —Alex Kotlowitz, bestselling author of There Are No Children Here and The Other Side of the River

A Parent s Guide to Teaching Your Teenager How to Drive Safely While Maintaining Your Sanity

Author : William Howard Kennedy
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Bold Girls Speak

Author : Mary Stromer Hanson
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Bold Girls Speak inspires girls to go boldly where God calls. This collection of Old and New Testament short stories follows smart, problem-solving girls who persevere and thrive with God's help in difficult circumstances. Most are unnamed and overlooked, living in a foreign culture, but the small ones can make a big difference. A few of the main characters are well known and named, but most are found in tucked-away verses in the shadows of the powerful. The girls live in historical and social-cultural settings authentic to the Bible, and they increase the reader's curiosity about biblical times and places. Each story is accompanied by age-appropriate commentary and discussion questions appropriate for classes, mother-daughter groups, home-schoolers, and Christian schools, as well as those reading for enjoyment.

Hints and Helps for Teachers and Parents Fifth thousand

Author : John GREEN (Sunday School Teacher.)
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Hints and helps for teachers and parents on Sunday schools

Author : John Green
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Anxiety and Phobic Disorders

Author : Wendy K. Silverman
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For many years, anxiety and phobie disorders ofchildhoodand adolescence were ignored by clinicians and researchers alike. They were viewed as largely benign, as problems that were relatively mild, age-specific, and transitory. With time, it was thought, they would simply disappear or "go away"-that the child or adolescent would magically "outgrow" them with development and that they would not adversely affect the growing child or adolescent. As a result ofsuch thinking, it was concluded that these "internalizing" problems were not worthy or deserving of our concerted and careful attention-that other problems of childhood and adolescence and, in particular, "externalizing" problems such as conduct disturbance, oppositional defiance, and attention-deficit problems de manded our professional energies and resources. These assumptions and asser tions have been challenged vigorously in recent years. Scholarly books (King, Hamilton, & Ollendick, 1988; Morris & Kratochwill, 1983) have documented the considerable distress and misery associated with these disorders, while reviews ofthe literature have demonstrated that these disorders are anything but transitory; for a significant number of youth these problems persist into late adolescence and adulthood (Ollendick & King, 1994). Clearly, such findings signal the need for treatment programs that "work"--programs that are effective in the short term and efficacious over the long haul, producing effects that are durable and generalizable, as weil as effects that enhance the life functioning of children and adolescents and the families that evince such problems.

Young Folks Treasury Ideal home life a book for children and parents

Author :
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The Military Career a Guide to Young Officers Army Candidates and Parents

Author : Sir William Bellairs
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Babie s Kids and Parents

Author : Robin Carretti
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Everything You Need to Know When a Parent Is Out of Work

Author : Stephanie St. Pierre
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Readers learn about some of the reasons that can cause a parent to lose his or her job, and how to help their families cope with change and the possibility of hard times.

The Best a Man Can Get

Author : John O'Farrell
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A hilarious and touching debut novel in the seriocomic Nick Hornby tradition. Michael Adams is a composer of advertising jingles who shares a bachelor pad with three other guys. He spends his days lying in bed (a minifridge positioned perfectly within reach) and playing trivia games with his underachieving roommates. And when he feels like it, Michael crosses the city and returns home to his unsuspecting wife and two small children. Michael is living a double life, stretching out his wilting salad days with imaginary business trips and fake deadlines while his wife enjoys the exhausting misery of the little ones. It’s the best thing for his marriage, Michael figures. She can care for the new loves of her life as it seems only she knows how, and he can sleep until the afternoon. Can this double life continue indefinitely? In The Best a Man Can Get, best-selling comic novelist John O’Farrell takes readers on a dark romp through the soul of the contemporary male, torn between eternal adolescence and the very real demands of fatherhood. It’s wry, witty, and surprisingly charming. “Sharp-witted slapstick.” —Publishers Weekly

The Tumult the Shouting

Author : Francis Patrick Vincent McManus
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101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

Author : Melanie Mathos
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The ultimate social media field guide for nonprofits—with 101 ways to engage supporters, share your mission, and inspire action using the social web 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits features 101 actionable tactics that nonprofits can start using today, and most of the featured resources are free. Broken down into five key areas, this unique guide explains the steps and tools needed to implement each tactic, and provides many real-life examples of how nonprofits are using the tactics. With this book as your guide, you'll learn how leading nonprofit professionals around the world are leveraging social media to engage constituents, communicate their cause, and deliver on their mission. Presents immediately useful ideas for relevant impact on your organization's social presence so you can engage with supporters in new and inventive ways Features 101 beginner to intermediate-level tactics with real-life examples Offers a workable format to help nonprofits discover new ways of deploying their strategy Includes nonprofit social media influencers from leading nonprofits around the world including National Wildlife Federation, March of Dimes, and The Humane Society Nonprofits know they need to start engaging with supporters through social media channels. This field guide to social media tactics for nonprofits will feature 101 beginner to intermediate-level tactics with real-life examples to help nonprofits discover new ways of deploying their strategy and meeting their social media objectives.