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Author : Sian Prior
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Sian Prior has maintained a career in the public eye, as a broadcaster and performer, for more than twenty years. For far longer than that she has suffered from excruciating shyness. Eventually, after bolting from a party in a state of near-panic, she decides to investigate her condition. What is it - shyness? Where did hers come from? Why does it create such distressing turmoil beneath her assured professional front? As Sian begins to research the science of social anxiety, other factors present themselves as facets of the problem. Family, intimate friendships, self-perception and fear and longing and the consequences of love...While, in counterpoint, there is the security, the sense of belonging, she finds in the life she shares with Tom, her famous partner. Until he tells her he is leaving. Shy: A Memoir - frank, provocative, remarkable in its clarity and beautifully written - is a book about unease: about questioning who you are and evading the answer. It is about grief, and abandonment and loss. It is about how the simple word shy belies the complex reality of what that really means. Sian Prior is a journalist and broadcaster specialising in the arts and popular culture, a media consultant, and a teacher at universities and writers centres. She has a second career as a musician and recording artist. Sian lives in Melbourne. Shy: A Memoir is her first book. Book club notes are available for this title from the Text Publishing website. 'A fascinating meditation on how temperament can shape a person's life.' Books+Publishing 'Charming and beautifully evoked...' Weekend Australian 'Prior captures details with prose equal to a skilled novelist...a deeply satisfying inquiry into the nature of self.' Saturday Paper

Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer

Author : Kenneth Patchen
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Can you imagine why a pornographer would be shy? Are you satisfied with the state of (a) World Society (b) your soul (c) American writing? Are you in the habit of reading books that could have been written by anybody? Do you really want the truth? Do you know how angels learn to fly? What would you feed a green deer? Do you think a profound social message can be conveyed by a book that is comic in character? When Kenneth Patchen's comic masterpiece, The Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer first appeared in 1945, these questions were asked on the dust jacket. They have never seemed more relevant. The hilarious saga of Alfred Budd of Bivalve, New Jersey-a Candide-like innocent and part-time pornographer, written with what Diane DiPrima called Patchen's "tender silliness," should inspire a new generation of readers

The complete works of Shakspere with a memoir and essay by Barry Cornwall Historical and critical studies of Shakspere s text c by R G White R H Horne and other writers

Author : William Shakespeare
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The Complete Works of Shakspere with a Memoir

Author : William Shakespeare
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Beauty and the Beats

Author : DJ Shy
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This memoir narrates the story of a Korean-American woman who overcame challenges to become the first female DJ at Americas #1 radio station. Without a DJ, theres no music; without music, theres no party. The right music can make or break a party; promoters, club owners, and stars alike know this. In this memoir, successful turntablist DJ Shy narrates the story of how she became a sought-after DJ and the first female on-air mixer at the No. 1 radio station in America, 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Beauty and the Beats tells how this small-town girl from Pennsylvania made it to the big time in California. Shy describes how she a poor, nave, Asian girl from a broken home overcame her lifes challenges and the discrimination in the male-dominated music industry to thrive. From surviving a drive-by shooting and eluding midnight stalkers to being cheated on her paychecks, she shares her story and shows how she remained positive throughout her journey. Providing a sneak peek into the music and entertainment industry, Beauty and the Beats provides motivation and inspiration to encourage teenagers to make sound career choices and follow their dreams to achieve happiness and success.

Memoirs of a Shy Girl

Author : Widalys L. De Soto-burt
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With humor and complete vulnerability, Widalys walks you through some of the most humiliating, lowest points of her life, as she shares why these turned out to be key enablers of her transformation from crippling shyness to bold confidence. Labeled a "shy girl" by everyone, including herself, Widalys thought she was bound to suffer from social anxiety forever. That was until she discovered the life-changing steps that would take her from shy and insecure to confident. Join Widalys as she takes you through her list of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Challenges as a guide to help you achieve your own transformation. Explore each of these challenges and learn why they work. If you are a parent, teacher, or friend of someone who is shy, do the words "You are so shy," "Why are you so shy?" or "You need to stop being shy" ever escape your mouth? If so, you are not alone. Learn why these words, although well intended, do not work and may actually exacerbate the problem. Join Widalys as she provides practical advice to those seeking to help someone suffering from shyness and social anxiety to empower them to achieve a happy, fulfilling, and confident life.

Poems with a Memoir

Author : Arthur Hugh Clough
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Judas Church

Author : Peter Gogarty
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Peter was born in late 1960 and became a victim of convicted paedophile Priest James Patrick Fletcher in the 1970's. After keeping his secret for more than 25 years, Peter went "public" with his story after Fletcher was charged with multiple offenses against another boy who was some 15 years younger than him.

Memoirs of a Not Altogether Shy Pornographer

Author : Bernard Wolfe
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In this funny and telling portrait of the artist as a young pornographer, Bernard Wolfe chronicles his own unlikely entrance into the world of letters. The year was 1936, and Depression laden America had no great need for a Yale Phi Bete whose primary talent was for words. After working variously as a secretary-bodyguard for Leon Trotsky in Mexico, a cataloger of the Irving Fisher papers, and a hopelessly inept drill-grinder, Wolfe landed his first professional writing job: turning out piecework porn at $2.00 a page for an Oklahoma millionaire. He credited his pornographic efforts with teaching him to write to specified lengths while facing deadlines: "I acquired the work discipline of a professional writer, capable of a solid daily output."

A Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Late William Taylor of Norwich

Author : John Warden Robberds
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Author : Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.). Eugenics Record Office
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Author : Carnegie Institution of Washington. Eugenics Record Office
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Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge

Author : Sara Coleridge Coleridge
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Memoir of Annie Keary

Author : Eliza Keary
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Memoir of Robert Chambers

Author : William Chambers
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The Novels of Jane Austen Lady Susan The Watson A memoir Letters

Author : Jane Austen
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Author : Helen Rivas-Rose
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Born of a long life of suffering from shyness, this memoir reveals the hurt and anguish that acutely shy people experience. Rivas-Rose's message can help inspire other shy people to overcome their own pain.


Author : Sydney Smith
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Stuck Inside Memoirs of a Shy Guy

Author : James P. Monacell
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Through vignettes proceeding through life, the author depicts his struggles, as a boy, teen and man, with excruciating shyness and his progress in conquering his affliction. Raised Catholic in the D.C. suburbs, little Jimmy finds himself literally and figuratively on a runaway go-car, with only the vaguest idea of how to control braking or steering. Arriving at William and Mary, Jim is fascinated by an unrepressed girl, but must free his barricaded thoughts to form a relationship. Fueled by his desire to participate fully in life, his efforts include a stint as a crisis counselor, who must help a potential suicide embrace a trying life. Jim marries, strives to become an Atlanta mega-firm lawyer, fathers three children, and confronts the everyday challenges of contemporary life.

Memoirs and Resolutions of Adam Graeme of Mossgray

Author : Margaret Oliphant
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