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Signature Tastes of Charlotte

Author : Steven W. Siler
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Do you remember enjoying a meal at that famous restaurant, and wishing you could get the recipe? Or visiting a city and eating at that cute little cafe that everyone raved about? Well now, you literally have your cake and eat it too. Or at least the recipe for the cake. Signature Tastes of Charlotte captures the recipes that define the Queen City. From the famous Scallops at Barrington's, to the Heidi Billotto's Blueberry Chicken, these are the restaurants, recipes and pictures that define the culinary tastes of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Consuming Identity

Author : Ashli Quesinberry Stokes
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Southerners love to talk food, quickly revealing likes and dislikes, regional preferences, and their own delicious stories. Because the topic often crosses lines of race, class, gender, and region, food supplies a common fuel to launch discussion. Consuming Identity sifts through the self-definitions, allegiances, and bonds made possible and strengthened through the theme of southern foodways. The book focuses on the role food plays in building identities, accounting for the messages food sends about who we are, how we see ourselves, and how we see others. While many volumes examine southern food, this one is the first to focus on food's rhetorical qualities and the effect that it can have on culture. The volume examines southern food stories that speak to the identity of the region, explain how food helps to build identities, and explore how it enables cultural exchange. Food acts rhetorically, with what we choose to eat and serve sending distinct messages. It also serves a vital identity-building function, factoring heavily into our memories, narratives, and understanding of who we are. Finally, because food and the tales surrounding it are so important to southerners, the rhetoric of food offers a significant and meaningful way to open up dialogue in the region. By sharing and celebrating both foodways and the food itself, southerners are able to revel in shared histories and traditions. In this way individuals find a common language despite the divisions of race and class that continue to plague the south. The rich subject of southern fare serves up a significant starting point for understanding the powerful rhetorical potential of all food.

Explorer s Guide Myrtle Beach South Carolina s Grand Strand A Great Destination Includes Wilmington and the North Carolina Low Country

Author : Renee Wright
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"Consistently rated the best guides to the regions covered...Readable, tasteful, appealingly designed. Strong on dining, lodging, and history."—National Geographic Traveler This new guide covers both Myrtle Beach and its neighbors over the North Carolina border, including the fascinating seaports of Wilmington and Southport, a compact area that takes under three hours to drive from end to end but offers a wealth of different vacation options and activities. Distinctive for their accuracy, simplicity, and conversational tone, the diverse travel guides in our Explorer's Great Destinations series meet the conflicting demands of the modern traveler. They're packed full of up-to-date information to help plan the perfect getaway. And they're compact and light enough to come along for the ride. A tool you'll turn to before, during, and after your trip, these guides include chapters on lodging, dining, transportation, history, shopping, recreation, and more; a section packed with practical information, such as lists of banks, hospitals, post offices, laundromats, numbers for police, fire, and rescue, and other relevant information; maps of regions and locales, and more.

The Smell of Battle the Taste of Siege

Author : Mark M. Smith
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Historical accounts of major events have almost always relied upon what those who were there witnessed. Nowhere is this truer than in the nerve-shattering chaos of warfare, where sight seems to confer objective truth and acts as the basis of reconstruction. In The Smell of Battle, the Taste of Siege, historian Mark M. Smith considers how all five senses, including sight, shaped the experience of the Civil War and thus its memory, exploring its full sensory impact on everyone from the soldiers on the field to the civilians waiting at home. From the eardrum-shattering barrage of shells announcing the outbreak of war at Fort Sumter; to the stench produced by the corpses lying in the mid-summer sun at Gettysburg; to the siege of Vicksburg, once a center of Southern culinary aesthetics and starved into submission, Smith recreates how Civil War was felt and lived. Relying on first-hand accounts, Smith focuses on specific senses, one for each event, offering a wholly new perspective. At Bull Run, the similarities between the colors of the Union and Confederate uniforms created concern over what later would be called "friendly fire" and helped decide the outcome of the first major battle, simply because no one was quite sure they could believe their eyes. He evokes what it might have felt like to be in the HL Hunley submarine, in which eight men worked cheek by jowl in near-total darkness in a space 48 inches high, 42 inches wide. Often argued to be the first "total war," the Civil War overwhelmed the senses because of its unprecedented nature and scope, rendering sight less reliable and, Smith shows, forcefully engaging the nonvisual senses. Sherman's March was little less than a full-blown assault on Southern sense and sensibility, leaving nothing untouched and no one unaffected. Unique, compelling, and fascinating, The Smell of Battle, The Taste of Siege, offers readers way to experience the Civil War with fresh eyes.

Historic Gravestone Art of Charleston South Carolina 1695 1802

Author : David R. Mould
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"Here lyes Buried the Body of MARTHA PERONNEAU...Departed This Life December Ye 14th 1746 Aged 13 Years." Such an inscription was typical of 18th century grave markers in Charleston, South Carolina. Many epitaphs went on to reveal much more about the deceased: personality, religious beliefs, career accomplishments and social position. Attention to social matters was a natural part of life in Charleston, where descendants of the city's 17th century British founders sought to recreate the class-conscious culture of aristocratic England. The merging of this culture with influences from French Huguenots, German Lutherans, Scottish Presbyterians and Spanish Jews led to funeral practices unique in the American colonies. Focusing on pieces created between 1695 and 1802, this volume offers a detailed examination of the tombstones and grave markers from 18th century Charleston. It discusses not only the general trends and the symbolism of the period's gravestone art--such as skulls, portraits, ascending souls and stylized vegetation--but also examines specific instances of these popular motifs. Tombstones from Charleston's oldest and most significant churches, including the Circular Congregational Church, St. Philip's Anglican Church, the French Huguenot Church and the First (Scots) Presbyterian Church, are explored in detail. The work looks at how Charleston gravestones differed from funerary art elsewhere in the American colonies and reveals them to be some of the earliest examples of American sculpture. A guide to colonial gravestone symbols and a glossary of relevant Latin terms are also included.

Congressional Record0

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Author : Pearl Violette Newfield Metzelthin
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South Carolina Wildlife

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Palmettos Pluff Mud

Author : Jr. S. Guilds Hollowell
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The Charleston lowcountry is home to palmettos and pluffmud, beauty and least on the surface! Take a walk with native son Guilds Hollowell as he shares some of the not-so-distant history through his eyes, growing up and living in Charleston. This is a poignant remembrance of people, places and stories of the enviable Lowcountry.

The Prince of Tides

Author : Pat Conroy
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Interweaves the events of Tom Wingo's summer in New York and his relationship to Susan Lowenstein, his sister Savannah's beautiful psychiatrist and the complex history of the South Carolinian Wingo family, from World War II, through Vietnam

The South Carolina Historical Magazine

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The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine

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Insiders Guide North Carolina s Central Coast and New Bern

Author : Tabbie Nance
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The beautiful Central Coast of North Carolina, also known as the Crystal Coast, includes the towns of Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, New Bern, Havelock, and more. Wander miles of open beaches, fish in the Gulf Stream, sleep within sight of the water, explore historic districts, shop in charming waterfront communities, raise sails into coastal winds, and dine on the freshest seafood available. Do it all and more in North Carolina’s Central Coast and New Bern

The Insiders Guide to North Carolina s Southern Coast and Wilmington

Author : Deborah Daniel
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This enticing section of North Carolina's Southern Coast, often referred to as the Cape Fear Coast, finds the luckiest, if not the most sagacious, of explorers flocking to its pristine beaches year after golden year. Whether planning a weekend jaunt or settling in permanently, the coastline is thoroughly detailed in this definitive guide.

Holy Smoke

Author : John Shelton Reed
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North Carolina is home to the longest continuous barbecue tradition on the North American mainland. Authoritative, spirited, and opinionated (in the best way), Holy Smoke is a passionate exploration of the lore, recipes, traditions, and people who have helped shape North Carolina's signature slow-food dish. Three barbecue devotees, John Shelton Reed, Dale Volberg Reed, and William McKinney, trace the origins of North Carolina 'cue and the emergence of the heated rivalry between Eastern and Piedmont styles. They provide detailed instructions for cooking barbecue at home, along with recipes for the traditional array of side dishes that should accompany it. The final section of the book presents some of the people who cook barbecue for a living, recording firsthand what experts say about the past and future of North Carolina barbecue. Filled with historic and contemporary photographs showing centuries of North Carolina's "barbeculture," as the authors call it, Holy Smoke is one of a kind, offering a comprehensive exploration of the Tar Heel barbecue tradition.

A Taste of the Wild

Author : Albert Jules McClane
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Offers advice on aging and freezing game, and gathers recipes for woodcock, pheasant, partridge, grouse, quail, dove, turkey, duck, goose, snipe, venison, boar, buffalo, bear, and rabbit

Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976 Annotated

Author : South Carolina
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Twelve Letters Over the Signature of Madison on the American Question

Author : Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart
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In 1855 the Know-Nothing Party was renamed the American Party.

Southern Cultures The Special Issue on Food

Author : Harry L. Watson
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In the Spring 2012 issue of Southern Cultures… Guest editor Marcie Cohen Ferris brings together some of the best new writing on Southern food for the Summer 2012 issue of Southern Cultures , which features an interview with TREME writer Lolis Elie and Ferris's own retrospective on Southern sociology, the WPA, and Food in the New South. The Food issue includes Rebecca Sharpless on Southern women and rural food supplies, Bernard Herman on Theodore Peed's Turtle Party, Will Sexton's "Boomtown Rabbits: The Rabbit Market in Chatham County, North Carolina," Courtney Lewis on how the "Case of the Wild Onions" paved the way for Cherokee rights, poetry by Michael Chitwood, and much more. Southern Cultures is published quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter) by the University of North Carolina Press. The journal is sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Center for the Study of the American South.

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

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