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Signs and Society

Author : Richard J. Parmentier
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Brilliantly articulating the potent intersections of semiotic and linguistic anthropology, Signs and Society demonstrates how a keen appreciation of signs helps us better understand human agency, meaning, and creativity. Inspired by the foundational contributions of C. S. Peirce and Ferdinand de Saussure, and drawing upon key insights from neighboring scholarly fields, noted anthropologist Richard J. Parmentier develops an array of innovative conceptual tools for ethnographic, historical, and literary research. His concepts of "transactional value," "metapragmatic interpretant," and "circle of semiosis," for example, illuminate the foundations and effects of such diverse cultural forms and practices as economic exchanges on the Pacific island of Palau, Pindar’s Victory Odes in ancient Greece, and material representations of transcendence in ancient Egypt and medieval Christianity. Other studies complicate the separation of emic and etic analytical models for such cultural domains as religion, economic value, and semiotic ideology. Provocative and absorbing, these fifteen pioneering essays blaze a trail into anthropology’s future while remaining firmly rooted in its celebrated past.

A Society of Signs

Author : David Harris
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An introduction to current debates around the themes of culture, identity and lifestyle. Such debates often begin with the assertion that we live in a society of signs. Features include: summary and critical discussion of some basic approaches in social theory and cultural analysis; key readings of some of the work of writers including Barthes and Giddens; reviews of work in more traditional areas, for example, the sociology of identity and the embedding process found in social life; and advice on further reading.


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The signs of the times lectures

Author : Church of England young men's society
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Vital Signs Vibrant Society

Author : Craig Emerson
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Sets out a program of economic and social reform for the next 50 years aimed at boosting the living standards and overall well being of all Australians during a period when the nation’s population will age significantly.

From an Affluent Society to a Happy Society Vital Signs Promising a Change and the Impacts on Industries

Author : Juergen Mohr
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Facts and figures indicate a continuously increasing societal welfare. But what about its impacts on the environment? The growing wealth has been accompanied by environmental degradation, deforestation, losses in bio-diversity, global warming, air pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, and overfishing. Recent measurements have been performed related to the depletion of natural resources showing that humans currently use the resources of 1.25 Earths. At the current consumption levels of high-income countries, the world could only sustainably support 1.75 billion people, not the 6.5 billion living on Earth today. Fortunately ecological awareness is consensus today and reaches far more social levels than just greenies and do-gooders - see the LOHAS trend in this book as an example. Governments have recognized that environmental protection is a worldwide concern that can be solved solely through co-operation. Especially renewable energy has reached the top of the agendas of the United Nations, the G8, and other multilateral fora. At the last conference of the UN climate council the participants noticed that the technologies, required to limit the greenhouse gas emission, are available and affordable. Thus the framework for a change is established and available. It’s up to mankind to carry out the transformation. This book gives an insight into the current social transformation that is underway. Research indicates that societies are undergoing a decisive and formative value transformation, away from a pure materialistic and monetary mindset towards a lifestyle of health and sustainability and a better quality of life. Surveys also revealed that although people, especially in the developed countries, continuously got richer over the last 50 years they did not become happier. This finding was responsible that the science of happiness research experienced a tremendous increasing attention over the last 10 years and that even on governmental level the opinion became accepted that we have to go beyond GDP. Impacts of this value transformation are already visible today in several industries. Starting with a brief description of the historical evolution of the industries, followed by some critical words about welfare and environmental pollution vital signs indicating that societies worldwide are going through a change are highlighted. A deeper look will be taken into the powerful LOHAS trend, corporate social responsibility, governmental and non-governmental initiatives - especially the discussion to go beyond GDP and the mighty upcoming science happiness research - and the remarkable boom of the renewable energies. Before concluding with a short summary, the impacts of that transformation on several industries are identified and described.

Fashion as Communication

Author : Malcolm Barnard
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What kinds of things do fashion and clothing say about us? What does it mean to wear Gap or Gaultier, Milletts or Moschino? Are there any real differences between Hip-Hop style and Punk anti-styles? In this fully revised and updated edition, Malcolm Barnard introduces fashion and clothing as ways of communicating and challenging class, gender, sexual and social identities. Drawing on a range of theoretical approaches from Barthes and Baudrillard to Marxist, psychoanalytic and feminist theory, Barnard addresses the ambivalent status of fashion in contemporary culture.

Media Semiotics

Author : Jonathan Bignell
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Using examples such as the Wonderbra advertisements and the film Waterworld, Bignell presents an investigation of the critical approach to contemporary media studies and discusses the challenges posed by post-structuralist theory and postmodernism.

Pictorial Signs and the Language of Film

Author : Jan Marie Lambert Peters
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Wat de boekdrukkunst gedaan heeft voor het woord, dat heeft de camera gedaan voor het beeld. Het beeld uit de camera is in meer dan één opzicht een concurrent geworden van het woord. Niet omdat de beeldmedia het einde schijnen in te luiden van een leescultuur, maar omdat fotografie, film, televisie en video ons op een heel andere manier aanspreken dan boek en blad. Onderwerp van dit essay is dan ook niet de inhoud van de beeldmedia, maar de invloed die de vorm van het mediale beeld uitoefent op ons kijken en voelen, onze verbeelding en ons denken.

Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce

Author : Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)
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Transactions of the Society of Arts

Author :
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Signs and Meaning in the Cinema

Author : Peter Wollen
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The problems of film aesthetics are considered within the context of all modes of communication and expression

The Transactions of the Medico Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh

Author : Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh
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List of members in each vol.

Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce The 2 Ed

Author :
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Transactions of the Illinois Society for Child Study

Author : Illinois Society for Child-Study
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Media Myth and Society

Author : A. Berger
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Using a cultural approach to classical myths, this book examines how they affect psychoanalytic theory, historical experience, elite culture, popular culture, and everyday life. Berger explores diverse topics such as the Oedipus Myth, James Bond, Star Wars, and fairy tales.

Chaucer Society

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Communication Studies

Author : Andrew Beck
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A comprehensive collection of primary source material for all those studying communications at university and pre-university level. Extracts include a range of texts including journalism and writings on film, television and popular culture

Signs of the Times

Author : Jedidiah Morse
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The Signs of the Times Or The Approach of the Millennium

Author : Robert Owen
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