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Popular Science

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Most Likely Question Bank Science CBSE Class 10 for 2021 Examination

Author : Gurukul Books
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Gurukul Books’ Most Likely Question Bank’ for CBSE Class X Science appearing for March 2021 Examinations, comprising of Questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology by the latest syllabus prescribed by the board. Oswal Question Bank Class 10 provides sample practice questions that are divided into 12 sections. Each topic is carefully planned to cover as much ground as possible from the entire syllabus, making them an ideal practice resource. This guidebook for Class 10 CBSE attempts to instill confidence in students belonging to different academic backgrounds and learning capacities and help them cover all the important topics as per the weightage given to them by the board. All the topics covered in the title are according to latest syllabus updates.This book comprises of all types of Questions like - Multiple Choice Questions, Reasoning Based Questions, Very short Question, Short Questions, Long Questions,Activity Based Questions & Practical Based Questions.

Game Puzzle Design vol 2 no 2 2016 Colour

Author : Cameron Browne
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Science and ICT in the Primary School

Author : John Meadows
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With a strong focus on helping children to learn the 'big ideas' in science, this book provides detailed and practical guidance on how to use ICT to support creative science teaching. Emphasizing learning science 'through' the technology rather than 'from' it, the book strikes a good balance between practical and academic dimensions through: practical suggestions on how to plan schemes of work and lessons case studies that highlight how ICT can be incorporated into cross-curricular themes of study examples of real science lessons advice on organizing learning in 'out of school' settings' Written with the standards for achieving qualified teacher status in mind, this user-friendly text is a vital resource for all students on initial teacher training courses and newly qualified teachers at primary level.

Journal of the Institute of Brewing

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New Scientist

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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Understanding and Developing ScienceTeachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Author : John Loughran
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There has been a growing interest in the notion of a scholarship of teaching. Such scholarship is displayed through a teacher’s grasp of, and response to, the relationships between knowledge of content, teaching and learning in ways that attest to practice as being complex and interwoven. Yet attempting to capture teachers’ professional knowledge is difficult because the critical links between practice and knowledge, for many teachers, is tacit. Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) offers one way of capturing, articulating and portraying an aspect of the scholarship of teaching and, in this case, the scholarship of science teaching. The research underpinning the approach developed by Loughran, Berry and Mulhall offers access to the development of the professional knowledge of science teaching in a form that offers new ways of sharing and disseminating this knowledge. Through this Resource Folio approach (comprising CoRe and PaP-eRs) a recognition of the value of the specialist knowledge and skills of science teaching is not only highlighted, but also enhanced. The CoRe and PaP-eRs methodology offers an exciting new way of capturing and portraying science teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge so that it might be better understood and valued within the profession. This book is a concrete example of the nature of scholarship in science teaching that is meaningful, useful and immediately applicable in the work of all science teachers (preservice, in-service and science teacher educators). It is an excellent resource for science teachers as well as a guiding text for teacher education. Understanding teachers' professional knowledge is critical to our efforts to promote quality classroom practice. While PCK offers such a lens, the construct is abstract. In this book, the authors have found an interesting and engaging way of making science teachers' PCK concrete, useable, and meaningful for researchers and teachers alike. It offers a new and exciting way of understanding the importance of PCK in shaping and improving science teaching and learning. Professor Julie Gess-Newsome Dean of the Graduate School of Education Williamette University This book contributes to establishing CoRes and PaP-eRs as immensely valuable tools to illuminate and describe PCK. The text provides concrete examples of CoRes and PaP-eRs completed in “real-life” teaching situations that make stimulating reading. The authors show practitioners and researchers alike how this approach can develop high quality science teaching. Dr Vanessa Kind Director Science Learning Centre North East School of Education Durham University

A Practical Guide to Ecological Modelling

Author : Karline Soetaert
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Mathematical modelling is an essential tool in present-day ecological research. Yet for many ecologists it is still problematic to apply modelling in their research. In our experience, the major problem is at the conceptual level: proper understanding of what a model is, how ecological relations can be translated consistently into mathematical equations, how models are solved, steady states calculated and interpreted. Many textbooks jump over these conceptual hurdles to dive into detailed formulations or the mathematics of solution. This book attempts to fill that gap. It introduces essential concepts for mathematical modelling, explains the mathematics behind the methods, and helps readers to implement models and obtain hands-on experience. Throughout the book, emphasis is laid on how to translate ecological questions into interpretable models in a practical way. The book aims to be an introductory textbook at the undergraduate-graduate level, but will also be useful to seduce experienced ecologists into the world of modelling. The range of ecological models treated is wide, from Lotka-Volterra type of principle-seeking models to environmental or ecosystem models, and including matrix models, lattice models and sequential decision models. All chapters contain a concise introduction into the theory, worked-out examples and exercises. All examples are implemented in the open-source package R, thus taking away problems of software availability for use of the book. All code used in the book is available on a dedicated website.

Journal of the History of Philosophy

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The Levinskaya System of Pianoforte Technique and Tonecolor Through Mental Muscular Control

Author : Maria Levinskaya
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Author : Charles S. Van Toller
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This book builds on and extends the previous book: Perfumery: the psychology and biology of fragrance. Thus, a large part of the book reviews the latest evidence on olfaction research which is relevant to the study of perfumery psychology.

Teaching Learning Assessing Science 5 12

Author : Wynne Harlen
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A new and totally revised edition of Teaching and Learning Primary Science. The author provides a theoretical rationale for why science should be taught in particular ways, and ideas and examples of how to do it.

Why Don t Penguins Feet Freeze

Author : Mick O'Hare
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Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? is the latest compilation of readers' answers to the questions in the 'Last Word' column of New Scientist, the world's best-selling science weekly. Following the phenomenal success of Does Anything Eat Wasps? - the Christmas 2005 surprise bestseller - this new collection includes recent answers never before published in book form, and also old favourites from the column's early days. Yet again, many seemingly simple questions turn out to have complex answers. And some that seem difficult have a very simple explanation. New Scientist's 'Last Word' is regularly voted the magazine's most popular section as it celebrates all questions - the trivial, idiosyncratic, baffling and strange. This new selection of the best is popular science at its most entertaining and enlightening.

The Oil Colour Trades Journal

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Public Understanding of Science

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An international journal of research in the public dimensions of science and technology.

Handbook of Research on Learning Design and Learning Objects Issues Applications and Technologies

Author : Lockyer, Lori
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"This book provides an overview of current research and development activity in the area of learning designs"--Provided by publisher.

Dialogues on Fundamental Questions of Science and Philosophy

Author : Alfred Pfeiffer
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Small Business Marketing

Author : Robert Hastings
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OVERVIEWMarketing remains one of the most important business disciplines and is a much needed business practise if you want to grow your business. So, how do you market and what is needed? Marketing is crucial to the growth of any business and witnessing the amount of marketing and promotions each day on any media form from TV to the Web is confusing as to what message works and why some of successful and others simply waste money.'Small Business Marketing' has been written with the small enterprise business person in focus and it offers an easy-to-understand review of marketing requirements including case examples of successful promotions, the fundamentals of marketing and how to apply a range of small investments which can gain a great return for any business.The fact remains that most successful businesses conduct extensive marketing as part of their growth requirements and that most coverted of all marketing processes in 'branding'This book discusses a range of marketing requirements from the '5 Ps' through to Web based marketing and how to create successful websites at a low cost.It discusses product and pricing as well as marketing strategy which can offer excellent value for investment.'Small Business Marketing' contains a range of ideas and everyday strategies that will offer value marketing at even the most basic level including networking, day to day use of your current IT process to market as well as tips to assist promotion in any business market.If you want to understand marketing for your business this is the book for you. 'A Guide to Successful Marketing in Small Business' is marketing for the small business owner made simple!

The Ontology of Science

Author : John Worrall
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In this work the problem of scientific ontology is applied to the general issue of scientific realism. In addition, particular ontological issues raised by particular theories or fields are explored.

Logic Science and Dialectic

Author : Gwilym Ellis Lane Owen
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