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Simple Theory of Difficult Meanings

Author : George G Tumanishvili
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This book describes models of how human consciousness works, what memories consist of and how the human self is formed. The Simple Theory of Difficult Meanings gives an understanding of the plausibility of digitalizing a human self and transferring it to another medium in the future.

Edmund Husserl s Theory of Meaning

Author : J.N. Mohanty
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In this work I have tried to present HusserI's Philosophy of thinking and meaning in as clear a manner as I can. In doing this, I had in mind a two-fold purpose. I wanted on the one hand to disentangle what I have come to regard as the central line of thought from the vast mass of details of the Logische Unter suchungen and the Formale und transzendentale Logik. On the other hand, I tried to take into consideration the immense developments in logic and semantics that have taken place since HusserI's major logical studies were published. It is my belief that no one to day can look back upon the philosophers of the past except in the light of the admirable progress achieved and consolidated in the fields of logic and semantics in recent times. Fortunately enough, from this point of view HusserI fares remarkably well. He certainly anticipated many of those recent investigations. What is more, a true understanding and appraisal of his logical studies is not possible except in the light of the corresponding modern investigations. This last consider ation may provide us with some explanation of the rather puzzling fact that orthodox HusserIian scholarship both within and outside Germany has not accorded to his logical studies the central importance that they, from all points of view, unmis takeably deserve.

Simple Theory Hard Reality

Author : Tamasak Wicharaya
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This book evaluates the impact of tough sentencing reforms on the courts, prisons, and crime. It also unpacks the resulting policy implications.

Primary and Secondary Qualities

Author : Lawrence Nolan
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Fourteen new essays trace the historical development of the distinction between primary and secondary qualities, a key topic in metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of perception. The volume starts with the ancient Greeks, discusses virtually all major figures of the early modern era, and reflects on the place of the topic in philosophy today.

A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind Second Edition

Author : Peter Morton
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This is an expanded and revised second edition of Peter Morton's highly acclaimed A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind, a text that combines primary readings with detailed commentary. The book has two aims: to present the philosophy of mind from a historical perspective so that the theories in the field are seen to emerge in the process of solving problems with earlier theories; and to give students access to original source material together with commentaries that explain technical terms and jargon, outline argumentative structures, and place the texts in their historical context. The second edition adds several new chapters covering recent issues in the field, and revises earlier chapters to improve the readings and update the commentaries.

Handbook of Organizational Theory and Management

Author : Thomas D. Lynch
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Chronologically arranged to demonstrate the evolution of ideas, this book explores major issues in public and government organization theory using classical philosophy. Containing over 2000 bibliographic citations, the book covers the influence Plato's ideas and Jesus' teachings on public administration theory, presents Machiavelli as the creator of the modern concept of public administration, details the effect of mercantilism on political governance, examines the ideas of Jeremy Bentham, John Locke, Adam Smith, and David Hume in American government, discusses the importance of Woodrow Wilson, the Progressive Reform Era, and the Bureau Movement on public administration, and more.

Meaning Without Representation

Author : Steven Gross
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Challenges the idea that representation of how the world is should play a fundamental explanatory role in any explanation of language. Examines deflationary accounts of truth, the role of language in expressing mental states, and the normative and the natural as they relate to issues of representation.

A Theory of Ellipsis

Author : Marjorie J. McShane
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Ellipsis is the non-expression of one or more sentence elements whose meaning can be reconstructed either from the context or from a person's knowledge of the world. In speech and writing, ellipsis is pervasive, contributing in various ways to the economy, speed, and style of communication. Resolving ellipsis is a particularly challenging issue in natural language processing, since not only must meaning be gleaned from missing elements but the fact that something meaningful is missing must be detected in the first place. Marjorie McShane presents a comprehensive theory of ellipsis that supports the formal, cross-linguistic description of elliptical phenomena taking into account the various factors that affect the use of ellipsis. A methodology is suggested for creating a parameter space describing and treating ellipsis in any language. Such "ellipsis profiles" of languages will serve a wide range of practical applications, including but not limited to natural language processing. In contrast to earlier work, this theory focuses not only on what can, in principle, be elided but in what circumstances a given category actually would or would not be elided--that is, what renders ellipsis mandatory or infelicitous. A theory of ellipsis has been elusive because to produce an adequate account of this ubiquitous phenomenon one needs to address and integrate data from a wide variety of linguistic research areas. Using data primarily from Russian, English, and Polish, McShane looks at the big picture of ellipsis, integrating the syntactic, semantic, morphological, and pragmatic heuristics and bridges work on ellipsis with the larger study of reference. This is groundbreaking linguistic scholarship that bridges the theoretical and the applied, and will interest scholars in the fields of computational, descriptive, and theoretical linguistics.

Truth Meaning Experience

Author : Anil Gupta
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This volume reprints eight of Anil Gupta's essays, some with additional material. The essays bring a refreshing new perspective to central problems of philosophy. Gupta argues that logical interdependence is legitimate, and that it provides a key to understanding a variety of topics--including truth, rationality, and experience.

Language Meaning Interpretation

Author : Guttorm Fløistad
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Philosophy of logic and language, and of meaning and communication are central to this volume. The discussion of these issues involves analytical approaches, including semantics and semiotics, philosophy of science, mathematical logic, phenomenology, hermeneutics and some aspects of philosophical anthropology and aesthetics. Philosophy of the Absolute also belongs to this broad repertoire of philosophical problems and disciplines. A number of problems and viewpoints derive from the metaphysical system; any relativistic view on ethical values, for instance, makes sense in relation to some absolute. Metaphysical system building may have come to an end, but after all it belongs to philosophy to remind us of our past.

Philosophy of Logic

Author : John P. Cleave
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Definition in Theory and Practice

Author : Roy Harris
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The long history of conflicting assumptions about the way language functions has engaged the minds of some of the most eminent thinkers in the Western tradition. This text explores the problem of definition, focusing in particular on two areas where this difficulty has arisen in a particularly acute form: lexicography and the law.

Prospects for Meaning

Author : Richard Schantz
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Original papers by leading international authors address the most important problem in the philosophy of language, the question of how to assess the prospects of developing a tenable theory of meaning, given the influential sceptical attacks mounted against the concept of meaning by Willard Van Quine and Saul Kripke and their adherents in particular. Thus the texts attempt to answer the fundamental questions – of whether there are meanings, and, if there are, of what they are and of the form a serious philosophical theory of meaning should take.

The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning

Author : Christopher Spinks
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Many of the most pressing issues in theology and the church today depend greatly on the understanding of the bible. Recent debates on the theological interpretation of scripture have emerged which consider whether the meaning of scripture should concern theologians and church leaders at all. The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning is an account of these debates in examining the concept of meaning in current proposals of theological interpretation. The concept of meaning is educed either from the supposed nature of the texts and their authors or from the function of the texts in religious communities. Thus, approaches to theological interpretation become debates between ontological and pragmatic strategists. Stephen Fowl and Kevin Vanhoozer have embraced the term "theological interpretation" for their separate projects, but their ideas of what this means and how "meaning" is a part of it, differ greatly. Christopher Spinks describes their respective concepts of meaning and argues for a more holistic concept that allows theological interpreters to understand their craft not so much as a discovery of intentions or the creation of interests but as a conversation in which truth is mediated.

Literary Theory and Criticism

Author : Patricia Waugh
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This comprehensive guide to literary theory and criticism includes 39 specially commissioned chapters by an international team of academics. It includes key philosophical and aesthetic origins of literary theory, the foundational movements and thinkers in the first half of the 20th century and more.

Meaning in Life

Author : Thaddeus Metz
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What makes a person's life meaningful? Thaddeus Metz argues that no existing theory does full justice to the key requirements of morality, enquiry, and creativity. He offers a new answer to the question: meaning in life is a matter of intelligence contoured toward fundamental conditions of human existence.

Linguistic Semiotics

Author : Mingyu Wang
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This is the first book of its kind that explains the basic concepts, theoretical foundations and systematic research of linguistic semiotics, so as to establish a well-founded framework for linguistic semiotics as an independent discipline. While examining the major claims of different schools of semiotics, it also addresses 12 central issues concerning linguistic semiotics, and outlines semiotic studies in China focusing on the multiple research areas and accomplishments. In addition to illustrations and tables, the book offers an “Index of References in Linguistic Semiotics” consisting of 1,063 entries, including monographs, journal papers, conference proceedings, etc. in Chinese, English and Russian.

Garage Band Theory

Author : Duke Sharp
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This electrifying book covers all the requirements for musicians who would like to play music by ear.

Identity Theory

Author : Peter J. Burke
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The concept of identity has become widespread within the social and behavioral sciences in recent years, cutting across disciplines from psychiatry and psychology to political science and sociology. All individuals claim particular identities given their roles in society, groups they belong to, and characteristics that describe themselves. Introduced almost 30 years ago, identity theory is a social psychological theory that attempts to understand identities, their sources in interaction and society, their processes of operation, and their consequences for interaction and society from a sociological perspective. This book describes identity theory, its origins, the research that supports it, and its future direction. It covers the relation between identity theory and other related theories, as well as the nature and operation of identities. In addition, the book discusses the multiple identities individuals hold from their multiple positions in society and organizations as well as the multiple identities activated by many people interacting in groups and organizations. And, it covers the manner in which identities offer both stability and change to individuals. Written in an accessible style, Identity Theory makes, step by step, the full range of this powerful new theory understandable to readers at all levels.

A Theory of Art

Author : Stephen David Ross
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The richness of art is manifested in contrast: contrast with other works of art, other features of human experience, other times and places, and other forms of judgment and understanding. The possibilities of contrast are inexhaustible. Every being shares this inexhaustibility of openness to novel possibilities, although inexhaustibility is most fully realized in art. The general theory of art and aesthetic value developed in this book is based on the notions of inexhaustibility and contrast and has important forebears in Kant, Coleridge, and Whitehead. The theory allows art to be located relative to otheR spheres of judgment--science, action, and philosophy. The theory allows a new perspective on interpretation and criticism. Ross presents and defines a new synthetic form of understanding works of art that offers an alternative to the skepticism that haunts so many theories of interpretation.