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Sinks Table Options Paper

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The Kyoto Protocol on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions limits which types of sinks can be used to offset emissions, but allows for negotiations on what & how additional sinks can be used to meet commitments. This paper reflects discussions & current knowledge of this issue, based on input from experts in forestry, agriculture, and wetlands. It provides an update on the international negotiating dynamics and analyzes draft options for enhancing carbon dioxide sequestration in the forest sector. After an introduction, chapter 2 discusses the land-use, land-use change, and forestry issues as currently addressed in the Protocol, and the prospects for negotiations. Chapters 3 and 4 summarizes analyses of forestry options and agricultural soils strategies for sequestering carbon. Issues related to measurement, monitoring, and verification of changes in carbon stocks are presented in chapter 5. The role of wetland conservation in carbon cycling is reviewed in chapter 6, and the final chapter explores the linkages between sinks and the Kyoto mechanisms & other potential emissions crediting & trading mechanisms.

Sinks Table

Author : National Climate Change Secretariat (Canada).
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Global Warming and Climate Change 2 Vols

Author : V I Grover
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Now as we stand at the crossroads, the steps taken by national governments, business communities and others involved in the negotiations will determine which path we will take as a world community, to mitigate and to adapt to climate change. As discussed in the book, in the coming years it is more politics than policies that will determine the way

OECD Economic Surveys Canada 2000

Author : OECD
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The 2000 edition of OECD's periodic survey of Canada's economy. This edition includes chapters on economic performance, macroeconomic policy, structural issues and policy, and making growth more environmentally sustainable.

U S Geological Survey Water supply Paper

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Climate Change 2001 Mitigation

Author : Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat
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Climate Change 2001: Mitigation is the most comprehensive and up-to-date scientific, technical and economic assessment of options to mitigate climate change and their costs. The report: * Makes clear there are strong inter-linkages between climate change policy and policies towards sustainable development. * Assesses information on technological options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or enhance their sinks. * Analyses technologies and practices available to achieve the targets of the Kyoto Protocol and stabilise atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. * Evaluates barriers impeding implementation of these options and methods available to overcome them. * Summarises the economic literature on costs of climate change mitigation at global, regional and national levels. * Evaluates the other benefits that climate policy can deliver or the climate benefits of other socio-economic policies. * Assesses how this information can be used to support climate policy decision making, acknowledging various decision-making frameworks. This latest IPCC assessment will again form the standard scientific reference for all concerned with climate change and who want to be informed of ways to address this important global problem: including students and researchers in environmental and social sciences, and policymakers and analysts in governmental and non-governmental organisations and the private sector world-wide.

Selling Forest Environmental Services

Author : Joshua Bishop
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The risks posed by forest destruction throughout the world are highly significant for all. Not only are forests a critical source of timber and non-timber forest products, but they provide environmental services that are the basis of life on Earth. However, only rarely do beneficiaries pay for the goods and services they experience, and there are severe consequences as a result for the poor and for the forests themselves. It has proved difficult to translate the theory of market-based approaches into practice. Based on extensive research and case studies of biodiversity conservation, watershed protected and carbon sequestration, this book demonstrates how payment systems can be established in practice, their effectiveness and their implications for the poor.

Resource Recovery and Reuse in Organic Solid Waste Management

Author : Piet Lens
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Several options to recover energy out of organic solid waste from domestic, agricultural, and industrial origin are presented and discussed. This text also demonstrates existing economically feasible treatment systems that produce energy out of solid waste.

Handbook of Bioenergy Crops

Author : N. El Bassam
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Biomass currently accounts for about fifteen per cent of global primary energy consumption and is playing an increasingly important role in the face of climate change, energy and food security concerns. Handbook of Bioenergy Crops is a unique reference and guide, with extensive coverage of more than eighty of the main bioenergy crop species. For each it gives a brief description, outlines the ecological requirements, methods of propagation, crop management, rotation and production, harvesting, handling and storage, processing and utilization, then finishes with selected references. This is accompanied by detailed guides to biomass accumulation, harvesting, transportation and storage, as well as conversion technologies for biofuels and an examination of the environmental impact and economic and social dimensions, including prospects for renewable energy. This is an indispensable resource for all those involved in biomass production, utilization and research.

Bioproducts From Canada s Forests

Author : Suzanne Wetzel
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For the first time, this opportune book provides a comprehensive treatment of the many innovative, non-timber bioproducts that may be derived from Canada’s vast forests, including their potential economic, social and environmental impacts. It also offers a balanced discussion of the technological, policy and regulatory issues surrounding the emerging global bioeconomy. This book will not only be of interest to Canadian forestry professionals and entrepreneurs, but also to those interested in the contribution of forestry to the bioeconomy worldwide.

Forest Research Information Paper

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Climate Change in the 21st Century

Author : Stewart J. Cohen
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Public and media interest in the climate change issue has increased exponentially in recent years. Climate change, or "global warming," is a complex problem with far-reaching social and economic impacts. Climate Change in the 21st Century brings together all the major aspects of global warming to give a state of the art description of our collective understanding of this phenomenon and what can be done to counteract it on both the local and global scale. Stewart Cohen and Melissa Waddell explain and clarify the different ways of approaching the study of climate change and the fundamental ideas behind them. From a history of climate change research to current attempts to mitigate its impact such as the Kyoto Protocol and carbon trading, they explore key ideas from many fields of study, outlining the environmental and human dimensions of global warming. Climate Change in the 21st Century goes beyond climate modeling to investigate interdisciplinary attempts to measure and forecast the complex impacts of future climate change on communities, how we assess their vulnerability, and how we plan to adapt our society. The book explores the impact of climate change on different ecosystems as well as what the social and economic understanding of this phenomenon can tell us; it also links discussions of climate change with the global discourse of sustainable development. Climate Change in the 21st Century provides a comprehensive, understandable, but academically informed introduction to the world's biggest challenge for both students and concerned citizens.

Economics of Forestry

Author : Roger A. Sedjo
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This title was first published in 2003. The 'Economics of Forestry' is a specialized subset of resource economics addressing a specific natural resource - the forest - which is usually a relatively long time period. Hence, forest economics has characteristics similar to nonrenewable resources but also has those of a renewable resource, in some cases approaching those of agriculture. This volume comprises some of the most significant journal essays in forest economics and forest policy. The International Library of Environmental Economics and Policy explores the influence of economics on the development of environmental and natural resource policy. In a series of twenty five volumes, the most significant journal essays in key areas of contemporary environmental and resource policy are collected. Scholars who are recognized for their expertise and contribution to the literature in the various research areas serve as volume editors and write essays that provides the context for the collection. Volumes in the series reflect three broad strands of economic research including 1) Natural and Environmental Resources, 2) Policy Instruments and Institutions and 3) Methodology. The editors, in their introduction to each volume, provide a state-of-the-art overview of the topic and explain the influence and relevance of the collected papers on the development of policy. This reference series provides access to the economic literature that has shaped contemporary perspectives on land use analysis and policy.

Options for Allocating Afforestation Stock in Ontario with Anticipated Climate Change

Author : Marilyn Cherry
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Oil Sands Carbon Sinks and Emissions Offsets

Author : Steven Alexander Kennett
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Technological and Other Options for the Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases in Tanzania

Author : M. J. Mwandosya
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A follow up to an earlier study on an inventory of emissions by sources and removal by sinks of greenhouses gases in Tanzania, this research report is a country study on the technological and other options for the mitigation of greenhouses gases in Tanzania. The study is a preliminary fulfillment of Article 4 of the UN Convention on Climate Change, requiring signatories to formulate, implement, publish and regularly update national and where appropriate, regional programmes containing measures to mitigate climate change. For action options analysed, the study attempts to determine costs and benefits. The report covers the long term development picture, sectorial analysis of mitigation scenarios and technologies for the relevant sectors: energy, industrial, transport, forestry and land use, and agricultural sectors. The mitigation options are ranked based on the multi-criteria assessment method.

Enhancement of Greenhouse Gas Sinks

Author : Henry Hengeveld
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This report examines past and future priorities for research into the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases within and adjacent to Canada. It also analyzes who should fund such research and how it should be organized.--Includes text from document.

OECD Papers

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A compilation of reports previously issued by the OECD.

Options Report

Author : National Climate Change Secretariat (Canada)
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In response to the Kyoto Protocol, Canada's First Ministers asked their Environment and Energy Ministers to develop a comprehensive national strategy to reduce Canadian greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Ministers created the National Climate Change Secretariat who established 16 Issue Tables to examine options for reducing Canada's GHG emissions. In their Options Reports, the Tables identified, analyzed and evaluated policy options for GHG reduction in their sectors. This document is the Options Report for the Agriculture and Agri-Food Table.

Geological Survey Professional Paper

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