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Sisters and Wives

Author : Karen Sacks
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Extrait de l'introduction : "The search for women's overall ar fundamental position long ago ar far wawy is an outcome of the confrontation between social darwinist anthropology and the feminist and socialist movements over sexism here and now. ... Women have been fighting for equl rights for well over one hundred years. The center of the struggle lies in changing institutionalized pattterns of behaviors and allocations of social roles. All behavior is informed and shaped by ideas, by way of seeing the world, as well as by standards for what is right and wrong, moral and immoral. A marxist and feminist anthropology can affrim the reality of equality in other times and places and increase our understanding of how to obtain such a social order for ourselves. This book is an attempt to develop such a way of seeing and of informing our actions."

Becoming Sister Wives

Author : Kody Brown
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The open polygamists and stars of the popular reality television program offer their perspectives on their complex lifestyle, discussing how it feels to share a husband, how they make their family work, and their experiences of becoming public.

Sister Wives Surrogates and Sex Workers

Author : Angela Campbell
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Did she choose that?’ Or, more normatively, ’Why would she choose that?’ This book critiques and offers an alternative to these questions, which have traditionally framed law and policy discussions circulating around controversial genderized practices. It examines the simplicity and incompleteness of choice-based rhetoric and of presumptions that women’s conduct is shaped, in an absolute way, either by choice or by coercion. This book develops an analytical framework that aims to discern the meaning and value that women may ascribe to morally ambiguous practices. An analysis of law’s approach to polygamy, surrogacy and sex work, particularly in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, provides a basis for evaluating the choice-coercion binary and for contemplating alternate modes for assessing, from a law and policy standpoint, the palatability of social practices that appear pernicious to women. Weaving together interdisciplinary research, an innovative analytical framework for assessing choices ostensibly harmful to women, and a critique of the legal rules governing such choices, this book bears relevance for students, scholars, practicing jurists and policymakers seeking a richer understanding of conduct that moves women to the margins of law and society.

Cyclopaedia of Biblical Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

Author : John McClintock
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Thom s Irish Almanac and Official Directory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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Space Place and Sex

Author : Lynda Johnston
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This accessible and engaging book provides a critical geography of sex and sexuality from the body to the globe. Drawing on queer, feminist, gender, social, and cultural studies, Lynda Johnston and Robyn Longhurst highlight the complex nature of sex and sexuality and how they are connected to both virtual and physical spaces and places. Their aim is to enrich our understanding of sexual identities and practices—whether they be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, asexual, queer, or heterosexual. Drawing on a diverse array of historical and contemporary examples, the authors argue convincingly that sexual politics permeate all places and spaces at every level of geographical scale. Thus, they illustrate, sexuality affects the way people live in and interact with space and place, as space and place in turn affect people's sexuality.

Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire

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Ezekiel 21 37

Author : Moshe Greenberg
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Provides a new translation of the book of the prophet Ezekiel, beginning with God's wrath and ending with the reunion of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah

Chambers s Encyclopaedia

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Manners of modern society a book of etiquette by E Cheadle

Author : Eliza Cheadle
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