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Situation Ethics

Author : Joseph F. Fletcher
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This is a new edition of Joseph Fletcher's 1966 work that ignited a firestorm of controversy at the time of its publication. It was hailed by many as a much-needed reformation of morality--and as an invitation to anarchy by others.

Situation Ethics

Author : Joseph Fletcher
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It is possible, though not easy, to forgive Professor Fletcher for writing his book, for he is a generous and lovable man. It is harder to forgive the SCM Press for publishing it.' As Professor Dunstan's remarks in The Guardian show, Situation Ethics is not a book which can be read in tranquillity. It arouses vigorous feelings for or against, for its thesis is a controversial one. While some argue that Dr Fletcher is a 'ready-made devil's advocate' (Church of England Newspaper), the Bishop of Woolwich, on the basis of an earlier article, described Dr Fletcher's approach as 'the only ethic for "man come of age". To resist it in the name of religious sanctions will not stop it: it will only ensure that the form it takes will be anti-Christian.' Like many philosophers, Frederick Copleston had his reservations, but concluded that Dr Fletcher's 'belief that in Christian ethics love is the supreme value seems to me unquestionably valid.' In its new paperback form, this book is certain of continued attention in the current discussion of ethical problems. Joseph Fletcher was Professor of Social Ethics at the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Mass. His other book on this theme is Moral Responsibility-Situation Ethics at Work (25s).

Situational Ethics

Author : Lambert M. Surhone
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Situational ethics, or situation ethics, is a Christian ethical theory that was principally developed in the 1960s by the Episcopal priest Joseph Fletcher. It basically states that sometimes other moral principles can be cast aside in certain situations if love is best served; as Paul Tillich once put it: Love is the ultimate law. The moral principles Fletcher is specifically referring to are the moral codes of Christianity and the type of love he is specifically referring to is 'Agape' love. Agap? is a term which comes from Greek which means absolute, universal, unchanging and unconditional love for all people. Fletcher believed that in forming an ethical system based on love, he was best expressing the notion of love thy neighbour, which Jesus Christ taught in the Gospels of the New Testament of the Bible. Through situational ethics, Fletcher attempted to find a middle road between legalistic and antinomian ethics. Fletcher developed situational ethics in his books: The Classic Treatment and Situation Ethics.

Morality and Situation Ethics

Author : Dietrich von Hildebrand
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Is morality relative? Does it depend on one's perspective or on external circumstances? It has become popular, even commonplace, to assert that what is moral is dependent on one's situation. Dietrich von Hildebrand saw this trend coming, and at the earliest outset he authored this book as a refutation of "situation ethics" and an affirmation of the unchanging and universal call of true morality. The book takes up the central challenge of situation ethics to argue, definitively, that some actions are always and in every situation wrong. But Hildebrand is sensitive to the special circumstances of individual people's lives, and he does far more than simply offer judgment. He leads us first to understand the allure of "self-righteousness," of "the tragic sinner," and of "sin mysticism," and how these can obscure true morality. _____ "Through the wealth and carefulness of his analyses, along with the skill with which he discovers the kernels of truth and beauty wherever they are to be found, von Hildebrand uncovers the errors of false situation ethics. But at the same time, he finds fault also with self-righteous, complacent mediocrity, and juridical moralism that is false and lifeless. Thus he clearly sets forth the uniqueness of Christian morality." - Bernard Häring "The Augustinian tradition is a great one in Christian philoso­phy and in Dr. von Hildebrand's work one finds an example of how alive, wholesome, and sound it can be today, and how very much in contact with what is of value in contemporary thought. Clearly all can profit very much from this work." - Germain Grisez

Faith Hope and Clarity A look at Biblical and Situation Ethics

Author : Gordon Kainer
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Truthfulness. Morality. Ethics. Christians face fundamental questions regarding deep issues and everyday problems: Are there situations in life where obedience to God's law is not the most practical solution? Is lying always wrong? Situation ethics attempts to answer questions like these by affirming that doing the loving thing is a higher priority than obedience to God's law. The author endeavors to show how disregard for divine law, though seemingly attractive, reasonable, and practical, is untenable. The book reveals how a situationalist follows a misguided ego rather than an objective standard. Whether we manipulate others to suit our own purposes, lie to avoid embarrassment, or commit a minor indiscretion, it's just a quick fix, something that only lasts for a season. Discover how the eye of faith adheres to God's directives, unblinded by sin's attractive glow; it contemplates a lifetime, it considers eternity.

Situation Ethics A New Look At The New Morality Can Situation Ethics Be Bibiically Proved

Author : Ralph John Montonaro
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Situation Ethics: A New Look At The "New Moriality!" first, explores the conditions that lead Doctor Flecther to publish his groundbreaking book and second establishes once and for all time that Christian situation ethics can be proven in the New Testament

Christian Ethics Issues and Insights

Author : Eṃ St̲t̲īphan
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This book makes a comprehensive study of the foundational aspects of Christian ethics.

Moral Responsibility

Author : Joseph Francis Fletcher
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Translates the situationist method of moral decision-making into operational terms.

Josef Fuchs on Natural Law

Author : Mark Graham
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Appointed by Pope John XXIII to the Pontifical Commission on Population, Family, and Birth, Fuchs ultimately found himself disappointed in his three years of service and spent the next thirty years exploring a broad array of issues pivotal to a reconstruction of Roman Catholic natural law theory. This is the first full-length analysis of Fuchs's efforts. Beginning historically by looking at Fuchs's writings and beliefs before the Pontifical Commission appointment, including his defense of natural law during the "situation ethics" debates of the 50s and 60s, the concept of personal salvation, and the status of "nature" and "human nature," Graham moves to the intellectual conversion that inspired Fuchs to reconsider his concepts following the commission appointment. From there, Graham engages in a sustained critique of Fuchs's natural theory, addressing both the strengths and weaknesses to be found there and suggest possible avenues of development that would make a positive contribution to the ongoing quest to rehabilitate the Roman Catholic natural law theory that continues to dominate the landscape of moral theology today.

Ethics and Religion

Author : Joe Jenkins
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This revised and updated edition for Advanced Religious Studies contains practice exam questions to help succeed in exams and a new section which focuses on students' thinking skills.

The Nature of Buddhist Ethics

Author : Damien Keown
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In this book the author considers data from both early and later schools of Buddhism in an attempt to provide an overall characterization of the structure of Buddhist ethics. The importance of ethics in the Buddha's teachings is widely acknowledged, but the pursuit of ethical ideals has up to now been widely held to be secondary to the attainment of knowledge. Drawing on the Aristotelian tradition of ethics the author argues against this intellectualization of Buddhism and in favour of a new understanding of the tradition in terms of which ethics plays an absolutely central role. In the course of this reassessment many basic concepts such as karma, nirvana, and the Eightfold Path, are reviewed and presented in a fresh light. The book will be of interest to readers with a background in either Buddhist studies or comparative religious ethics.

Ethics in Planning

Author : Martin Wachs
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Some planners limit discussions of ethics to simple, though important, questions about the propriety of their daily activities. This approach to ethics restricts discussion of professional ethics to the propriety of everyday social and professional relationships. It ignores the broader ethical content of planning practice, methods, and policies. While narrow definitions of ethical behavior can easily preoccupy public officials and professional associations, they divert attention from more profound moral issues.Martin Wachs argues that ethical issues are implicit in nearly all planning decisions. For illustrative and educational reasons, it is useful to divide ethics in planning into four distinct categories. The first category includes the moral implications of bureaucratic practices and rules of behavior regarding clients and supervisors. The second category includes ethical judgments which planners make in exercising their "administrative discretion." More complex, and represented by a third category, are the moral implications of methods and the ethical content of criteria built into planning techniques and models. The final type represents the basic choices which society makes - those inherent in the consideration of major policy alternatives.Ethics in Planning contains a variety of representative papers to capture the current state of thinking. This book will be important as a text for survey classes in professional ethics given by university planning programs. It should also supplement short courses in planning ethics for practicing professionals and provide source materials for discussions of planning ethics sponsored by local chapters of the American Planning Association and similar organizations. It gathers together exemplary and critical works, thus it will also interest individual planners in a field that only continues to grow in recognition and importance.

Situation Ethics

Author : Joseph F. Fletcher
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Military Chaplains Review

Author :
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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 2007 Ed

Author :
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An Introduction to Biblical Ethics

Author : Robertson McQuilkin
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What should we do or not do? This comprehensive text on biblical ethics is completely revised, focusing on how we fulfill the purposes of God for our lives. New content includes discussions of living virtuously, ethical alternatives, bioethical issues, technology, helping the poor, animal rights, sexual ethics, and the media.

OCR Religious Ethics for AS and A2

Author : Jill Oliphant
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Structured directly around the specification of the OCR, this is the definitive textbook for students of Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced Level courses. The updated third edition covers all the necessary topics for Religious Ethics in an enjoyable student-friendly fashion. Each chapter includes: a list of key issues OCR specification checklist explanations of key terminology overviews of key scholars and theories self-test review questions exam practice questions. To maximise students' chances of success, the book contains a section dedicated to answering examination questions. It comes complete with diagrams and tables, lively illustrations, a comprehensive glossary and full bibliography. Additional resources are available via the companion website.

The ethics in the situation

Author : Thomas E. Davitt
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Advanced Philosophy and Ethics of Religion

Author : Greg Dewar
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Usual Revision Guide style with a topic graphically presented on each A4 page - coverage of all AS/A Level specifications for the subject.

Ethics 2006 Ed the Philosophical Discipline of Action

Author : E. Babor
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