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Precision in Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Author : Jose L. Gomez
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This book serves as the primary reference for precision medicine in the fields of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine by documenting principles written by experts in several aspects of precision medicine. It combines fundamental concepts of the field with state-of-the-art studies and how they translate into individual preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic plans. Precision medicine is focused on the integration of individual variability with disease prevention and treatment principles derived from population studies. This concept has risen to prominence in recent years in parallel with advances in genetics, molecular diagnostics and novel target-specific therapies. This fundamental shift in the approach to treatment has broad implications in how we prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Describing key concepts of precision medicine and relating these to pulmonary, critical care and sleep disorders is essential to educate relevant stakeholders and increase the impact of pulmonary precision medicine. The book is organized into seven sections: introduction; genetics; biomarkers; precise phenotyping; mobile health, wearables and telemedicine; precision therapeutics; and enabling widespread adoption of precision medicine. The chapters are organized with an introduction to the specific theme, followed by its basic concepts. They then delve into how these basic concepts relate to the larger theme of precision medicine, new precision medicine approaches to dealing with these problems, and key takeaway points. Liberally illustrated with images, figures, and tables, the text is thorough and intuitive for clinicians and researchers to learn the processes and applications of precision medicine. This is an ideal guide for clinicians to learn new precision medicine concepts in the fields of genetics, genomics, mobile health, and how they apply to their practice and their patients, as well as researchers seeking a basic understanding of precision medicine to assist in designing future research studies.

Medical Education in Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Author : Patricia A. Kritek
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This is a book for clinician educators. It offers modern, evidence-based practices to use in teaching learners at a range of levels, with an emphasis on concrete strategies that teachers can implement in their own clinical practices as well as in small and large group settings. Medical education is rapidly changing with emerging evidence on best practices and a proliferation of new technologies. As strategies for effectively teaching medical learners evolve, it is important to understand the implications for Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine (PCCM). This text is structured to allow easy access to the reader. Chapters are organized around level of learner (e.g., medical student to PCCM fellow to practicing physicians) as well as the location of teaching. Given the variety of clinical settings in which PCCM physicians teach, specific consideration of best practices, broad changes in curricular design and pedagogy are considered in different clinical contexts. Each chapter begins with a focus on why the topic is important for clinician educators. A review of the available evidence and relevant medical education theory about the topic follows, with examples from specific studies that provide insight into best practices regarding the concepts and topics discussed in the chapter. For chapters focusing on learners, different environments are considered and similarly, if the focus is on the learning environment, attention is paid to the approach to different learners. Each chapter ends with a summary of the primary points from the chapter and concrete examples of how clinician teachers can put the concepts discussed in the chapter into practice. This is an ideal guide for educators in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

Noninvasive Ventilation in Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care

Author : Antonio M. Esquinas
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This book is an introduction to a comprehensive analysis of recent advances and clinical research in noninvasive mechanical ventilation (NIV) in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. The objective of the book is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the reader in the best clinical practice in three main sections. A selected international group of experts in the field of noninvasive ventilation formed a panel to provide an update on the recent literature in the application and efficient utilization of NIV in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. Each particular section will discuss the application of NIV in different disease process. The authors summarized the main results of the recent trials, clinical and technological advances, expert opinions, and practical guidelines. Chapters, summarized by expert committee, provide a “deep and exhaustive critical analysis and summary” of the recent advances in the field of NIV, presented as key points and/recommendations for the best clinical practice from articles published in the last decade. The content of the book will serve as a resource and a tool to the practicing physicians toward NIV. Main objective is to increase their proficiency in management of different pathophysiological aspects of the respiratory system. In this line, the book offers to the readers, who are seeking the latest recommendations, the future research directions in noninvasive mechanical ventilation. Table of contents describe and analyze, the items trend setters in noninvasive ventilation, organized in three main sections, “pulmonary”, “critical care” and “sleep medicine”, using the primary keyword related with term “noninvasive mechanical ventilation” as search term associated with “secondary keywords” studies from a period of 2018 to 2019. This searching methodology and analysis define this unique book to the approach in noninvasive mechanical ventilation for best clinical practice, research, clinical study designs and critical analysis, how noninvasive ventilation is current and trending. Based on this form of conception of book updated, editors and authors consider that this book opens a new and original vision for adequate knowledge and deep updated based on key publications in the period under review, very useful for clinical practice, studies designs and potential new trends in the use of noninvasive ventilation. As such, it is a unique update book resource in noninvasive ventilation in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine that may influence current clinical practice and future studies. With ultimate goal is better care and outcome for our patients.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Author :
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The Latest Trends in Sleep Medicine

Author : Imran H. Iftikhar
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The field of sleep medicine has gone through tremendous evolution since the discovery of REM sleep in 1953 and remarkable research in recent years has led to multiple advances in sleep medicine. Approvals for new medicines for treating sleep disorders along with new evidence-based interventions for insomnia and sleep apnea, have transformed sleep medicine into a medical specialty in its own right. The Latest Trends in Sleep Medicine reviews the most important improvements in sleep medicine, with contributions from over fifteen international and respected experts in the discipline. Ten chapters cover topics of interest to healthcare professionals who are focused on somnology such as the management of sleep disorders, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea medication and surgery, REM sleep behavior disorder and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. In addition to these topics in medicine, the contributors present broader picture of sleep medicine by reviewing secondary topics such as sleep and aging, and driving safety. The Latest Trends in Sleep Medicine will be useful to healthcare professionals seeking to improve their understanding about contemporary sleep medicine. It also serves as a timely update for respiratory and sleep medicine clinicians, whose efforts are still needed in treating and improving the quality and length of life in patients with complex sleep disorders.

Noninvasive Ventilation An Issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics E Book

Author : Amen Sergew
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This issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics, guest-edited by Drs. Amen Sergew and Lisa F. Wolfe, focuses on Noninvasive Ventilation and Sleep Medicine. This issue is one of four selected each year by series Consulting Editor, Dr. Teofilo Lee-Chiong. Articles include: Obesity hypoventilation - Traditional vs Non Traditional Populations; Spinal cord injury; Peri-Operative Care and Medication Related Hypoventilation; Lifetime Care of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; Management of Chronic Respiratory Failure in COPD - High and Low Intensity Ventilation; Management of Rare Causes Pediatric Chronic Respiratory Failure; Noninvasive Ventilator Management of ALS - Bulbar vs non Bulbar; Parsonage Turner; Noninvasive Ventilator Devices and Modes; Tailoring the Sleep Lab for Chronic Respiratory Failure; Long-Term Follow Up of Noninvasive Ventilation: Downloads and Troubleshooting; Extubating to Noninvasive Ventilation – NIV from ICU to Home; and From Tracheostomy to Noninvasive Ventilation – NIV from Long Term Acute Care to Home.

Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in the ICU An Issue of Critical Care Clinics

Author : Vipin Malik
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This issue provideds a comprehensive update to Sleep Medicine in the Intensive Care Unit, with editor Vipin Malik assembling a line-up of key topics such as:Sleep Neurobiology and Critical Care Illness,Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome and Respiratory Failure,Obstructive Sleep Apnea,Non-Invasive Ventilation in Critically Ill Patients,Restless Leg Syndrome,Sleep and Endocrine System,Congestive Heart Failure and Central Sleep Apnea,Circadian Dysrhythmias,Neuromuscular Disorders and Sleep in Critically Ill Patients, Perioperative Issues and Sleep Disordered Breathing, Seizures, and more!

Advances and Challenges in Critical Care An Issue of Clinics in Chest Medicine

Author : Shyoko Honiden
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Drs. Honiden and Siner have put together a comprehensive issue on Critical Care as it relates to Chest Medicine. Articles include:Recent advances in management of Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Simulation training for critical care, Telemedicine (E-ICU issues), Adverse event reporting/quality improvement in the ICU, ICU Mobility, Hospital-acquired infections/resistant organisms/emerging pathogens, Circadian rhythm disturbance and sleep in the ICU environment, Advances in Sepsis Research, Controversies in ICU nutrition, and more!

Critical Care Nursing E Book

Author : Linda D. Urden
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Praised for its comprehensive coverage and clear organization, Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management, 7th Edition is the go-to critical care nursing text for both practicing nurses and nursing students preparing for clinicals. Nine sections highlight the alterations seen in critical care and make it easy to understand the unique challenges of critical care nursing. An abundance of learning tools such as Patient Safety Alerts, Evidence-Based Practice boxes, NIC interventions, case studies, Pharmacologic Management boxes, and more give you a better understanding of clinical practice and help you reference vital information quickly and easily. Consistent organization within each body-system unit allows you to use this book as a one-stop resource for your critical care nursing education, as well as a reference for the relevant assessment techniques, lab values, and patient management principles needed by practicing nurses. Evidence-Based Practice boxes reinforce practice guidelines for both collaborative and nursing care. Case studies in each chapter help you internalize and apply chapter content to clinical situations. Pharmacologic Management tables offer quick summaries of the drugs most often used in critical care. Patient Safety Alerts provide key information for special safety issues to keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Nursing Management Plans of Care appendix provides detailed, clinically-relevant care plans tied to 35 different NANDA nursing diagnoses. Highlighted QSEN content makes it easy to identify QSEN competencies as they relate to critical care nursing. Internet Resources box provides a list of key websites from leading organizations in critical care. Combined chapter on shock, sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome makes understanding similar physiologic processes easier. Chapter summaries provide quick study guides by organizing key information in the chapter. New! 6-second, standard ECG strips help you learn to identify wave forms and accurately reflect what you’ll use in practice. New equipment information and photos accurately depicts what you’ll encounter in a modern critical care unit.

Critical Care Nursing Synergy for Optimal Outcomes

Author : Roberta Kaplow
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This evidence-based text is designed to help the undergraduate nursing student in a critical care rotation and for nurses new to critical care. Each clinical chapter has application to the AACN Synergy Model, identifying and matching patient characteristics and nurse competencies, leading to optimal patient outcomes.