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Sleepless in San Francisco

Author : Ryan Field
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It is hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since the classic romance Sleepless in Seattle warmed the hearts of theatergoers. Best-selling M/M author Ryan Fields, gives us his unique reinterpretation of this classic theme with Sleepless in San Francisco. When young Noah Richardson sends an email to the producers of the home renovation show Dream Away, he has no idea that the host of the show, Jonathan Haynes, will be intrigued and touched by his sad story. Noah, his recently-widowed father, and their black lab, Tucker, have relocated to San Francisco to start a fresh new life and heal their wounds. And their new house is in dire need of renovation. Jonathan Haynes is desperate to find an interesting house to film for the show. So he gets on a plane and flies to San Francisco the day after he reads Noah's email. But Jonathan soon finds out that Noah's father, Ed doesn't know about Noah's email and he has to convince him to do the show. The fact that Ed and Jonathan wind up on the living room floor having passionate sex during their first meeting doesn't help. Ed finally agrees to do the show. By the time construction begins, Ed and Jonathan can't get enough of each other. They start having secret encounters to satisfy their desires, never realizing they are building a solid relationship at the same time. Then a series of events takes control of their lives and changes them all forever. Ed's not sure what to do. He's in love with Jonathan, and he can't get enough of Jonathan's body. But he feels guilty about starting a new relationship with anyone. So he wrestles with the conflict and begs for a sign to help him decide what to do, which leads to a surprise ending that none of them could have predicted.

Sleepless Fate

Author : Janae Keyes
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Should a person have to put their life on hold for another? Another, they planned to spend the rest of their life with? Another who has been in a coma for the past two years? Brielle Elliot has spent the past two years at the side of her comatose fiance Keaton. Life is moving on around Brielle, but she has been dedicated to Keaton until Patrick comes into her life. Patrick is the COO of his step-dad's company. He is rich, good looking, and his silky his voice alone makes panties drop. He has also been infatuated with Brielle since first meeting her in Business School. It seems as if fate has brought these two back together, but others have their own idea of how their story should end."

Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed

Author : Harlan Ellison
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A collection of twenty thought-provoking essays from “one of the most brilliant, innovative, and eloquent writers on earth” (Publishers Weekly). Harlan Ellison—master essayist, gadfly, literary myth figure, and viewer of dark portent—has been, for the greater part of his life, a burr under the saddle of complacency. In this collection, his former assistant and confidante, Marty Clark, has culled from hundreds of rare and un-reprinted works to select twenty wide-ranging essays—nonfiction writings ranging from travelogue to media criticism, literary exploration to personal musing—that demonstrate why the monstre sacre of imaginative literature won the prestigious Silver Pen award from PEN International for his journalistic forays.

Sleepless Nights

Author : Anne Weale
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Blondes definitely have more fun! Encouraged by her best friend, Sarah Anderson had set off for an adventure, armed with a new image and a new hair color: blonde! Neal Kennedy wasn't quite what she had in mind. The man was gorgeous—a perfect Prince Charming for any fledgling Cinderella. But they were worlds apart. Neal was far more experienced and sophisticated than she was. And he was younger! He'd made it clear he would welcome an affair, but could Sarah really risk her heart on a temporary, young lover?

The Big Fix Up Mix Up

Author : Devra Newberger Speregen
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Planning to send a message to a special boy by way of the Teen Love Night radio show, Stephanie finds her plans threatened when Joey, experiencing holiday doldrums, wants to cancel the program. Original.

Chocolate for a Woman s Heart and Soul

Author : Kay Allenbraugh
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A collection of tales by and for women which deal with friendship, faith, courage, and everyday acts of kindness

TV Guide

Author :
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No More Sleepless Nights

Author : Peter Hauri
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In this sensible, simple-to-follow workbook, based on the acclaimedNo More Sleepless Nights program, one of the world's leadinginsomnia experts gives you the tools to be your own sleeptherapist. Filled with interactive quizzes, sleep logs, andself-evaluation exercises, which may be used in conjunction withthe patented Sleep Timer, the workbook will help you uncover theunderlying cause of your own sleep problem, and then put together apersonalized action plan for getting a good night's rest. With advice on improving sleep hygiene and diet, the rightexercise, relaxation techniques, and more, No More SleeplessNights Workbook helps you conquer your own poor sleep rightnow. More importantly, it equips you to beat it again if it everreturns to disturb your dreams.

Sleepless Spain

Author : Víctor Alba
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Sleepless in Manila

Author : Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo
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Sleepless in Bangkok

Author : Ian Quartermaine
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Sleepless Green Green Grass and 68 Other Poems

Author : Shiang-hua Chang
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San Francisco Municipal Reports

Author : San Francisco (Calif.)
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San Francisco Municipal Reports

Author : San Francisco (Calif.). Board of Supervisors
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Boss Ruef s San Francisco

Author : Walton Bean
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Sketches of Leading and Representative Men of San Francisco

Author :
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Author : Sleepless Kao
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Sora and Sarah share everything, including a secret, but when Kay comes over to play, there is a surprise in store for everyone.

Seven Years Street Preaching in San Francisco California

Author : William Taylor
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William Taylor (1821-1902) was a Methodist minister specializing in "street preaching" in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., when the Methodist church sent him to California as a missionary evangelist in 1849. He remained in the West for seven years, going on to become one of the church's most tireless worldwide evangelists. He later conducted crusades in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and South Africa. In 1884 he was named Missionary Bishop for Africa and he focused his energies on missionary activities on that continent. Taylor spent his last years in California, the site of his first mission. California Life Illustrated (1858) expands on his reminiscences in Seven Years' Street Preaching in San Francisco (1857). He describes his voyage to California and gives details of family life, social life, politics and church history in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento. He comments at length on California agriculture and mineral resources and offers a chapter on mining camp life. After founding the Powell Street church, Taylor explains, he undertook a mission to sailors in San Francisco which left him so burdened by debt that he returned east to publish books and conduct revivals in the hope of putting his finances in order.

San Francisco Municipal Reports for the Fiscal Year

Author : San Francisco (Calif.) Board of Supervisors
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Plague Fear and Politics in San Francisco s Chinatown

Author : Guenter B. Risse
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When health officials in San Francisco discovered bubonic plague in their city’s Chinatown in 1900, they responded with intrusive, controlling, and arbitrary measures that touched off a sociocultural conflict still relevant today. Guenter B. Risse’s history of an epidemic is the first to incorporate the voices of those living in Chinatown at the time, including the desperately ill Wong Chut King, believed to be the first person infected. Lasting until 1904, the plague in San Francisco's Chinatown reignited racial prejudices, renewed efforts to remove the Chinese from their district, and created new tensions among local, state, and federal public health officials quarreling over the presence of the deadly disease. Risse's rich, nuanced narrative of the event draws from a variety of sources, including Chinese-language reports and accounts. He addresses the ecology of Chinatown, the approaches taken by Chinese and Western medical practitioners, and the effects of quarantine plans on Chinatown and its residents. Risse explains how plague threatened California’s agricultural economy and San Francisco’s leading commercial role with Asia, discusses why it brought on a wave of fear mongering that drove perceptions and intervention efforts, and describes how Chinese residents organized and successfully opposed government quarantines and evacuation plans in federal court. By probing public health interventions in the setting of one of the most visible ethnic communities in United States history, Plague, Fear, and Politics in San Francisco’s Chinatown offers insight into the clash of Eastern and Western cultures in a time of medical emergency.