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Becoming the Woman I Want to Be

Author : Donna Partow
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This encouraging, practical plan gives stressed and busy women a jumpstart on spiritual, emotional, and physical refreshment.

How to Attract a Women Get Any Woman You Want

Author : Laura James
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The Busy Woman s Guide to Create the Life you Want

Author : Claudia Nieves
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In this life-changing book Claudia shows you that whatever your life looks like right now – yes whatever! You have the power to manifest a better life. With a dose of humor Claudia guides you through powerful yet easy to follow steps to take control of your life and manifest the life you want and stand out. She helps you to use your energy and time to your advantage, to learn when to say No and why it matters for your relationships and self esteem, to discover your values, decide on your life priorities and by understanding the Source Laws to engage the Source and her infinite power in manifesting your new life. Each chapter is full of experiences and wisdom and time and space for reflecting o your own path. In the last chapter you get a template to craft your own Life Plan and achieve the necessary clarity in manifestation. Claudia uses the Unicorn as a way to inspire you and add some colors to the process. Manifesting is a joyful, colorful and fun experience once you understand and unleash the power you have to create it all.

So You Want to Be Married

Author : Lady M
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So You Want to Be Married offers a guide to dating and marriage that will walk you through key steps to having a successful marriage in the Lord. It teaches the keys to embrace your singleness with the Lord and the patience to wait for the man or woman of valor. Author Lady M presents this guide as a testimony resulting from circumstances surrounding her own relationships that were not in alignment with Gods purpose and plan, but initiated by her own will, even years later after entering into a marriage that ended in divorce. During her separation, the Lord pressed upon her heart the inspiration to express the importance of seeking God in your friendship, courtship, and marriage. So You Want to Be Married is aimed at the women and men who desire to be married, but only think about the hype of the wedding day, forgetting about the vows, the commitment, and the true meaning of marriage. It intends to minister to the heart of the Lords people so they may receive the knowledge to wait for that special mate chosen by our Father, with testimonies throughout the book from brothers and sisters of the body sharing words of encouragement.

The Woman You Want to Be

Author : Annie Kaszina
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A must-read for any woman who needs to fall back in love with life." Getting over an abusive relationship is not easy. You have not just lost a partner who you love. It feels like you have lost yourself, also. So, you need to rebuild your self-esteem and move forward at the same time. This book will show you exactly how you can do so step by small manageable step. You'll discover, - How to overcome the daily battle with self-blame, doubt and despair. - The simple to follow system that starts from where you are now and walks you through your healing journey for a whole year. - How to build resilience. - How to enjoy a far better relationship with yourself than ever before. Written by a Specialist Abuse Recovery Coach and domestic abuse survivor, this is the book that will guide you to become the woman you always hoped you can be.

So You Want to be a Lawyer

Author : Lisa Fairchild Jones
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Completely revised and updated, So You Want to Be a Lawyer takes you through the process of becoming a lawyer, examining each phase in a helpful and easy-to-understand narrative. Find out what practicing law is like before you step into your first law school class. Practice solving legal problems as law students would in law school and lawyers might in an actual courtroom. Find out how to get into law school. And there’s much more: •Advice on how to select a law school, along with names and addresses of American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law schools •An explanation of the law school admissions process, and ways to improve your chances for getting in •Practical exercises and advice that will give you a head start over other first-year law students •Information about career opportunities as a lawyer Written by three experienced lawyers, this book will help you understand the types of problems facing law students and lawyers on a daily basis. Not only will it prepare you for law school, but it will also become your trusted guide on the path to becoming a successful lawyer.

Be the woman you want to be

Author : Elisabeth Wilson
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Be the woman you want to be contains 150 inspiring ideas to help today's women be smarter, sexier, more charismatic and endlessly creative. Whether it’s getting her way in the boardroom, finding ways to feel healthier and more energetic or pursuing a greener lifestyle for a simpler, more fulfilling, more successful, more exciting life, this book is the ultimate empowering tool.

The Grey Woman

Author : Elizabeth Gaskell
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Anna, a German mill-owner’s daughter, marries a French aristocrat and moves to France. She discovers that her husband killed his previous wife and that he is trying to kill her as well. Quick, intriguing, and with an extremely interesting plot, ‘The Grey Woman’ (1861) is a short story by Elizabeth Gaskell for anyone who enjoys a good gothic shudder. Incredibly progressive for its time, it is about the survival of the ill-treated woman who has decided that enough is enough. Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (1810-1865) was an English novelist, short story writer, and biographer, best known for her novels ‘North and South’ and ‘Wives and Daughters’ as well as her biography of Charlotte Brontë. Gaskell was viewed as a minor author until the 1950s where it became evident that her depiction of industrial environments and social problems was brilliant and poignant.

You Can Never Satisfy a Woman

Author : Robert Gonzalez
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You Can Never Satisfy A Woman is about many things in a woman’s life that happens. The story is about a woman the way she thinks, speaks and do things. These experiences, thoughts and research I have learned growing up to adulthood about woman or women. A woman mind can change anytime, so you have to be ready.

The Woman God Created You to Be

Author : Kimberla Lawson Roby
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ARE YOU THE REAL WOMAN GOD CREATED YOU TO BE? HAVE YOU WANTED TO BECOME HER— SPIRITUALLY, PERSONALLY, and PROFESSIONALLY? Kimberla Lawson Roby admits that for years, she wasn’t being the real woman God created her to be. Yes, she has always loved God and tried her best to honor Him, but what she eventually discovered was that building and maintaining her own personal relationship with God—and making Him her top priority—was the key to finding joy in all areas of her life. Now, in The Woman God Created You to Be, Kimberla has bravely—and transparently—written about her flaws, fears, and failures, as well as her faith, courage, and successes. From experiencing divorce to marrying her soulmate of twenty-nine years…from hopelessly searching for the perfect job to becoming a New York Times bestselling author…from suffering in silence with anxiety to concentrating on self-care…from struggling with the loss of her mom to finding strength, comfort, peace. and understanding—Kimberla takes you on a journey that will help you do the following: ● Become the Best Spiritual You (Seven Days Per Week) ● Become the Best Personal You (Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically) ● Become the Best Professional You (Without Jeopardizing Your Faith) Kimberla reminds us that when we trust and depend on God—heart, mind, and soul—He will empower us to do more than we ever thought imaginable. He will help us see that we are more than enough, and that He has already given us everything we need to become the women He created us to be—spiritually, personally, professionally…and beyond.