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Soccer iQ Presents Possession

Author : Dan Blank
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POSSESSION is a book for coaches of all levels who want their teams to pass the ball and pass it well. It combines a thorough explanation of possession concepts with 30 practical possession exercises to help your team develop its ability to keep the ball. Easy-to-understand diagrams help you understand the layout and design of these exercises. More importantly, the exercises include explanations about the critical coaching points AND the most common mistakes the players will make when playing these exercises. These insightful tips give coaches a head start by showing you what to expect once an exercise begins, the mistakes to look for and the proper corrections to make.

Soccer iQ Presents High Pressure

Author : Dan Blank
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In this installment of the Soccer iQ series, college soccer coach and best-selling author, Dan Blank, educates coaches and players on the most effective ways to implement a high-pressure style of team defending. Nearly 80% of goals scored are the result of three or fewer passes, and more than half of all goals scored begin when a team wins possession of the ball in its attacking half of the field. The numbers clearly indicate a statistical advantage to winning the ball in the opponent’s end of the field, and that’s exactly what high pressure is designed to do. High pressure is perhaps the most misunderstood term in soccer’s vocabulary. There are countless coaches who want their teams to play high pressure, but many of them aren’t always quite so sure about what that means. They tend to translate ‘high pressure’ into ‘run around like you stole something until we score.’ They only extract the urgency of which the term implies without much understanding of the nuance that makes high pressure a formidable system of team defense. Those coaches understand that high pressure requires a high work rate, but they don’t understand the tactical savvy that can maximize the output of that work. As a result, their teams feature only the madness but not the method behind successful high pressure. High Pressure provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for coaches and players so they know not only what to do, but why they are doing it. In this book, Dan Blank clarifies the differences between high and low pressure and explains the big picture of high pressure defending. You will learn the roles of each position, the importance of restraining lines, and how to set up pressure funnels to win the ball in the attacking half. Coach Blank also details the telltale cues that signal a team to step up or back off its pressure, and much, much more. High pressure defending requires more than just hard work. It requires organization, communication and an indefatigable team spirit. This book will show you how to create and implement these elements to get a maximum return on your team’s effort.

Soccer iQ Presents Shutout Pizza

Author : Dan Blank
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WARNING: This is not a goalkeeping book. From the best-selling author of Soccer iQ comes a book dedicated to teaching and organizing a back four. Coach Dan Blank led the Southeastern Conference's best defense at two different universities in consecutive years. It began with a handbook he created for his defenders that ensured everyone was on the same page. Shutout Pizza is a vastly expanded version of that handbook. It introduces the governing principles that guided the SEC's best defenses, and covers a broad spectrum of scenarios that commonly occur during matches. Shutout Pizza is packed with diagrams that will help the reader visualize the concepts discussed in the text, and includes several of most effective drills for training these concepts. This is an excellent book for coaches and players who want to defend more effectively.

German Soccer Passing Drills

Author : Peter Hyballa
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Train like the World Champions! Over the past few years, a new trend has become ever more prominent in the soccer world: passing often and fast, and including all players in the game. Combining this with their own personal style, we have seen teams reach new heights of success from FC Barcelona to Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund and, most recently, the German National Team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. But what does it take to learn this 'art' of passing? What are the methodological and technical requirements for becoming the new Schweinsteiger, Messi, or Neuer? In this book, the only of its kind, two German League certified coaches have created the ultimate guide to passing. Using the "Hyballa-te Poel-Passing-Puzzle," they present every type of pass there is in modern soccer, with lots of drills for each type. From the goalkeeper to the center forward, everyone can learn passing with these exercises.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Author : Jesse Lynch Williams
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IQ in Question

Author : Michael J A Howe
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`In this remarkably economical, clear and informed book, Mike Howe... sets about unravelling the formidable semantic, logical and empirical knots into which IQ testers and their supporters have tied themselves.... Howe suggests that we have, for decades, been asking the wrong kinds of questions. He points to the number of alternative, theoretically richer, views of human intelligence that don't reduce all to a single dimension... this is rendered with an easy, readable style which assumes no previous technical knowledge' - British Journal of Educational Psychology In this provocative and accessible book, Michael Howe exposes serious flaws in our most widely accepted beliefs about intelligence. He shows that cr

The Raising of Intelligence

Author : Herman H. Spitz
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The history of attempts to raise the intelligence of mentally retarded individuals is wrought with controversy. Spanning the years from 1800 to the present, this book offers a critical review of the methods and philosophy behind these efforts. A fascinating contribution to the long-standing debate on the malleability of intelligence and the influence of heredity and environment.

Time Out Film Guide

Author :
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The Judas Kiss

Author : David Hare
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David Hare presents his powerful interpretation of Oscar Wilde's relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas.


Author : Stephen Murdoch
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Advance praise for IQ A Smart History of a Failed Idea "An up-to-date, reader-friendly account of the continuing saga of the mismeasure of women and men." —Howard Gardner, author of Frames of Mind and Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons "The good news is that you won't be tested after you've read Stephen Murdoch's important new book. The better news is that IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea is compelling from its first pages, and by its conclusion, Murdoch has deftly demonstrated that in our zeal to quantify intelligence, we have needlessly scarred—if not destroyed—the lives of millions of people who did not need an IQ score to prove their worth in the world. IQ is first-rate narrative journalism, a book that I hope leads to necessary change." —Russell Martin, author of Beethoven's Hair, Picasso's War, and Out of Silence "With fast-paced storytelling, freelance journalist Murdoch traces now ubiquitous but still controversial attempts to measure intelligence to its origins in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. . . . Murdoch concludes that IQ testing provides neither a reliable nor a helpful tool in understanding people's behavior, nor can it predict their future success or failure. . . . A thoughtful overview and a welcome reminder of the dangers of relying on such standardized tests." —Publishers Weekly "Stephen Murdoch delivers a lucid and engaging chronicle of the ubiquitous and sometimes insidious use of IQ tests. This is a fresh look at a century-old and still controversial idea—that our human potential can be distilled down to a single test score. Murdoch's compelling account demands a reexamination of our mania for mental measurement." —Paul A. Lombardo, author of Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court & Buck v. Bell