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Social Democratic Party Policies in Contemporary Europe

Author : Giuliano Bonoli
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The end of the twentieth century saw an unprecedented coincidence of electoral success for social democratic parties in western Europe leading to intensive discussion on the future of this new European left. The debates often centred on the notion of a 'Third way' and generated major expectations for policy change among social democratic politicians and voters. The authors collected here examine the recent social and employment policies of these progressive parties, looking for change in the guiding principles of policy and on actual policy decisions. They show how the maxims of demand management and egalitarianism have been replaced by social investment and equality of opportunity and demonstrate the full extent of convergence on policies such as employment maximization, the containment of social expenditure and a shift towards a social investment welfare state.

The Impact of European Integration on Political Parties

Author : Dimitri Almeida
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Introduction: political parties and the politicization of Europe -- Approaches to the study of party responses to European integration -- An acquired taste for Europe: social democratic parties and European Integration -- Between reluctant Europeanism and hard Euroscepticism: radical left parties and European integration -- Separate ways: liberal parties and European integration -- Diluted Europeanism: Christian democratic parties and European integration -- Europeanized Eurosceptics? radical right parties and European integration -- Conclusion.

Democracy Social Resources and Political Power in the European Union

Author : Niilo Kauppi
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In this book Kauppi develops a structural constructivist theory of the European Union and critically analyzes, through French and Finnish empirical cases, the political practices that maintain the Union's "democratic deficit". Kauppi conceptualizes the European Union as both an arena for political contention and a nascent political order. In this evolving, multi-levelled European political field, individuals and groups construct material and symbolic structures of political power, grounded in a variety of social resources such as nationality, culture, and gender.

The European Left Party

Author : Luke March
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With the stability of the European Union under threat and tensions between the national and supranational increasing, what will happen to the EU party system? For the internationalist European left, European integration and the role of transnational parties represent a central contention and concern. In May 2004, the European radical left, representing parties to the left of social democracy and the Green party family, created the transnational European Left Party (EL), uniting parties like the German Die Linke, Italian Rifondazione Comunista and Greek Syriza. In 2009, the EL fought the European Parliament elections on the basis of a common manifesto, emerging over the last decade as an apparently stable actor at EU level. As the first detailed study of the EL this book analyses the role of the party in European politics and the politics of the European radical left. What challenges will the EL have to overcome in order for it to become a significant force for the creation of a genuine, democratic European polity? To what degree has the EL enabled an increase in the electoral or policy influence of the radical left in Europe? Written by two of the foremost experts on the European left, this book is essential reading to those interested in how the left has fared in post-crisis Europe.

Social Democratic Parties in the European Union

Author : R. Ladrech
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This book offers a concise and accessible coverage of the historical background, the organization and policies of the fifteen social democratic parties in the European Union with a focus on the 1945-1990s period. It combines an updated study of the evolution of each party's ideology, sociology and policies, with attention also to the impact of European integration on the fortunes of social democratic forces. The book can be used as a reference text by academics, students and political practitioners and contains contact details and important reference information for each party.

Social Democracy in Power

Author : Wolfgang Merkel
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Globalization, European integration, and social change have devaluated traditional social democratic policy instruments. This book compares and explores how social democratic governments have had to adapt and whether they have successfully managed to uphold old social democratic goals and values in the light of these challenges. This volume examines the policy measures of social democratic parties in government in a comparative framework. The authors focus on traditional social democratic goals and tools, in particular, fiscal, employment, and social policy, in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. They identify three policy patterns in social democratic governments: traditional, modernized, and liberalized social democracy and provide a comparative account of the explanatory power of the national context for policy adopted by social democratic parties. Finally, the extent to which social democratic parties have been able to use the European Union as a political space for social democratic governance and policy-making is examined. Social Democracy in Power will be of interest to students and scholars of politics, comparative politics, European studies and public policy.

Social Democracy and the Challenge of European Union

Author : bert Ladrech
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He also explores what this new form of political activity means for European politics, arguing that the traditional positions of left and right may be becoming increasingly significant within the EU's evolving, transnational political culture.

The Palgrave Handbook of Social Democracy in the European Union

Author : Jean-Michel de Waele
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The nature of social democracy in the countries of the European Union is more significant and better understood than is indicated by the available literature. This thought-provoking handbook aims to redress this disparity by bringing together Political scientists from across Europe to provide a definitive collection on social democracy in the EU.

A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe

Author : Claire Annesley
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A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe is an invaluable guide for those seeking clarification of terms, or a quick reference source. The range of entries is broad and encompasses the recent history and economy of each country of the region as well as political parties, geographical features, prominent individuals, international organizations and key businesses. It provides over 600 key definitions and presents an overview of the changing political dimensions of Western Europe and its relations with the European Union.

Political Parties and the European Union

Author : John Gaffney
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A major textbook for comparative courses on European politics and for courses on the European Union, providing a panoramic survey of the political parties of Europe.