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Social Policy for Social Welfare Professionals

Author : Simpson, Graeme
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An indispensible guide to the basics of social policy aimed at students of social work and other welfare professions.

Social Policy and Social Work

Author : Jo Cunningham
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An understanding of social policy is crucial for social workers as it underpins and shapes the legislative framework that they work within. From safeguarding service users and enabling them to improve their lives, to protecting the most vulnerable in society, social policy also has a vital role to play within social work education. It is important therefore for students to engage critically with social policy. This book introduces policy and shows how it has changed and evolved over time, how it reflects changes in society and how it is applied to everyday practice.

Social Policy for Social Work

Author : Robert Adams
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Social Policy for Social Work provides a comprehensive, critical and engaging introduction to social policy for students and practitioners of social work. The text is clearly structured into three parts that cover contexts, policies and issues. The first part explores changing perspectives on social policy and social work and provides an introduction to the broad range of specific policy aspects discussed in part two which include: social security health and community care family and child care criminal justice. Part three focuses on key issues such as tackling divisions and inequalities, the control of services including empowering people receiving services, and future policy trends. Additionally, appendices provide a key to common abbreviations, dates of the main legislation and internet addresses of main information sources on policy and research. Illustrations from practice are included throughout to highlight implications for social work practice. The text focuses on contemporary Britain but also draws examples from European, global and historical contexts wherever appropriate. This exceptional text demonstrates clearly the relevance and implications of social policy for social work practice. It is an essential and practical resource for all students and practitioners in the welfare field.

Social Workers Affecting Social Policy

Author : Gal, John
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Furthering social justice and human rights is a fundamental principle underlying the social work profession. Engaging in social policy formulation processes is a major route through which social workers can realise this goal. This type of social work activity has been termed ‘policy practice’. The aim of this book is to shed light on policy practice in social work discourse, education and practice in eight liberal democracies. This is the first effort to undertake a cross-national study of social worker engagement in social policy formulation processes. The book offers insights into questions such as ‘what is the importance attributed to social worker involvement in policy change in the social work discourse and education in different countries?’ and ‘how do social workers influence social policy in various national settings?’ These issues are relevant to social worker practitioners, students, educators and researchers, as well as to social policy scholars, who are interested in the role of professionals in social policy formulation.

The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy

Author : Joel Blau
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Preface and AcknowledgmentsPart I: Introducing Social Welfare Policy 1. Introduction: Social Problems, Social Policy, and the Triggers of Social Change2. Definitions and Functions of Social Welfare Policy, Mimi AbramovitzPart II: The Policy Model 3. The Economy and Social Welfare4. The Politics of Social Welfare5. Ideological Perspectives and Conflicts, Mimi Abramovitz6. Social Movements and Social Changes, Mimi Abramovitz7. Social Welfare History in the United StatesPart III: Policy Analyses: Applying the Policy Model 8. Income Support: Programs and Policies9. Jobs and Job Training: Programs.

Social Welfare Policy in a Changing World

Author : Shannon R. Lane
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Social Welfare Policy in a Changing World is an approachable and reader-friendly text that links policy and practice and employs a critical analytic lens to U.S. social welfare policy. With particular attention to disparities based on class, race/ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation and gender, authors Shannon R. Lane, Elizabeth Palley, and Corey Shdaimah assess the impact of policies at the micro, meso, and macro levels. The authors provide readers with a brief foundation in history, the policy process, and theory, while primarily focusing on helping readers recognize the many ways that policy affects their lives and the lives of their clients and communities. Connecting description, theoretical analysis, and advocacy, this new text challenges readers to examine the development, consequences, and future implications of core policies. Readers will come away with a newfound understanding of how to use the political process to address social justice issues and enact meaningful policy change.

Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy

Author : Gardenia Harris
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Covering important social work issues aimed at today's students, paired articles 'talk to each other, ' thus setting up a clear 'pro-con' format. Each pair of readings features an introduction with a list of 'Points to Ponder' which introduces students to the issues they'll encounter as they read, and ends with a conclusion entitled 'The Continuing Debate.' The book serves as a supplemental text to be used in Social Work Policy classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Social Work and the Making of Social Policy

Author : Klammer, Ute
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Bringing together international case studies, this book offers theoretical and empirical insights into the interaction between social work and social policy. Moving beyond existing studies on policy practice, the book employs the policy cycle as a core analytical frame and focuses on the influence of social work(ers) in the problem definition, agenda setting, policy formulation and implementation of social policy. Twenty-three contributors offer examples of policy making from seven different countries and demonstrate how social work practitioners can become political actors, while also encouraging policy makers to become aware of the potential of social work for the social policy-making process.

Effective Learning and Teaching in Social Policy and Social Work

Author : Hilary Burgess
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Written to meet the needs of teachers, lecturers, tutors and trainers, this is the essential guide to understanding the key issues in learning and teaching in social policy and social work - as well as related areas such as early childhood studies, youth and community work and probation studies. The field of social care is constantly changing, and this book acts an accessible introduction to all the core concerns that will be critical to teaching professionals working in the field today. Key areas covered include curriculum planning, design and delivery of teaching, assessment, promoting inclusion, e-learning and interprofessional practice. This book also aims to provide an international perspective, outlining innovative best practice from around the world. Written for undergraduate and postgraduate level teaching, less experienced teachers looking for authoritative, expert guidance will find this title indispensable, as will more experienced professionals seeking material for reflection.

Social Work and Social Welfare

Author : Jerry D. Marx
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With its focus on "demonstrated competency," Social Work and Social Welfare: An Introduction provides an additional rationale and theme illustrating how social work and social welfare require collaborative efforts in advancing social and economic well-being.). As a historically collaborative profession across broader societal institutions (business and government), students new to social work will be able to learn what social workers do and how their work relates to other professions such as sociology, psychology, human services, and counseling.

European Social Policy and Social Work

Author : Hans van Ewijk
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European Social Policy and Social Work explores shifts in international social policies and how they affect national trends and thus the context for social work practice. The book discusses international and national social work strategies and practice and investigates the responsibilities for social welfare held by the state, the market and civil society. Hans van Ewijk then elaborates a new concept of citizenship-based social work which supports and encourages self-responsibility, social responsibility and the implementation of social rights. The main themes covered are: international social policy and social work from welfare to workfare citizenship essentials of citizenship based social work community policy and community work social work and alternative areas of activity such as youth care and social care. Integrating different roots and social professions in an overarching new concept, this book particularly looks at European Union countries. Hans van Ewijk examines debates regarding social work as an internationally recognised profession and science. This book is suitable for social work students, academics and professionals with an interest in social policy and international social work.

Social Policy for Social Work Social Care and the Caring Professions

Author : Mr Steve Hothersall
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Since devolution in 1999, social policy within Scotland has burgeoned. The Scottish Parliament has a range of powers in relation to key policy areas including social work, education, health, child care, child protection, law and home affairs, and housing. These powers and the existence of a distinct legal tradition in Scotland means that social work practice has developed a distinctive style, attuned to the particular needs of Scotland. Scottish distinctiveness however, has rarely been properly represented in textbooks on either social policy or social work. This innovative text offers comprehensive coverage of the discipline of social policy and its central relevance to social work, social care and related practice in Scotland. Designed to complement teaching and study associated with the new Honours degree in Social Work (Scottish Executive 2003), it fills a notable gap in the literature on this subject and will be essential reading for students, professionals and academics within a variety of health and social care occupations.

Social Policy and Social Change

Author : Jillian Jimenez
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The Second Edition of Social Policy and Social Change is a timely examination of the field, unique in its inclusion of both a historical analysis of problems and policy and an exploration of how capitalism and the market economy have contributed to them. The New Edition of this seminal text examines issues of discrimination, health care, housing, income, and child welfare and considers the policies that strive to improve them. With a focus on how domestic social policies can be transformed to promote social justice for all groups, Jimenez et al. consider the impact of globalization in the United States while addressing developing concerns now emerging in the global village.

Social Policy and Social Work An Introduction

Author : Jo Cunningham
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An understanding of social policy is crucial for social workers as it underpins and shapes the legislative framework that they work within. From safeguarding service users and enabling them to improve their lives, to protecting the most vulnerable in society, social policy also has a vital role to play within social work education. It is important therefore for students to engage critically with social policy. This book introduces policy and shows how it has changed and evolved over time, how it reflects changes in society, and how it is applied to everyday practice.

Social Policy for Social Work and the Caring Professions

Author : Steve J Hothersall
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This revised second edition analyses social policy in Scotland since devolution in 1999 and reflects the nascent and distinctively Scottish policy agenda. Along with updated chapters, there are two new inclusions: a chapter analysing post-devolution Scotland and a chapter on the likely impacts of Brexit on and within Scotland. Providing diagrams, tables and a range of activities, the book maintains an innovative and pedagogic emphasis to introduce students to a wealth of materials, ideas and practical responses to the increasingly complex and diverse situations faced by social workers and other professionals. Part one of the book looks at what social policy is, how and why it is made and highlights the importance of the relationship between social policy and the law. The second part refers to specific themes of social exclusion, poverty and (more visible for this revised edition) austerity, considering their complex and multidimensional forms and discussing the range of policies currently extant that aim to combat such disadvantage. Part three provides a comprehensive overview of policy for practice, considering concepts of health inequality, mental health, older people, disability, children and families, education, substance use, criminal justice, asylum and immigration and homelessness. This book will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as post-qualified professionals seeking to understand the complexities of the social policy landscape in Scotland, and its influence on social work and related forms of professional practice.

International Perspectives on Welfare to Work Policy

Author : Richard Hoefer
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Learn what you can do to promote social policy initiatives that really work International Perspectives on Welfare to Work Policy presents the latest available research on the various interpretations of “welfare-to-work” in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong, and on the role social work plays in creating and implementing social welfare policies. Preeminent social work scholars from around the world address the changing nature of social work policy and practice, as welfare recipients are required to work in order to receive benefits. This invaluable book examines issues of importance to practitioners and policymakers, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), child welfare, learning disabilities, work and direct payments, Intensive Employment Assistance Projects (IEAPs), and social inclusion. At a time when many governments in the industrial world are reducing social expenditures and privatizing social programs, International Perspectives on Welfare to Work Policy encourages the social work profession to be more actively involved in lobbying for social and economic policies that promote social investments, maximize opportunities, foster productive employment, ensure a decent standard of living, and make it easier for everyone to be involved in the economic, political, cultural, and social lives of their communities. The book addresses crucial issues that were raised by its contributors in 2005 at an international symposium organized by the University of California, Berkeley's School of Social Welfare, including key policy and practice concerns for social work professionals. International Perspectives on Welfare to Work Policy examines: the abolition of the Aid to Families with Dependant Children program (AFDC) in the United States the implementation of coordinated service delivery models in California the development of a diversion program that provides a lump sum of cash to alleviate short-term emergencies the effects of welfare-to-work programs on single parents in the United Kingdom the “new deal” offered by social inclusion in mental health policy the role of income support in dealing with learning disabilities the role of Australian social workers in two agencies—the Job Network and CentreLink the development of a program in Hong Kong that helps beneficiaries of means-tested unemployment benefits find work International Perspectives on Welfare to Work Policy is an important resource for social policy educators and students working in social work, sociology, and political science.

Social Work in the 21st Century

Author : Morley D. Glicken
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A student-friendly introduction to the field of social work, social welfare, and the profession of social work, social issues, and social welfare Designed to get students excited about the profession and thinking critically about what social workers do and how they operate within the larger system, this Second Edition explores social issues in the United States, looks at how the social welfare system attempts to resolve these issues, and considers the many roles assumed by professional social workers within the social welfare system. This edition offers new and revised coverage throughout and reflects recent current events, including the historic 2008 presidential election, catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake, and government responses.

Social Welfare

Author : Diana M. DiNitto
File Size : 69.31 MB
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Designed to give your students the extra support they need to succeed in your classroom, our Study Edition of DiNitto's Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy, Fifth Edition, offers perforated chapter practice tests at the end of the textbook, an optional Practice Test Solutions Manual with access to professional tutoring, and an Instructor's Answer Key with solutions and ready-made midterm and final exams. Containing the same engaging and effective features that have made Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy such a success, the Study Edition offers an additional bonus: perforated chapter quizzes at no extra cost to students. Because the answers to the practice tests are not included in the Study Edition, instructors can use the tests as quizzes or as extra homework. If instructors prefer to give students the option of checking their own results, they can package the Study Edition with our Practice Test Solutions Manual for FREE. Also included FREE with this option is our Tutor Center Access Card to provide students with extra study support from our qualified Tutor Center professionals by phone, fax, e-mail, and the Internet. With either ordering option, students get a valuable and effective study system not found in other books!

Social Change Social Policy and Social Work in the New Europe

Author : Taylor & Francis Group
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First published in 1998, this edited volume reflected on the role of universities and aimed to improve the preparation of social welfare professionals by the University of Warsaw for employment in the new market-oriented society that was being created in Poland after the end of 'real socialism' in 1989. Many of its articles were previously published in Polish and were published, revised and updated, in English for the first time in this collection. The contributors discuss two key issues. First, should universities worry about the employment of their graduates and the skills that are needed by the wider economy and society or just focus on transmitting advanced learning? Second, they considered the modernisation of the welfare state. The Polish experience, and the Western partners' reaction to it, has proved an excellent case study for these issues.

New Directions in Children s Welfare

Author : Sharon Pinkney
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This book makes a distinctive contribution to reflections on what child-centred practice means in the complex area of child welfare. With a theoretical framework informed by insights from a number of disciplinary perspectives, the author pays particular attention to psychosocial, emotional, sensory and spatial influences. The book applies its ideas to case studies, in order to reflect on the contemporary landscape of children’s services within the UK. The book sets out the way policy and law establish a complex terrain for contemporary child welfare practice. At a time when the government demands clear answers to perceived child protection failings, Pinkney carefully reflects upon the complexity involved in protecting children. This timely re-examination of child welfare will appeal to social work and children’s services professionals; policy makers; as well as students and scholars of social work, childhood studies and social policy.