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International Political Sociology

Author : Tugba Basaran
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This book presents an overview and evaluation of contemporary research in international political sociology (IPS). Bringing together leading scholars from many disciplines and diverse geographical backgrounds, it provides unprecedented coverage of the key concepts and research through which IPS has opened up new ways of thinking about international relations. It also considers some of the consequences of such innovations for established forms of social and political analysis. It thus takes the reader on an intellectual journey engaging with questions about boundaries and limits among the many interrelated worlds in which we now live, the ways we conceptualise them, and how we continually reshape boundaries of identities, spaces, authorities and disciplinary knowledge. The volume is organized three sections: Lines, Intersections and Directions. The first section examines some influences that led to the formation of the project of IPS and how it has opened up avenues of research beyond the limits of an international relations discipline shaped within political science. The second section explores some key concepts as well as a series of heated discussions about power and authority, practices and governmentality, performativity and reflexivity. The third section explores some of the transversal topics of research that have been pursued within IPS, including inequality, migration, citizenship, the effect of technology on practices of security, the role of experts and expertise, date-driven surveillance, and the relation between mobility, power and inequality. This book will be an essential source of reference for students and across the social sciences.


Author : CN Shankar Rao
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This textbook has been comprehensively written to acquaint the students with the fundamental concepts of sociology as well as provide an introduction to the diverse field of sociology. Students will be introduced to the origins of sociology as a discipline and would get acquainted with relevant topics such as inequality, institutions, control, change, disorganisation & problems in the society. Topics such as applied sociology and social thought have also been provided to give a complete overview of the subject. This textbook not only caters as a primary text to the undergraduate students of Sociology but is also a useful reference for postgraduate students and aspirants appearing for various competitive examinations.

The Rules of Sociological Method

Author : Emile Durkheim
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Revised for the first time in over thirty years, this edition of Emile Durkheim’s masterful work on the nature and scope of sociology is updated with a new introduction and improved translation by leading scholar Steven Lukes that puts Durkheim’s work into context for the twenty-first century reader. The Rules of Sociological Method represents Emile Durkheim’s manifesto for sociology. He argues forcefully for the objective, scientific, and methodological underpinnings of sociology as a discipline and establishes guiding principles for future research. The substantial new introduction by leading Durkheim scholar Steven Lukes explains and sets into context Durkheim’s arguments. Lukes examines the still-controversial debates about The Rules of Sociological Method’s six chapters and explains their relevance to present-day sociology. The edition also includes Durkheim’s subsequent thoughts on method in the form of articles, debates with scholars from other disciplines, and letters. The original translation has been revised and reworked in order to make Durkheim’s arguments clearer and easier to read. This is an essential resource for students and scholars hoping to deepen their understanding of one of the pioneering voices in modern sociology and twentieth-century social thought.

On the Practice of Sociology

Author : Pitirim A. Sorokin
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Pitirim Sorokin (1889-1968) rose from a peasant childhood in Russia to become one of the most insightful figures in the history of sociology. At the Harvard Research Center for Creative Altruism, he developed a blueprint for social reconstruction. This collection includes essays that range from his early Russian years to his final works in the '60s.

Sociology For Dummies

Author : Jay Gabler
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The first authoritative yet accessible guide to this broad and popular topic Sociology is the study of human and societal interaction, and because society is constantly changing, sociology will always remain a crucial and relevant subject. Sociology For Dummies helps you understand this complex field, serving as the ideal study guide both when you're deciding to take a class as well as when you are already participating in a course. Provides a general overview of what sociology in as well as an in-depth look at some of the major concepts and theories Offers examples of how sociology can be applied and its importance to everyday life Avoiding jargon, Sociology For Dummies will get you up to speed on this widely studied topic in no time.

Relational Sociology

Author : Pierpaolo Donati
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‘Simultaneous invention’ has become commonplace in the natural sciences, but is still virtually unknown within the sphere of social science. The convergence of two highly compatible versions of Critical Realism from two independent sources is a striking exception. Pierpaolo Donati’s Relational Sociology develops ‘upwards’ from sociology into a Realist meta-theory, unlike Roy Baskhar’s philosophy of science that works ‘downwards’ and ‘underlabours’ for the social sciences. This book systematically introduces Donati’s Relational Sociology to an English readership for the first time since he began to advance his approach thirty years ago. In this eagerly awaited book, Pierpaolo Donati shifts the focus of sociological theory onto the relational order at all levels. He argues that society is constituted by the relations people create with one another, their emergent properties and powers, and internal and external causal effects. Relational Sociology provides a distinctive variant upon the Realist theoretical conspectus, especially because of its ability to account for social integration. It will stimulate debate amongst realists themselves and, of course, with the adversaries of realism. It is a valuable new resource for students of social theory and practising social theorists.

Sociology The Key Concepts

Author : John Scott
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An essential A-Z guide to the full range of sociological thought, Sociology: The Key Concepts is an important addition to the established and successful Key Concepts series. Fully cross-referenced with an extensive glossary, this accessible text also includes: alphabetical listings of key concepts for ease of use suggestions for further reading to enhance understanding of areas covered entries on ‘traditionalism’ ‘race and racialization’ and ‘modernity’. Bringing together an international range of highly regarded contributors from the full spectrum of disciplines, this useful reference guide is the ideal resource for those studying or interested in this popular area.

The Problem of Sociology

Author : David Lee
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A classic introductory text for students. Major sociological theories are clearly explained and it is shown how they can illuminate contemporary social problems.

Semiotics Rhetoric and Sociology of Laughter

Author : Lothar Fietz
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Der vorliegende Band vereinigt die Erträge des Dreizehnten Blaubeurer Symposions, das der Frage nach der Geschichte der Ridicula und den sich wandelnden Funktionen des Lachens vom Mittelalter zur Gegenwart gewidmet war. An der komparatistisch und interdisziplinär ausgerichteten Tagung wirkten Fachvertreter der Anglistik/Amerikanistik, Germanistik, Romanistik, Rhetorik und Soziologie mit dem Ziel zusammen, kultur- und periodenspezifische Erscheinungen und Bedingungen des literarisch dargestellten und intendierten Lachens an wichtigen Umbruchstadien der Ideen-, Gesellschafts- und Literaturgeschichte zu eruieren.

The Sociology of Religion

Author : Grace Davie
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A new edition of a successful book from one of the biggest names in the field of the sociology of religion. The first edition is widely adopted and cited throughout the world, and readers will be keen to see this revised and updated version.

An Introduction to Sociology

Author : Ken Browne
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Thoroughly revised and fully updated, this fourth edition of "An Introduction to Sociology" provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the subject, without oversimplifying or passing over the important and exciting insights sociology has to offer. Building on the book's existing achievements, Ken Browne has restructured the fourth edition to focus on the core issues in sociology considered in introductory courses, covering all the substantive topics and many of the options specified by the main GCSE examining boards. The new edition has been completely updated to reflect contemporary social changes, including the latest statistics and topical illustrative examples. New material is to be found throughout, such as extended treatment of family and household diversity, the effects of new media technologies, citizenship, political participation and protest, and the links between sociology, social problems and social policy making in a range of contexts. The book has been carefully designed to support and extend students' learning: summaries of key issues, a clear glossary, and a lively range of activities and discussion points all add to the book's value as a learning and teaching resource. Student-friendly cartoons, tables, diagrams and photographs - as well as a fresh internal design - also enliven the text, presenting sociology as an exciting and relevant topic to students of all ages, interests and abilities. New material is to be found throughout, such as extended treatment of family and household diversity, the effects of new media technologies, power, citizenship, political participation and protest, the dimensions and extent of social inequality, and the links between sociology, social problems and social policy making in a range of contexts. Additional resources can also be found at

Cinematic Sociology

Author : Jean-Anne Sutherland
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Sociology Through Film uses feature films to teach central areas in sociology such as culture, race/ethnicity, social class, and gender/sexuality. By using Film to introduce the sociological imagination, students will 'experience' social context being studied, and reinforce critical thinking skills. An introductory chapter includes a discussion of the significance of film in modern society, a consideration of the ways that film both reflects and shapes social reality, an explanation of how sociologists analyze film, and coverage of sociological tools for 'reading' film as text. Films will provide an illustrative framework for understanding the social world, and therefore the films discussed will not go 'out of date'.

Story of Sociology

Author : Gregor McLennan
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'A brilliant synthetic essay of theoretical importance in its own right.' Jeffrey C. Alexander, Yale University, USA 'McLennan takes us on an absorbing journey that will provide illumination to newcomers to sociology and seasoned veterans alike. This is a fascinating version of the story so far, and an expansive vision of the road ahead.' Rob Stones, University of Essex, UK What does sociology involve? How did its key concepts and perspectives develop? What is the scope and relevance of sociology today? These are the fundamental questions that motivate every new and returning student of sociology, and they lie at the heart of this unique book. Situating sociology within the wider context of social theory, Story of Sociology takes us from the intellectual tensions of Enlightenment thought, through the American-dominated twentieth century, to the latest debates in the discipline. Accessible and inspiring, succinct yet challenging, this book is an ideal companion to any introductory sociology or social theory course. 'This is an excellent short introduction to sociological theory, superbly capturing the dilemmas of sociological argument as well as its different traditions and sensibilities.' John Holmwood, University of Nottingham, UK 'Story of Sociology is more than a simple history; it is a compelling invitation to enter the sociological imagination. Extraordinary in its scope and clarity, this book links current departures to enduring themes and captures the dynamic positioning of sociology in the contemporary age.' Lisa Adkins, University of Newcastle, Australia

The Sociology of Community

Author : Colin Bell
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First Published in 1974. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Sociology of Knowledge

Author : Werner Stark
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This volume serves as both an introduction to the field of the sociology of knowledge and an interpretation of the thought of the major figures associated with its development More than a compendium of ideas, Stark seeks here to put order into what he regarded as a diffuse tradition of diverse bodies of thought, in particular the seemingly irreconcilable conflict between the study of the political element in thought identified here with Karl Mannheim and the investigation of the social element in thinking associated with the work of Max Scheler. The sociology of knowledge is primarily directed toward the study of the precise ways that human experience, through the mediation of knowledge, takes on a conscious and communicable shape. While both schools dealt with by Stark assume that the pursuit of truth is not purposeful apart from socially and historically determined structures of meaning, the tradition extending from Marx to Mannheim seeks to expose hidden factors that turn us away from the truth while that of Weber and Scheler attempts to identify social forces that impart a definite direction to our search for it In order to reconcile opposing theoretical positions, Stark seeks to lay the foundations for a theory of the social determination of thought by directing his inquiry to the philosophical problem of truth in a manner compatible with cultural sociology. Stark's theoretical legacy to the sociology of knowledge is that social influences operate everywhere through a group's ethos. From this, many systems of ideas and social categories emanate, revealing partial glimpses of a synthetic whole. The outcome of Stark's work is a general theory of social determination remarkably consistent with contemporary interests in the broad range of cultural studies, whose focus is best described as the use of philosophical, literary, and historical approaches to study the social construction of meaning. The Sociology of Knowledge will be of great interest to social scientists, philosophers, and intellectual historians.

Australian Sociology

Author : K. Harley
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Battered and bruised by injuries (often self-inflicted) sustained in the first half of the twentieth century since 1950 sociology in Australia has fought its way back into the academic mainstream. This has not been easy; its fortunes seem forever mixed – good in some places and dismal in others. But it has proved itself resilient, it is a survivor.

Explaining Social Processes

Author : Jiří Šubrt
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This textbook considers understanding social processes to be the main task of sociology. From this perspective its authors demonstrate and explain problems which they consider to be crucial for contemporary social science. These are topics of a theoretical and epistemological nature, which are nevertheless closely connected with social development and issues arising from it. The book moves from the more general theoretical questions and dilemmas raised by key social thinkers, such as those connected with the concepts of actor, agency, institutions, structures and systems. It then leads to theoretical reflections on long-term developmental processes associated with the phenomena of power and life in current societies, including globalization, identities, migration, etc. It provides a comprehensive approach to the essential questions of sociology. Lucidly written and including the latest sociological perspectives, this book will find wide appeal among social science students and researchers, and is also for the socially aware general reader.

The SAGE Handbook of Sociology

Author : Craig Calhoun
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Sociology has evolved greatly since it's inception as an academic discipline. It has diverged into numerous strands often flowing in disparate directions - so much so that today the notion of canonical sociology has become widely disputed. The field of sociology at present approximates to one of multi-paradigmatic complexity in which many approaches to theory must be distinguished and situated. In addition, the discipline has had to confront new challenges from globalization, the shift of interest from production to consumption, the rise of new social movements, the challenge of bio-engineering, the collapse of a 'presently existing socialist alternative' and much else besides. The new SAGE Handbook of Sociology aims to address these new developments, while at the same time providing an authoritative guide to theory and method, the key sub-disciplines and the primary debates of today. To undertake this ambitious project three leading figures in the field of sociology were selected as editors to bring together the foremost exponents of the different strands that contribute towards the make up modern sociology. Drawn from both sides of the Atlantic the contributors have been commissioned to utilise the most up to date research available to provide a critical, international analysis of their area of expertise. The result is this essential resource collection that not just reflects upon the condition of sociology today but also looks to future developments in the discipline. The Handbook is invaluable not just all sociologists but to a wide variety of students and researchers across the social sciences. Click on 'Sample Chapters & Resources' to download the introduction.

Sociology and Nursing

Author : Peter Morrall
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This introductory text looks at sociology as it applies to both health and health care. The principle sociological concepts in health are discussed as well as the whole context within which nurses function as professionals.


Author : Leonard Broom
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