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Socket Bayonets

Author : Graham Priest
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Explores the fascinating world of socket bayonets.

American Socket Bayonets 1717 1873

Author : Donald Blake Webster
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Socket Bayonets of the Great Powers

Author : Robert W. Shuey
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Socket Bayones of the Great Powers is a heavily-illustrated collector's guide to socket or angular bayonets. It highlights variations & features of these bayonets to aid the collector with fast, easy identification. Countries covered in the book are the United States, Austria, Belgium, Britain (& the East India Co.), Denmark, France, Germany & Prussia, Italy, Holland, Russia, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland. Toys, reproductions & fakes also are covered, as are socket bayonets as non-weapons. There are 133 photographs & 78 illustrations in the book. Contact Excalibur Publications, PO Box 35369, Tucson, AZ 85740-5369. Voice: (520) 575-9057. Fax: (520) 575-9068.

American Socket Bayonets and Scabbards

Author : Robert Reilly
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One of the most useful books about bayonets is finally back in print! By the late Robert M. Reilly, a comprehensive illustrated guide to U.S. socket bayonets from the Colonial era to the post-Civil War time period. This standard reference work allows for easy identification by collectors, historians and curators. Enthusiasts everywhere will be glad to see it available once more, this time in a handy softcover format. The detailed research behind this work, combined with the technical accuracy of its countless illustrative drawings, will prove invaluable to the novice as well as the advanced student of both bayonets and the scabbards that sheathed them.100+ black and white illustrations. Softcover reprint, third edition. 8.5" x 11". 221 pages.

Fix Bayonets

Author : John Norris
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The bayonet is an essential item of a soldier's kit even on today's modern hi-tech battlefield. This work examines the origins of this humble weapon and the 'cult of the bayonet' as espoused by the Russian General Alexander Suvorov who asserted that The bullet misses, the bayonet does not. The first bayonets appeared in France in the early 17th century and soon they were being used by every army in Europe. The author examines the spread of this simple weapon and how it led to fundamental changes being made in battlefield tactics. Over 300 years later, in the age of hi-tech warfare and weapons of mass destruction, the bayonet is still in service with armies around the world. British and US forces in Afghanistan regularly have their bayonets fixed. Fix Bayonets illustrates how tactics changed and the design of the weapon, although fundamentally the same, has evolved over the centuries.Much myth and legend surrounds the subject of bayonet charges and the weapon has become an icon of defiance and the determination to do whatever it takes to win. The author examines evidence for the reality of such actions. How did the ordinary soldier feel to be told 'fix bayonets'? John Norris draws on personal accounts of soldiers using bayonets in combat from the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars, various Colonial campaigns, through the World Wars, Falklands War and into the 21st century in Afghanistan. In so doing he explains the seemingly anachronistic survival of this simple weapon on the modern battlefield.

American Military Shoulder Arms Volume III

Author : George D. Moller
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This third volume in Moller’s authoritative reference work describes muzzleloading percussion shoulder arms procured by the U.S. government for issue to federal and state armed forces in the period that includes the Civil War. These twenty-five years were an exciting time in the history of shoulder arms. During the 1840s, only a handful of American manufacturers were capable of producing significant quantities of arms having fully interchangeable components. By the early 1850s, at least one firm was producing rifles with close enough tolerances to be considered fully interchangeable. And thanks to the invention of the expanding bullet, rifled arms could be used by an army’s entire infantry. For the first time, line infantry were equipped with arms capable of rapid reloading and of consistently hitting a man-sized target at distances as great as three hundred yards. Like the first two volumes of American Military Shoulder Arms, this exhaustive reference work will be a must for serious arms collectors, dealers, and museum specialists.

From Savannah to Yorktown

Author : Henry Lumpkin
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Bloodshed in the American Revolution began in Massachusetts and ended in South Carolina. That the last major action of the war occurred in the South was no accident. The British regarded the South as their best chance of crushing the rebellion, and a southern strategy governed British military campaigning during the decisive years from 1778 to 1781. How that strategy failed in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia is answered in this highly readable military history, which carries the reader from the early backcountry skirmishes to the climactic triumph at Yorktown. From Savannah to Yorktown sketches many of the colorful field commanders, discusses the weaponry and uniforms, and, above all, unfolds the battle events, strategy, and tactics. Well-illustrated with maps, portraits, battle scenes, and arms, this first comprehensive military history devoted to the American Revolution in the South will be welcomed by anyone interested in the southern battleground of freedom.

War in Europe

Author : Jeremy Black
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War in Europe is an overview of war and military development in Europe since 1450, bringing together the work of a renowned historian of modern European and military history in a single authoritative volume. Beginning with the impact of the Reformation and continuing up to the present day, Jeremy Black discusses the following key themes: long-term military developments, notably in the way war is waged and battle conducted the relationship between war and transformations in the European international system the linkage between military requirements and state developments the consequences of these requirements, and of the experience of war, for the nature of society Adopting a clear chronological approach, Black weaves a rich and detailed narrative of the development of war in relation to transformations in the European international system, demonstrating the links between its causes and consequences in the military, political and social spheres. Assimilating decades of important research as well as bringing new perspectives to the topic, War in Europe is a key text for students taking courses in European history, international relations and war studies.

American Military Shoulder Arms Volume I

Author : George D. Moller
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American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume I: Colonial and Revolutionary War Arms focuses on the arms used from the early exploratory period throughout the colonial period and the American Revolution. Arranged chronologically, it contains definitive descriptions of the pre-flintlock and flintlock shoulder arms used in North America and detailed accounts of the development and progression of military regulation shoulder arms of the major colonial powers from the early eighteenth century through the Revolutionary War. Lavishly illustrated with more than four hundred vivid photographs of muskets, rifles, carbines, and other arms, this book offers an intelligent analysis of the shoulder arms procured and used by the colonists, colonial and state governments, and the Continental Congress.

The Spirit of the Pike

Author : Graham Priest
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