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Defence of Socrates Euthyphro Crito

Author : Plato,
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These new translations present Plato's remarkable dramatizations of the momentous events surrounding the trial of Socrates on charges of irreligion and corrupting the young.

Socrates Man and Myth

Author : Anton-Hermann Chroust
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The purpose of this book, first published in 1957, is to make a critical analysis of the controversial Socratic problem. The Socratic issue owes its paramount difficulty not only to the status of available source materials, but also to the diversity of opinion as to the proper use of these materials. This volume offers a new approach to the problem, and a starting point to further investigations.

Socrates and the Socratic Schools

Author : Eduard Zeller
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Author : C. C. W. Taylor
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Christopher Taylor explores the relationship between the historical Socrates and the Platonic character, and examines the enduring image of Socrates as the ideal exemplar of the philosophic life.

The Death of Socrates

Author : Emily R. Wilson
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Examines how the trial and death of Socrates has impacted the Western world throughout history.

The Bloomsbury Companion to Socrates

Author : John Bussanich
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Featuring chapters by leading international scholars in Ancient Philosophy, the is a comprehensive one volume reference to guide to Socrates' thought.

Alcibiades and the Socratic Lover Educator

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In the Platonic work Alcibiades I, a divinely guided Socrates adopts the guise of a lover in order to divert Alcibiades from an unthinking political career. The contributors to this carefully focussed volume cover aspects of the background to the work; its arguments and the philosophical issues it raises; its relationship to other Platonic texts, and its subsequent history up to the time of the Neoplatonists. Despite its ancient prominence, the authorship of Alcibiades I is still unsettled; the essays and two appendices, one historical and one stylometric, come together to suggest answers to this tantalising question.


Author : Andrew Mason
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Plato (c.428-347 BCE) stands at the beginning of many debates that have continued throughout the history of philosophy. His literary career spanned fifty years and the influence of his ideas and those of his followers pervaded philosophy throughout antiquity. Andrew Mason's lucid and engaging introduction, draws on recent scholarship to offer a fresh general survey of Plato's philosophy. Aware of the methodological challenges that confront any writer on Plato, Mason handles the issue of Plato's intellectual development and relationship with Socrates with an assured grasp. Thematically structured, the book begins with Plato's principal contribution to metaphysics, the 'Theory of Forms', which forms a necessary background to his thought in many areas. His theory of knowledge, which is intimately linked with the Forms is explored in detail along with Plato's views of the soul, an important theme in itself and an entry point to discussion of his ethics, one of Plato's major concerns. Finally, the book deals with two areas of Plato's thought which have had an especially important historical impact, not confined to academic philosophy: his theory of God and nature, and his aesthetics. Throughout, Mason highlights the continuing themes in Plato's work and how they develop from one dialogue to another.

The Irish Law Times and Solicitors Journal

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Comic Invective in Ancient Greek and Roman Oratory

Author : Sophia Papaioannou
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This volume acknowledges the centrality of comic invective in a range of oratorical institutions (especially forensic and symbouleutic), and aspires to enhance the knowledge and understanding of how this technique is used in such con-texts of both Greek and Roman oratory. Despite the important scholarly work that has been done in discussing the patterns of using invective in Greek and Roman texts and contexts, there are still notable gaps in our knowledge of the issue. The introduction to, and the twelve chapters of, this volume address some understudied multi-genre and interdisciplinary topics: first, the ways in which comic invective in oratory draws on, or has implications for, comedy and other genres, or how these literary genres are influenced by oratorical theory and practice, and by contemporary socio-political circumstances, in articulating comic invective and targeting prominent individuals; second, how comic invective sustains relationships and promotes persuasion through unity and division; third, how it connects with sexuality, the human body and male/female physiology; fourth, what impact generic dichotomies, as, for example, public-private and defence-prosecution, may have upon using comic invective; and fifth, what the limitations in its use are, depending on the codes of honour and decency in ancient Greece and Rome.