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John Brown Soldier of Fortune A Critique

Author : Hill Peebles Wilson
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Reproduction of the original: John Brown, Soldier of Fortune - A Critique by Hill Peebles Wilson

Soldier of Fortune

Author : Douglas V. Meed
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Soldier of Fortune traces the bold and adventurous career of Emil Holmdahl, one of that swashbuckling breed of mercenaries growing out of the United States' imperialistic years during the early twentieth century. Following Holmdahl from the Philippine Insurrection, through the "banana wars" in Central America, onto the bloody stage of the Mexican Revolution and World War I, Douglas Meed captures the drama and adventure not only of Holmdahl, but of the United States' quest to become a major world power. Holmdahl's adventures in Mexico shed new light on revolutionary activities and the struggle for power, including the death of revolutionary leader Francisco "Pancho" Villa. Meed suggests that Holmdahl may have been the man who opened Villa's grave, cut off his head, and sold it to a Mexican general. The author captures the excitement and spirit of adventure in those bloody years, while Holmdahl's life mirrors the end of one era and the beginning of another -- from the twilight of the era of horse-driven armies to the age of industrial warfare. Soldier of Fortune is a fascinating account of a bygone age, and forms a distinctive addition to the annals of the American Southwest. Book jacket.

Soldier s Fortune

Author : Lexy Timms
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The war is over, and America is trying to heal, but Clara can take no joy in it. Even as the farm prospers and her family is once more at peace, Clara faces unimaginable grief: she has been unable to carry a child to term, and the loss of her children has nearly destroyed her. She has tried to remain strong for the sake of her family, but now, pregnant again, Clara finds herself consumed with fear—if she loses this baby as well, she is not sure she can go on. Jasper tries to comfort his wife, but he is lost enough in his own grief that he knows there are no easy answers. As he and Clara cling together against a harsh world, he fears that another tragedy will break them apart. He believes that things cannot get worse, but he is sadly mistaken—because Jasper still holds secrets he has not told even to Clara. Secrets about his youth, his family, and why he has never tried to rebuild his family homestead. So when his sister comes to find him, a sister he thought to be dead, Jasper must at last tell the truth about the past he despises…and a present that seems increasingly hopeless.

The Encyclopedia Americana

Author : Alexander Hopkins McDannald
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Fortune s Soldier

Author : James Barrington
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Power, ambition, corruption – the British East India Company risesAn old empire at war with itself 1744, Scotland. Young Nicholas Ballantyne’s life is turned upside down when his uncle, caught up in events far beyond his control, announces that, for his own safety, Nicholas is to set sail for India immediately to join the East India Company. A new power rising After decades of struggle, the Company is ready to expand. Nicholas and his new friend and colleague, the mercurial Robert Clive, rise quickly within the Company’s ranks, masterminding plans to counter French designs in India. A battle for survival But the fight for India will only be resolved in battle. On the fields of Plassey, the two armies draw up for the climactic encounter. For Robert and Nicholas, commanding the Company’s forces, this will be their making, or their end... Brilliantly crafted, and bringing to life the momentous events that shook India in the mid-eighteenth century, Fortune’s Soldier is an epic tale of a fascinating era by a master storyteller.

A Catalogue of Old and Rare Books

Author : Pickering & Chatto, firm, booksellers, London
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A Catalogue of Old and Rare Books Offered for Sale

Author : Pickering & Chatto
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The Cowboy Capitalist

Author : Charles van Onselen
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The Jameson Raid was a pivotal moment in the history of South Africa, linking events from the Anglo-Boer War to the declaration of the Union of South Africa in 1910. For more than a century, the failed revolution has been interpreted through the lens of British imperialism, with responsibility laid at the feet of Cecil Rhodes. Yet, the raid was less a serious attempt to overthrow a Boer government than a wild adventure with transnational roots in American filibustering. In The Cowboy Capitalist, renowned South African historian Charles van Onselen challenges a historiography of over 120 years, locating the raid in American rather than British history and forcing us to rethink the histories of at least three nations. Through a close look at the little-remembered figure of John Hays Hammond, a confidant of both Rhodes and Jameson, he discovers the American Old West on the South African Highveld. This radical reinterpretation challenges the commonly held belief that the Jameson Raid was quintessentially British and, in doing so, drives splinters into our understanding of events as far forward as South Africa’s critical 1948 general election, with which the foundations of Grand Apartheid were laid.

The Poetical Works of John Dryden with Biographical and Critical Notices Edited by Ludwig Gantter

Author : John Dryden
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Author : Walter M. Hill (Firm)
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