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Catalogue of the Allen A Brown Collection of Music in the Public Library of the City of Boston

Author : Boston Public Library. Allen A. Brown Collection of Music
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National Union Catalog

Author :
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Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Beethoven Forum

Author : Christopher Reynolds
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An annual of international Beethoven studies, Beethoven Forum sustains and promotes the high level of scholarship inspired by Beethoven's extraordinary works. Volume 2 represents the wide range of approaches that enrich the understanding and appreciation of Beethoven and his interpreters. Michael C. Tusa describes Beethoven's life-long affinity for the key of C-minor, showing Beethoven's consistencies in technique and structure. Tia Denora clarifies how Beethoven's early recognition as a great musician was linked to the social aspirations of his Viennese patrons. Beginning with Tovey's renowned metaphor of the harmonic "Cloud" in the Eroica symphony, Lawrence Earp reconsiders the extensive attention Beethoven gave to the passage. Lewis Lockwood resolves issues that have troubled scholars and musicians about the Scherzo of the F Major String Quartet (Op. 59, No. 1). William Drabkin, one of the world's premier authorities on the Missa Solemnis, analyzes the sketches and autographs of that mass's later movements. Noting the renewed interest in questions about the meaning of music, Kevin Korsyn proposes a rereading of J. W. N. Sullivan's Beethoven: His Spiritual Development and shows its relevance to the comprehension of the A Minor String Quartet, (Op. 132). The importance of Carl Dahlhaus's Ludwig van Beethoven und seine Zeit was immediately acknowledged upon its publication in 1987. Translated into English in 1991, the book will further extend its influence. To assess that influence, three Beethoven scholars provide independent appraisals of the book. Hermann Danuser places the book in the context of Dahlhaus's other works and stresses Beethoven's determination to give each of his works individuality. John Daverio discusses the cultural background to Dahlhaus's outlook on "wit" and "reflectivity." And James Webster critiques the assumptions that underlie Dahlhaus's musical analyses. All relate the book to Dahlhaus's other works and indicate in what ways the book can serve as a catalyst for future study.

Music Books on Music and Sound Recordings

Author : Library of Congress
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The Finale in Western Instrumental Music

Author : James and Constance Alsop Professor of Music Michael Talbot
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The knowledge that finales are by tradition (and perhaps also necessarily) 'different' from other movements has been around a long time, but this is the first time that the special nature of finales in instrumental music has been examined comprehensively and in detail. Three main types of finale, labelled 'relaxant', 'summative', and 'valedictory', are identified. Each type is studied closely, with a wealth of illustration and analytical commentary covering the entire period from the Renaissance to the present day. The history of finales in five important genres -- suite, sonata, string quartet, symphony, and concerto -- is traced, and the parallels and divergences between these traditions are identified. Several wider issues are mentioned, including narrativity, musical rounding, inter-movement relationships, and the nature of codas. The book ends with a look at the finales of all Shostakovich's string quartets, in which examples of most of the types may be found.

Beethoven s Chamber Music in Context

Author : Angus Watson
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Beethoven s Piano Sonatas

Author : Charles Rosen
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In this comprehensive and authoritative guide, Rosen places Beethoven's sonatas in context and provides an understanding of the formal principles involved in interpreting and performing this unique repertoire. Includes a CD of the author performing extracts from several of the works.

Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study

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Details the excerpts, complete pieces, and movements contained in the various anthologies for musical analysis--a benefit to teachers and students of music theory.

Beethoven The Music and the Life

Author : Lewis Lockwood
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An authoritative work offering a fresh look at Beethoven’s life, career, and milieu. “Magisterial” —New York Review of Books. This brilliant portrayal weaves Beethoven's musical and biographical stories into their historical and artistic contexts. Lewis Lockwood sketches the turbulent personal, historical, political, and cultural frameworks in which Beethoven worked and examines their effects on his music. "The result is that rarest of achievements, a profoundly humane work of scholarship that will—or at least should—appeal to specialists and generalists in equal measure" (Terry Teachout, Commentary). Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. "Lewis Lockwood has written a biography of Beethoven in which the hours that Beethoven spent writing music—that is, his methods of working, his interest in contemporary and past composers, the development of his musical intentions and ideals, his inner musical life, in short—have been properly integrated with the external events of his career. The book is invaluable." —Charles Rosen "Lockwood writes with poetry and clarity—a rare combination. I especially enjoyed the connection that he makes between the works of Beethoven and the social and political context of their creation—we feel closer to Beethoven the man without losing our wonder at his genius." —Emanuel Ax "The magnum opus of an illustrious Beethoven scholar. From now on, we will all turn to Lockwood's Beethoven: The Music and the Life for insight and instruction." —Maynard Solomon "This is truly the Beethoven biography for the intelligent reader. Lewis Lockwood speaks in his preface of writing on Beethoven's works at 'a highly accessible descriptive level.' But he goes beyond that. His discussion of the music, based on a deep knowledge of its context and the composition processes behind it, explains, elucidates, and is not afraid to evaluate; while the biographical chapters, clearly and unfussily written, and taking full account of the newest thinking on Beethoven, align closely with the musical discussion. The result is a deeply perceptive book that comes as close as can be to presenting the man and the music as a unity."—Stanley Sadie, editor, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians "Impressive for both its scholarship and its fresh insights, this landmark work—fully accessible to the interested amateur—immediately takes its place among the essential references on this composer and his music."—Bob Goldfarb, KUSC-FM 91.5 "Lockwood writes like an angel: lucid, enthusiastic, stirring and enlightening. Beethoven has found his ablest interpreter."—Jonathan Keates, The Spectator "There is no better survey of Beethoven's compositions for a wide audience."—Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times Book Review