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Song of the Sea

Author : Ann Spencer
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Collects the myths, legends, and tunes of sailors from across the globe, with tales about mermaids, monsters, pirates, and salty dogs.

Song of the Sea

Author : Jean Ferris
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Raider is almost killed boarding the LIGHTNING to save Rosie from the cruel Captain Lawrence, who has kidnapped, tormented and imprisoned her. Rosie nurses his wounds and tries to forget his surprising kiss, while she prays for his life and for her own strength to resist him. For she knows there's no room in his life for love. Too soon this brash and charming privateer must return to the danger and excitement of the war at sea, taking with him Rosie's heart and his own silent passion for her, and all is complicated by the appearance of the notorious prate Jean Laffite.

The Song of the Sea

Author : Brian D. Russell
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Original Scholarly Monograph

The Song of the Sea

Author : D. Morgan
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Song of the Sea depicts all these moods of the sea, plus many more, in this new collection of seascapes, shells, lighthouses, and beaches -- all things seaworthy. Each page features Morgan's luminous, heart-tugging art with quotations about the sea -- poems and literary snippets, musings by the famous and the anonymous -- all celebrating the wonder of the ocean.

S O S Songs of the Sea

Author : Lynn Kleiner
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S.O.S. Songs of the Sea is the perfect mix of music, creativity, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, childcare providers . . . and kids! Students will enjoy learning about the sea and its creatures through the engaging songs and reproducible activities. Classroom curriculum, music, crafts, and snacks are integrated, overlapped and joined to immerse students in a joyful, creative learning experience.

Golden Journeys

Author : R. J. J. Atkin
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A psychic book for encouraging lifestyle development 16 - to 100 age group

Irish Ballads and Songs of the Sea

Author : James N. Healy
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The Song of the Sea

Author : Jenn Alexander
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The ocean has always been a place of freedom for Lisa Whelan, and after her newborn son passes away, she returns to her family home by the sea to seek freedom from her grief. She’s not expecting to meet anyone, and is caught off guard by the attraction she feels for Rachel, the part-owner of a local restaurant. That initial spark is dampened, however, when Lisa realizes that Rachel has a child. Rachel Murray has worked hard to build a life for herself and her son but raising Declan has not been without its challenges. Each day when Rachel picks him up from school, she says a silent prayer that he will be waiting for her in his classroom, and not in the principal’s office. Again. Her son’s behavior has grown increasingly disruptive, and Rachel is at a loss at how to help him. Despite her grief, Lisa finds herself drawn to both Rachel and Declan. She thinks she can keep her emotions at bay— keep from drowning in grief and keep from falling in love—but she finds both to be a tidal wave, washing over her, sweeping her off her feet. Lisa never intended on falling in love with anyone, and she certainly cannot allow herself to fall for someone whose son is a constant reminder of the child she lost. Or can she?

Little Turtle and the Song of the Sea

Author : Sheridan Cain
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Little Turtle battles to survive the perilous journey from his egg, down the beach, to the sea. He has to overcome many dangers -- the smothering sand, a diving seagull, a fierce crab. Will Little Turtle reach the sea at last?A lyrical text by Sheridan Cain is perfectly complemented by Norma Burgin's luminescent paintings.

Song of the Sea God

Author : Chris Hill
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John Love drifts in on the grey North Sea tide to grace a remote island off the English coast. The stranger effects an immediate messianic glow upon the bladder-wracked community of odds and sods, making disciples of the most unlikely characters.

Song of the Sea

Author : Jane Dolby
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Jane Dolby fell in love with a fisherman - the most dangerous peacetime occupation that exists - leading her to find a place in a traditional British world that many have forgotten. Jane was not expecting to fall in love, but she did with Colin, a local fisherman in her hometown. Then one day she faces the loss every fisherman's wife fears: the disappearance of her husband when his boat overturns at sea. Three days later, the boat is finally dredged up, without Colin. At the same time as Jane struggles with her grief, she must fight to keep a roof over her family's heads. With the help and kindness of friends and strangers, the fishing world rallies around one of their own and in time, Jane forms a plan to give something back to the community that has helped her. Jane brings together 40 women from fishing communities up and down the country to release a charity single, founding The Fishwives Choir, and gives a voice to women previously unheard. SONG OF THE SEA is the true story of one woman's love and loss, and after years in which grief stole her ability to sing, she finds her own voice again.

The Song of the Sea

Author :
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Songs of the Sea with Other Poems

Author : Epes Sargent
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Song of the Sea Shells

Author : Thomas Fisher
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The Song of the Sea

Author : Martin L. Brenner
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The series Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (BZAW) covers all areas of research into the Old Testament, focusing on the Hebrew Bible, its early and later forms in Ancient Judaism, as well as its branching into many neighboring cultures of the Ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world.


Author : Tomm Moore
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Songs of the Sea

Author : Dean Frech
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Sartin’s amber eyes told his mother and the rest of the Sea People he was destined to become a great protector. Finding his mate at his twenty-third Winter Meeting, Sartin is overjoyed at finally being able to assume his destined role with Sommar by his side. However, a freak storm soon takes Sartin far away from Winter Cove, and an injury to his tail prevents him from returning. Even worse, he can no longer hear the songs of his pod and his mate in his head. Sartin finds love and acceptance from Maru, a member of the Land People, who nurses him back to health. When Maru’s people turn against him, Sartin faces a series of battles for his survival. Can the songs of Sommar and his fellow Sea People save him?

Songs of the Sea and Lays of the Land

Author : Charles Godfrey Leland
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Reproduction of the original: Songs of the Sea and Lays of the Land by Charles Godfrey Leland

A Song of the Sea

Author : Eric Mackay
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She Ra Song of the Sea Witch She Ra Chapter Book 3

Author : Tracey West
File Size : 28.40 MB
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The iconic heroine She-Ra is back! An all-new original chapter book set in the world of She-Ra, just in time for the reboot of the series on Netflix.