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Believe the cosmic rule that no one is sent by God to you without a reason. Why on earth it is he or she who met me and turn my life upside down? Why the one in trillion chances rested on him or her to give me such a shocking wave of love/life lesson? ......... The reason why we have the sixth sense intuition as human beings are because our souls had read the script of our current life before incarnation took place. We just forgot all the details. It is not unusual that we get strong premonitions before major life events happen. It is also not surprising when we feel hidden turns always lurking somewhere without any logic facilitation. ....... If we feel needy to this world, then we owe the world something. If we feel needy to someone, then we owe this person something. The needy tendency is an inborn thing, the so-called “Love at First Sight”. Or it could be acquired, the so-called “Emotional Entanglement”. Being Needy shows what we owe the outside because it keeps draining energy from us not what the outside owes us Mankind is often confused between the two. To learn more, just look into LIFE CONTRACT and give me your feedback, the 2nd series will be coming up soon.

Return Again

Author : Georgina Cannon
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Discover your true purpose in this life, by exploring your past life in this do-it-yourself guide to past life regression. Award-winning hypnotherapist Dr. Georgina Cannon shows how we can consciously influence our future by better understanding our past in Return Again: How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives. Cannon offers a practical and accessible approach that anyone can use to discover: Body and soul agreementsPlanes of existenceLevels of understandingKarmaSoul Mates—you may have more than one!Past lives and your “interlife”--where you meet those with whom you have a soul contract to plan your next life. Cannon offers a step-by-step process with simple explanations and pragmatic exercises that readers can use to answer questions about their past and current lives. Return Again is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to live life to the fullest.

Unveil Your Intuition

Author : Michelle Piper
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During the decades of delivering Spirit messages to the world, Michelle “Motherella” Piper realized how many people desire to learn how to utilize their own intuition and connect with Spirit the same way she does. Many think you need a “special gift” to connect with Spirit. Your ability to unveil your natural-born intuition will allow you to see that you, and everyone, possess the gift of intuition. The question is, are you and others actually using your intuition to connect with your higher self and Spirit? This workbook compiles years of wisdom, experiences, knowledge, and Spiritual insight for those wanting to harness their intuition at any level. These activities can accelerate your Spiritual growth and inner power by allowing you to expand your consciousness, deepen your connection, and connect with your Spirit Guides and loved ones. In this workbook you will: • Understand the levels of consciousness and expansion from 3D to 5D • Learn about the difference between Angels, Spirit Guides & loved ones • Expand your natural-born gifts of intuition and abilities; including psychic and mediumship • Utilize writing prompts to help you grow and develop your innate gifts while connecting with your higher self and Spirit. Motherella strongly believes that developing your intuitive self and natural-born gifts is something that will help you in your life. You will gain clarity, receive your own guidance, and begin to live a true authentic life. This workbook will help you sharpen your natural intuition and develop your psychic and mediumship abilities so you can begin to receive your own Spirit guidance from Spirit Guides.

Messages From Metatron A Course in Self Transformation

Author : Nina Bingham
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If you liked, "A Course In Miracles" you will love, "Messages From Metatron: A Course In Self-Transformation." Readers are calling it "captivating" and "astounding." This channeled masterpiece offers 30 messages from the highest Archangel, Metatron. It includes a Study Guide with questions and exercises for individuals or groups. Devi Nina Bingham has compiled an extraordinary program for self-transformation, assisting men and women in discovering their purpose, or "Life Chart." In a series of irresistible dialogues, "Messages From Metatron" stretches the limits of what is known about the cosmos to the breaking point. An absorbing read that will convince you of the reality of angels! AN INTRODUCTION TO MESSAGES FROM METATRON: Messages From Metatron is a curriculum for those seeking to achieve spiritual transformation. The underlying themes are that humanity is one, and you are an indispensable part of the Cosmic design. It consists of a text and a workbook for students and is created for individual or group use. It is a three-book curriculum teaching a non-denominational and universal spirituality. The language of the course is Christian in nature, yet includes channeled information on such fascinating and thought-provoking metaphysical subjects as: Mother God, Spirit Guides and Angels, Enlightenment, Transgender and Same-Sex, Soulmates, Karma, Intuition & ESP, The Multiverse, Parallel Universes and Holographic you, The Oversoul, The Akashic Record and The Future. The Workbook for Students includes 30 lessons that allow you to apply the messages to your life. Study a lesson per day to work through the Course in 1 month's time! Or, absorb a lesson anytime you need to be reminded of these uplifting messages of love and peace.

Experience Heaven on Earth

Author : Salantra
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"In the new matrix of life expect the unexpected, as constant change is the only stable condition." The genuine spiritual message in this book transmits a multidimensional perspective, which challenges us to liberate ourselves from archaic paradigms of organized teachings, and support independent thinking. It underscores that as we embrace all that we are within consciousness, we give ourselves an opportunity to experience the grand scope of multidimensional life. For the first time in human history we live as unified consciousness in human embodiment, which enables us to be fully present in the new matrix of life. Given that this union is only a moment away, are you ready to emanate your own resonance of light? "Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life is an experiential book that allows the reader access to their own blueprint. No other book gives step by step guidance and tools, which assist in the acceleration of your personal vibrational frequency - a manual where science and spirituality meet to assist you with your transfiguration. This book places conscious ascension in your hands." - Karen Bissett, South Windsor, CT USA

Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy

Author : Alexandra Dent
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Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy: The Heart Led Approach to Clinical Practice offers a means for therapists to integrate a spiritual perspective into their clinical practice. The book provides a valuable alternative to traditional forms of psychotherapy by placing an emphasis on purpose and meaning. Introducing a new spiritually-informed model, Heart Led Psychotherapy (HLP), the book uses a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach to treat psychological distress. When clients experience challenges, trauma or attachment difficulties, this can create blocks and restrictions which result in repeated patterns of behaviours and subsequent psychological distress. Based on the premise that everyone is on an individual life journey, HLP teaches clients to become an observer, identifying the life lesson that they are being asked to understand or experience. The model can be used whether a client has spiritual beliefs or not, enabling them to make new choices that are in keeping with their authentic selves, and to live a more fulfilled and peaceful life. Illustrated by case studies to highlight key points, and including a range of practical resource exercises and strategies, this engaging book will have wide appeal to therapists and clinicians from a variety of backgrounds.

The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt

Author : Judy Hall
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A step-by-step guide to raising kundalini and embodying the dynamic, sexual force, that is the Power of Sekhem. Sex is the most potent force in the universe. A primal power. And sacred sexuality is a gateway to the divine. Something that the ancient Egyptians recognised instinctively. In The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt, bestselling author, Judy Hall, offers the reader powerful sexual magic for the present day. It reveals sexual secrets hidden for millennia. This jealously guarded secret doctrine is now available to everyone. The system activates your creative erotic potential. Kindling the inner and outer mystic marriages, it is a joining of souls with the divine. Through a cosmic orgasm that is literally mind-blowing, the process generates the power to manifest and integrate expanded consciousness into the everyday world. The system can be used to attract a twin-flame or make a sacred marriage with an existing partner. The practice can also be worked alone to invoke an integration with your highest Self. Crystals support the practice throughout. Accompaniment to Judy Hall's new novel, The Alchemy of the Night.

Drawing the Dead Portraits of Love

Author : Sheri Hawk
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A must read for those curious about the spirits that watch over them as well as those on their own spiritual path of discovery. Sheri Hawk shares portraits of spirits and their stories. Learn how to create your own spirit art.

How to Become Intuitive

Author : Liz Schau
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We live in a painful, chaotic world that grows more erratic and polarizing by the day. This reality is full of wounding, chakra imbalances, karma, and illness swept under the rug, “dumped” into the recesses of the subconscious mind -- or body, never to be acknowledged again. But there is a place deep inside of you that questions what is real. There is some strong resonant chord that feels the truth despite being talked out of it. This chord of truth has never gone away, despite everyone’s best efforts. How to Become Intuitive is a groundbreaking, heart-centered, step-by-step guide that teaches the reader to access and trust her first instinct. It illuminates the historical and spiritual control dynamics that have kept humans from trusting their intuition, and how to become whole, divine beings able to perceive truth once again. You will learn the hidden reasons you have never fully trusted yourself -- or been allowed to. You will learn the psychology behind the oddities you have observed and felt. You will understand the battle between good and evil that is taking place before our very eyes but that most are asleep to. You will also discover the inter-connectedness between your subconscious feelings, observations, and experiences, and the fifth-dimensional, metaphysical translation of such occurrences. Not only will you learn to liberate and heal yourself from all past and present falsehoods that have kept you imprisoned and sick, you will also learn to “read” yourself and others for the spiritual meaning behind human behavior and appearance, illness, historical events, and supernatural and astrological phenomena that surround us daily. By tapping into your intuition once and for all, you become the person you were born to be and self-actualize to your greatest potential to heal yourself, others, and the world.

Soulmate Guidebook Twin Soul Twin Flame Dual Soul Karmic Partner

Author : Gabriele Hannemann
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It is not by chance that you`ve discovered this little book, but rather due to your soul which has led you to this point in life. Do you happen to be searching for answers because you`ve met someone who is making you feel miserable? Sounds like you`ve encountered a soulmate. Do you feel as if you could relate to the following questions or do you happen to find yourself in them? - "Why is he/she always withdrawing from me?" - "Why does he/she act contrarily to what he/she is saying to me?" - "Why does he/she get involved with another person, and not with me?" - "Why do I suffer so much when he/she withdraws from me?" - "Why do such incredible things happen, which cannot be a matter of chance?"" - "Why do others think I`m crazy if I tell them about this connection?" If you seem to answer most of these questions with a "yes," then you`re most certainly experiencing a soul connection. This connection is not an accidental one, on the contrary, it`s meant to encourage your further development and to help you master various learning tasks in order to be able to finally reach your goal. This guidebook could answer many of your questions and sequently, help you deal with this connection more easily. The Soulmate Guidebook is an abridged version and a reading sample of the books "The Truth About Soulmates (Twin Souls, Twin Flames, Dual Souls, Karmic Partners)" by Gabriele Hannemann.