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Sound Relations

Author : Jessica Bissett Perea
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Sound Relations delves into histories of Inuit musical life in Alaska to trace the ways in which sound is integral to self-determination and sovereignty. Offering radical and relational ways of listening to Inuit performances across genres--from hip hop to Christian hymnody and traditional drumsongs to funk and R&B --author Jessica Bissett Perea shows how Indigenous ways of musicking amplify possibilities for more just and equitable futures.

Labor Relations

Author : Arthur A. Sloane
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Anglo French Relations in the Twentieth Century

Author : Alan Sharp
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Anglo-French Relations in the Twentieth Century is a collection of studies on the key episodes of the difficult and often discordant Anglo-French exchange over the past century. The authors critically re-evaluate: * the role of Spain in Anglo-French relations up to 1918 * the missed opportunity of the 1920s with the failure of France and Britain to find sufficient common ground and co-operation * the short-lived Anglo-French alliance and the Second World War * the degree of Anglo-French Imperial co-operation * the Suez Crisis * British and French policies on European Integration.

Swimbladder Morphology of Some Mesopelagic Fishes in Relation to Sound Scattering

Author : R. L. Capen
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An examination was made of fresh and preserved specimens of Pacific lantern fishes, hatchet fishes, and hake. Most of the lantern fishes under 50-mm standard length contain gas in their swimbladders and, hence, are probably major sound scatterers. The hatchet fishes possibly contribute to scattering of nonmigratory layers. The resonance depths of the swimbladders differ widely for sound of different frequencies. Because of its larger size, the swimbladder of the hake should resonate at low frequencies.

Labour management Relations Series

Author : International Labour Office
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Thinking and Literacy

Author : Carolyn N. Hedley
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This volume explores higher level, critical, and creative thinking, as well as reflective decision making and problem solving -- what teachers should emphasize when teaching literacy across the curriculum. Focusing on how to encourage learners to become independent thinking, learning, and communicating participants in home, school, and community environments, this book is concerned with integrated learning in a curriculum of inclusion. It emphasizes how to provide a curriculum for students where they are socially interactive, personally reflective, and academically informed. Contributors are authorities on such topics as cognition and learning, classroom climates, knowledge bases of the curriculum, the use of technology, strategic reading and learning, imagery and analogy as a source of creative thinking, the nature of motivation, the affective domain in learning, cognitive apprenticeships, conceptual development across the disciplines, thinking through the use of literature, the impact of the media on thinking, the nature of the new classroom, developing the ability to read words, the bilingual, multicultural learner, crosscultural literacy, and reaching the special learner. The applications of higher level thought to classroom contexts and materials are provided, so that experienced teacher educators, and psychologists are able to implement some of the abstractions that are frequently dealt with in texts on cognition. Theoretical constructs are grounded in educational experience, giving the volume a practical dimension. Finally, appropriate concerns regarding the new media, hypertext, bilingualism, and multiculturalism as they reflect variation in cognitive experience within the contexts of learning are presented.

United States Congressional Serial Set

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The Dial

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The Elements of Sound and Their Relation to Language

Author : Mark Harvey Liddell
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Scientific American

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