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Spaces and Politics of Motherhood

Author : Kate Boyer
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Spaces and Politics of Motherhood considers motherhood through themes at the cutting-edge of social and feminist theory including: materiality and material agency; place and memory in the formation of maternal identity; issues relating to parenting in public, and the politics of combining breastfeeding with wage-work.

The Politics of Motherhood

Author : Alexis Jetter
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Essays and interviews explode the myth of apolitical motherhood by showing how 20th century women have politicized their role as mothers in a wide range of social contexts.

Economic and Political Weekly

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Motherhood and Space

Author : C. Wiedmer
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This is a collection of essays on the spatial dimensions of motherhood. Engaging both theoretical and empirical perspectives, contributors describe the intersection of space and gender across a variety of contexts with both familiar and unexpected territories explored.

Revolutionizing Motherhood

Author : Marguerite Guzman Bouvard
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Revolutionizing Motherhood examines one of the most astonishing human rights movements of recent years. During the Argentine junta's Dirty War against subversives, as tens of thousands were abducted, tortured, and disappeared, a group of women forged the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and changed Argentine politics forever. The Mothers began in the 1970s as an informal group of working-class housewives making the rounds of prisons and military barracks in search of their disappeared children. As they realized that both state and church officials were conspiring to withhold information, they started to protest, claiming the administrative center of Argentina the Plaza de Mayo for their center stage. In this volume, Marguerite G. Bouvard traces the history of the Mothers and examines how they have transformed maternity from a passive, domestic role to one of public strength. Bouvard also gives a detailed history of contemporary Argentina, including the military's debacle in the Falklands, the fall of the junta, and the efforts of subsequent governments to reach an accord with the Mothers. Finally, she examines their current agenda and their continuing struggle to bring the murderers of their children to justice.

Spectral Spaces and Hauntings

Author : Christina Lee
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This anthology explores the spatial dimension and politics of haunting. It considers how the ‘appearance’ of absence, emptiness and the imperceptible can indicate an overwhelming presence of something that once was, and still is, (t)here. At its core, the book asks: how and why do certain places haunt us? Drawing from a diversity of mediums, forms and disciplinary approaches, the contributors to Spectral Spaces and Hauntings illustrate the complicated ways absent presences can manifest and be registered. The case studies range from the memory sites of a terrorist attack, the lost home, a vanished mining town and abandoned airports, to the post-apocalyptic wastelands in literary fiction, the photographic and filmic surfaces where spectres materialise, and the body as a site for re-corporealising the disappeared and dead. In ruminating on the afteraffects of spectral spaces on human experience, the anthology importantly foregrounds the ethical and political imperative of engaging with ghosts and following their traces.

Women s Spaces Women s Visions

Author : Katwiwa Mule
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Mule engages in a critical discussion concerning the work of 11 African female dramatists from East, West and South Africa. The study is a mix of literary theory and textual analysis.

Creating Spaces for Action

Author : Frida Nilsson
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"This Ph.D. dissertation examines the ways in which a group of ANC-women politicians reason about bridewealth / lobola - an institution about which they express differing views, in particular about whether or not it is oppressive to women. It is argued that there are explicit defining discourses on lobola as well as more implicitly expressed understandings. The explicit discourses make a distinction between `good lobola' - which is expressed in, for instance an economic discourse about `the purchase of women.' The family-related discourse is interpreted as part of a discursive strategy to create spaces for action with respect to relations of gender-related power. Furthermore, explicit discourses on lobola are interpreted as a `political discourse' which is formed both in relation to pragmatic `political realities' but also in relation to hegemonic Western discourses about lobola."


Author : Robyn Longhurst
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Over the past decade geographers have shown a growing interest in 'the body' as an important co-ordinate of subjectivity and as a way of understanding further relationships between people, place and space. To date, however geographers have published little on what is one of, if not the, most important of all bodies - bodies that conceive, give birth and nurture other bodies. It is time that feminist, social, and cultural geographers contributed more to debates about maternal bodies. This book offers a series of windows on the ways in which maternal bodies influence, and are influenced by, social and spatial processes. Topics covered include women ‘coming out’ as pregnant at work, changing fashion for pregnant women, being disabled and pregnant, the politics of home versus hospital birth, breastfeeding practices that sit outside the norm, women who are constructed as ‘bad’ mothers, and ‘e-mums’ (mothers who go on-line).

Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

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Troubling Motherhood

Author : Lucy B. Hall
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In global politics, women's bodies are policed, objectified, surveilled, and feared, with particular attention paid to both their met or unmet procreative potential. While the significance of motherhood varies across cultures, it is, as this book argues, connected not just to gender and sexuality, but also to religion and nationality. Reproduction is central to the flourishing of any nation or culture, and therefore motherhood is a major signifier of women's relationship to the state. This is so much the case that states enact laws about which women can bear children and have supported sterilization efforts in cases where women are not deemed appropriate bearers of the nation. States also legislate reproductive technologies, adoption, and government support for parenting. By considering representations and narratives of maternity, this volume shows how practices of global politics shape and are shaped by the gendered norms and institutions that underpin motherhood. Motherhood matters in global politics. Yet, the diverse ways in which performances and practices of motherhood are constituted by and are constitutive of other dimensions of political life are frequently obscured, or assumed to be of little interest to scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. Featuring innovative and diverse chapters on the politics of motherhood as an institution, this collection shows that maternality is troubled, complicated, and heterogeneous in global politics. Thus, performances and practices of motherhood warrant closer and more sustained scrutiny. This book builds on work by feminist international relations scholars, extending into disruptive spaces of queer theory, literary critique, and post-colonial studies. The chapters in this book consider the meaning of motherhood, particularly during times of war versus peace; the connections between motherhood and nationhood (and reproduction of the state); and care work and maternal labor, particularly as performed by transnational workers. Ultimately, this book demonstrates the complex interconnections between the individual, the state, and the global through the lens of maternality.

Journal of Women s History

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The Space of Experience

Author : Ann Beth Gelder
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The First Woman President

Author : Joseph P. Caruso
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This book gathers a variety of gender issues relating to the U.S. presidency. This includes issues on presidential campaigns and other roles activated by women in the White House. With leading edge research, this book dives into the controversy of female presidents for future America.

Reconstructing Motherhood

Author : Ana María Carbonell
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Social Movements Mobilization and Contestation in the Middle East and North Africa

Author : Joel Beinin
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This book examines the contentious politics of the working classes, the dissident intelligentsia, and unexpected forms of Islamism in Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey while engaging critically with Social Movement Theory.

Mothering in the Third Wave

Author : Amber E. Kinser
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"Mothering in the Third Wave is a welcome addition to scholarship on both third-wave feminism and feminist mothering. The volume continues in the tradition of earlier third-wave anthologies in its inclusive and diverse vision of feminisms and feminists, while forging new ground in its focus on third-wave mothers and third-wave practices of mothering. In exploring how the institution of motherhood is shaped by today's political and social realities, Mothering in the Third Wave examines contemporary experiences of feminist mothering while connecting to earlier writing on the subject since the 1970s. Recommended for readers of any generation interested in the complexities of feminist mothering in the twenty-first century." - Astrid Henry, author of Not My Mother's Sister: Generational Conflict and Third-Wave Feminism

Spaces of Diasporas

Author : Minoo Alinia
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The Spaces of Masculinity and Femininity in the Visual Arts

Author : Flaudette May V. Datuin
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