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Spaldeen Dreams

Author : James Pantaleno
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As a kid in Brooklyn, the Spaldeen was a big part of my childhood. My friends and I spent endless hours playing with this little pink ball while dreaming of becoming the next Joe DiMaggio or Ted Williams. Any kid who could hit a Spaldeen "two sewers" was among the first picked when we chose up sides for stickball. I guess those "Spaldeen Dreams" never came true for most of us, but along the way we were creating wonderful memories of growing up in Brooklyn during the 1950's. One in seven Americans can trace their roots back to Brooklyn. And if you asked them, I'd bet not many would choose to trade their childhood on the streets of Brooklyn for any other place in the world.

Magnificent Dreams

Author : Frances Spalding
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Transpacific Field of Dreams

Author : Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu
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Baseball has joined America and Japan, even in times of strife, for over 150 years. After the "opening" of Japan by Commodore Perry, Sayuri Guthrie-Shimizu explains, baseball was introduced there by American employees of the Japanese government tasked wit

Ambassadors in Pinstripes

Author : Thomas W. Zeiler
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EMERGENCIES, from accidents to natural disasters, can happen anywhere, anytime. Sudden Storm is packed with the information you need to be proactive instead of reactive-an inspired, empowered, self-reliant problem-solver with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to handle an emergency situation. With detailed instructions and tips, informative illustrations, and an authoritative and approachable style based on extensive research and credible sources, Sudden Storm takes the guesswork out of emergency preparedness. Clear and concise, it provides the essential facts on the most important safety topics including shelter, communication, water, sanitation, food, cooking, fuel, heat, light, and first aid. In this colorful, easy-to-use guide, get a comprehensive series of: (1) fact sheets, (2) action plan worksheets for creating your own emergency plan, and (3) projects using common, inexpensive materials to help you prepare and practice your skills. Complete the checklist to create emergency kits for every member of your family-pets included, of course. Learn not just what you should do in an emergency, but how and why you should do it. Start thinking realistically and creatively about the steps you would take in a variety of unexpected situations. Include the whole family in preparing your emergency plan, if possible, and have fun doing projects together. Though it may seem daunting to prepare for an emergency, the potential reward is immeasurable. Caring for loved ones in an emergency is invaluable; being prepared for a life-threatening situation is priceless. Get empowered. Be prepared. If an emergency strikes, you'll be more informed, self-reliant, and comfortable. It may also save your life. - where you can also download Sudden Storm in PDF format for $15 . These full color PDF files can be printed from your computer and put into a binder. In addition to containing your unique emergency action plan, this binder can be further customized to meet your own personal needs; for example, by also including a home fire escape plan, recent photos of loved ones, and copies of important papers.

Shattered Dreams

Author : Annika Spalding
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'Shattered Dreams' is a compelling novel about a woman who has fled an abusive relationship. Returning to Birmingham, she is unprepared but ready to face up to the harsh truths of the past and the people she left behind. Determined to move forward with her life and forget about the past, Kimberly begins to rebuild her relationships with her family and friends, but is unwilling to acknowledge the signs that her husband has found her and she may be at risk.

Material Dreams

Author : Kevin Starr
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Kevin Starr is the foremost chronicler of the California dream and indeed one of the finest narrative historians writing today on any subject. The first two installments of his monumental cultural history, "Americans and the California Dream," have been hailed as "mature, well-proportioned and marvelously diverse (and diverting)" (The New York Times Book Review) and "rich in details and alive with interesting, and sometimes incredible people" (Los Angeles Times). Now, in Material Dreams, Starr turns to one of the most vibrant decades in the Golden State's history, the 1920s, when some two million Americans migrated to California, the vast majority settling in or around Los Angeles. In a lively and eminently readable narrative, Starr reveals how Los Angeles arose almost defiantly on a site lacking many of the advantages required for urban development, creating itself out of sheer will, the Great Gatsby of American cities. He describes how William Ellsworth Smyth, the Peter the Hermit of the Irrigation Crusade, the self-educated, Irish engineer William Mulholland (who built the main aquaducts to Los Angeles), and George Chaffey (who diverted the Colorado River, transforming desert into the lush Imperial Valley) brought life-supporting water to the arid South. He examines the discovery of oil, the boosters and land developers, the evangelists (such as Bob Shuler, the Methodist Savanarola of Los Angeles, and Aimee Semple McPherson), and countless other colorful figures of the period. There are also fascinating sections on the city's architecture the impact of the automobile on city planning, the Hollywood film community, the L.A. literati, and much more. By the end of the decade, Los Angeles had tripled in population and become the fifth largest city in the nation. In Material Dreams, Starr captures this explosive growth in a narrative tour de force that combines wide-ranging scholarship with captivating prose.

The Journals of Spalding Gray

Author : Spalding Gray
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Riveting, funny, heartbreaking, at once raw and lyrical: these journals reveal the complexity of the actor/writer who invented the autobiographical monologue and perfected the form in such celebrated works as Swimming to Cambodia. Here is the first intimate portrait we have of the man behind the charismatic performer who ended his life in 2004: evolving artist, conflicted celebrity, a man struggling for years with depression before finally succumbing to its most desperate impulse. Begun when he was twenty-five, the journals give us Gray’s reflections on his childhood; his craving for success; the downtown New York arts scene of the 1970s; his love affairs, marriages and fatherhood; his travels in Europe and Asia; and throughout, his passion for the theater, where he worked to balance his compulsion to tell all with his terror of having his deepest secrets exposed. Culled from more than five thousand pages and including interviews with friends, colleagues, lovers, and family, The Journals of Spalding Gray gives us a haunting portrait of a creative genius who we thought had told us everything about himself—until now. From the Hardcover edition.

Dream Eyes

Author : Jayne Ann Krentz
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A suspicious death. A ghost in a mirror. The New York Times bestselling Dark Legacy novel from the author known for crafting stories of burning passion and chilling suspense... The death of her friend and mentor, Evelyn Ballinger, brings psychic counselor Gwen Frazier back to the small town of Wilby, Oregon, and brings back memories she would rather forget. Two years ago, a killer stalked the members of one of Ballinger’s research studies—including Gwen, who survived while two others didn’t. Now, she’s sure that Ballinger’s death is related. Sent by a friend to help Gwen, psychic investigator Judson Coppersmith arrives in Wilby barely in control of his own talent and his own life, and haunted by urgent dreams. His attraction to Gwen is primal, but there are secrets he must keep to protect himself from surrendering to her completely, even as their investigation draws them into dreamscapes, into decades of deception and into the paranormal fires of a desire too strong to resist...

A Mile of Dreams

Author : Jim Trevis
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Joe is the only son of George and Ruth Mitchell. Toiling endlessly on their dairy farm, he has rarely dated and has never participated in sports or other high school activities. Then a chance at love with Annie Jensen convinces Joe to join the track team. Freeing Joe from much of the dairy work at planting time threatens the family farm, but George acquiesces because his marriage with Ruth is fragile, and denying Joe permission to join the track team could break it. Coach OReilly allows Joe onto the team. Troy has a chance at the Conference championship, and he accurately sizes up Joes potential to place in a distance race. Joe becomes a one-point man Coach OReilly wants to count on, much to the chagrin of Mark Perkins, Troys star miler and Annies former boyfriend. Seeing Joe blossom with Annie and track affects George and Ruth deeply. They pledge to do whatever it takes to let Joe chase his dream, and their long-buried love is rekindled in the process. Joe senses the change in their relationship and for the first time in years the Mitchells are a functioning family. But things do not go smoothly. Events on the farm make losing it a real possibility. Through these rough times, each of the Mitchells has to determine what they value most, and what they are willing to sacrifice. What dreams they should pursue, and which ones they need to put the rest. Set in the late 1960s, A Mile of Dreams is a story not so much about the disappearance of family farms as it is about the strength and love of family. It is a story of father and son, of husband and wife, and the enduring power of dreams, no matter what age. Book Reviews: A Mile of Dreams Review A Mile of Dreams is a fine, multi-textured first novel by Jim Trevis. On the surface, it is a classic, coming-of-age story of a rural Minnesota teenager. Young Joe Mitchell struggles to achieve athletic glory, churns with the emotions of first love and grapples with adult-like family responsibilities. On deeper reading, however, the novel is more about strained family relationships as rural culture transitions from isolated, one-family farms to modern, commercial agriculture. A Mile of Dreams is an extremely accurate portrayal of the sheer volume of work a fifty-cow dairy farm requires, consuming nearly every waking hour of the family. Over the years, this 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. grind wears down the family, gnawing away at them physically and emotionally, jeopardizing the very relationships that family farms are supposed to embody. Because of the workload, Joe has never been allowed to participate in school sports. Now in his senior year, Joe yearns to be an athlete and finally convinces his father to allow him to run track. That decision drives the novel into unexpected twists and turns. Having to reach their own grand pledge to help Joe achieve his dreams, his parents also come of age, once again finding that relationshipsparents to son, husband to wifeare far more important than farm mortgages. And therein lies the novels true message. Urban readers, now three and four generations removed from agriculture, need this novel. Visions of life on red-barned dairy farms are and never were the idyllic situation all of us think we see as we speed by at sixty miles per hour. Farmers are real people with real relationships that can become as challenged as any two-earner family in the largest city. But farmers must also cope with the vagaries of livestock, weather, machinery breakdowns, fatigue, physical injuries and global markets while also trying to keep their relationships whole. Few of us could survive this maelstrom. I wish I had written this novel. Jim Dickrell, Editor, Dairy Today magazine This is an engaging novel about a young mans journey to adulthood. Joe Mitchell, the only child of a Minnesota dairy farm family, doggedly pursues his dream of becoming a star on his high schools track team during his senior year. Joes goal is hampered by troubles and turmoil on the farm. While c

The Tree of Lost Dreams

Author : Frank Sousa
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The Tree of Lost Dreams takes Johnny DaSilva and his Big Tree buddies from youths who lived out their fantasies of heroism high on the towering limbs of the Big Tree to the real world. While trying and failing to enter WW II because of their youth, they were greeted with the Korean War. Johnnys words Now we have our own war were received with some standing tall on their high limb while others deciding to instead abandon the heights and place their two feet squarely on the ground. Johnny, Righty, Scoff, Rhesus and others bought into Johnnys words, If we dont fight them there, we will fight them here. The two young girls that were in love with Johnny, wealthy and popular Yelena, and poor and abused Bernadette, are now women. It took little time for the Big Tree gang to learn the great distance between the lofty fresh air of their beloved Tree to the lowly face in the muck, nearly impossible to breathe gasps of battlefield blood and barf. Johnny suffers the epitome of the wounds of the lower depths and the different directions it spirals him, Yelena and Bernadette into. Hopefully you have read the Tree of Young Dreamers, Frank Sousas first novel of the Tree Trilogy. The third, the Tree of New Roots is underway.

Heart of the Hill

Author : Andrea Spalding
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Adam begins to have weird dreams of an evil woman, Vivienne, who tries to control his actions, and he, his sister, and his cousins must work together to retrieve Myrddin's staff before it is lost to the Dark Being.

A Midsummer Night s Dream

Author : Judith M. Kennedy
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This study traces the response to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" from Shakespeare's day to the present, including critics from Britain, Europe and America.

Spalding Youth Tennis

Author : Chuck Kriese
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Youth Tennis features a unique approach to athletic success while detailing the rules and etiquette of the game. Special emphasis is given to the concerns of young players.

Suitcase Sefton and the American Dream

Author : Jay Feldman
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Roving the lonesome highways in search of fresh baseball talent in 1942, New York Yankees scout Mac "Suitcase" Sefton discovers a once-in-a-lifetime talent in Jerry Yamada. The young left-handed pitcher seems poised to take his place among the pantheon of major league pitching greats. However, he's being held indefinitely in a Japanese American internment camp, and he's not even certain that he wants to play professional baseball. Caught behind barbed wire in a camp in Arizona, Jerry, his lovely sister, Annie, and their old-world parents make the best of their confinement while Sefton schemes to find a way to free Yamada and convince him to play for the Yanks. Sefton's interest in Yamada and his family changes from professional to personal when he accepts an offer to join the Yamadas for tea in their primitive quarters in a converted army barrack. Sefton's respect for their strength and the values they hold dear develops and deepens as he begins to see how his own lifestyle contrasts with the Yamadas’. A profound change takes place in him as he discusses freedom and the future with Annie. As a result, the relationships between the scout and the Japanese American family strain and strengthen as they share their cultures and lives. Amid baseball, racism, and hope, Sefton and the Yamadas rediscover the American dream.

The Dream Endures

Author : Kevin Starr
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What we now call "the good life" first appeared in California during the 1930s. Motels, home trailers, drive-ins, barbecues, beach life and surfing, sports from polo and tennis and golf to mountain climbing and skiing, "sportswear" (a word coined at the time), and sun suits were all a part of the good life--perhaps California's most distinctive influence of the 1930s. In The Dream Endures, Kevin Starr shows how the good life prospered in California--in pursuits such as film, fiction, leisure, and architecture--and helped to define American culture and society then and for years to come. Starr previously chronicled how Californians absorbed the thousand natural shocks of the Great Depression--unemployment, strikes, Communist agitation, reactionary conspiracies--in Endangered Dreams, the fourth volume of his classic history of California. In The Dream Endures, Starr reveals the other side of the picture, examining the newly important places where the good life flourished, like Los Angeles (where Hollywood lived), Palm Springs (where Hollywood vacationed), San Diego (where the Navy went), the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (where Einstein went and changed his view of the universe), and college towns like Berkeley. We read about the rich urban life of San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in newly important communities like Carmel and San Simeon, the home of William Randolph Hearst, where, each Thursday afternoon, automobiles packed with Hollywood celebrities would arrive from Southern California for the long weekend at Hearst Castle. The 1930s were the heyday of the Hollywood studios, and Starr brilliantly captures Hollywood films and the society that surrounded the studios. Starr offers an astute discussion of the European refugees who arrived in Hollywood during the period: prominent European film actors and artists and the creative refugees who were drawn to Hollywood and Southern California in these years--Igor Stravinsky, Arnold Schoenberg, Man Ray, Bertolt Brecht, Christopher Isherwood, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Mann, and Franz Werfel. Starr gives a fascinating account of how many of them attempted to recreate their European world in California and how others, like Samuel Goldwyn, provided stories and dreams for their adopted nation. Starr reserves his greatest attention and most memorable writing for San Francisco. For Starr, despite the city's beauty and commercial importance, San Francisco's most important achievement was the sense of well-being it conferred on its citizens. It was a city that "magically belonged to everyone." Whether discussing photographers like Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, "hard-boiled fiction" writers, or the new breed of female star--Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Carole Lombard, and the improbable Mae West--The Dream Endures is a brilliant social and cultural history--in many ways the most far-reaching and important of Starr's California books.


Author :
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Twentieth century British Literary Biographers

Author : Clark Layman Bruccoli
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Designed to introduce the lives and works of those individuals who influenced the development of literary biography as a recognizable genre during the century.

Discopaedia of the Violin 1889 1971

Author : James Lesley Creighton
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The Dreaming Void

Author : Peter F. Hamilton
File Size : 52.42 MB
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The Dreaming Void is the first novel in Peter F. Hamilton's epic Void Trilogy, set in the world of the Commonwealth Saga. The Void: a sealed universe, billions of years old. Alive, its expansion is barely contained. Now it wants to make contact. Inigo channels mysterious dreams of an unlikely hero, a simpler life and a hope for a brighter future – on a world that's not his own. His disaffected followers are determined to seek this utopia and cross the forbidden boundary of the Void to reach it. Unaware that such an act could trigger its growth beyond all control . . . destroying everything in its path. The Dreaming Void is followed by The Temporal Void and The Evolutionary Void.

Finding the Dream

Author : Nora Roberts
File Size : 54.50 MB
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In the final novel of Nora Roberts’s Dream Trilogy, Laura struggles to mend a broken heart and broken family—until someone from her past makes all of her dreams come true… Laura Templeton found out the hard way that nothing in life is guaranteed. The daughter of a wealthy hotelier, she had always known comfort, privilege, and security. But by the age of thirty, her storybook marriage had been destroyed by her husband’s infidelity. Laura’s divorce left her both emotionally and financially devastated—but determined to rebuild her life without the Templeton fortune. Laura had always defined herself as a wife, a daughter, or a mother. Now, she must finally discover Laura the woman... Don't miss the other books in the Dream Trilogy Daring to Dream Holding the Dream