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Specifications for Building Conservation

Author : Rory Cullen
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In Specifications for Building Conservation, the National Trust draws on a range of case studies and specifications to provide a much needed guide to specification writing for building conservation. Although traditional building accounts for approximately a quarter of all buildings in the UK, the old skills and understanding required for their care and maintenance have been increasingly eroded over the last century. As the largest heritage charity in Europe, the National Trust has a first class reputation for high standards of conservation and care, and in this three volume set, the Trust brings together a remarkable pool of expertise to guide conservation professionals and students through the process of successful specification writing. This first book focusses on the materials used for the external fabric, detailing successful approaches employed by the National Trust at some of their most culturally significant sites. A range of studies have been carefully selected for their interest, diversity and practicality; showcasing projects from stonework repairs on the magnificent Grade I listed Hardwick Hall to the re-thatching of the traditional cottages of the Holnicote Estate. Complete with a practical Conservation Management Plan checklist, this book will enable practitioners to develop their skills, allowing them to make informed decisions when working on a range of project types. This is the first practical guide to specification writing for building conservation and the advice provided by the National Trust experts will be of interest to any practitioners and students involved in building conservation, both in the UK and beyond. Profits generated from the sale of this publication will go to the National Trust Building Apprenticeship Scheme. This provides placements for traditional skills at National Trust properties.

Specifications for Building Conservation

Author : Stephen Gray
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A practitioner's guide to specifications for building conservation.

Building Conservation Contracts and Grant Aid

Author : Ken Davey
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This book describes all the principal methods of arranging letting building contracts for conservation work. It also covers contractor selection, the use of directly employed labour, and contractual considerations.

Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Author :
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English translation of: DIN EN 16893:2018-04. April 2018. This European Standard gives specifications and guidance for the location, construction and arrangement of building specifically intended for internal storage of all heritage collection types and formats. This standard applies to buildings where collections are housed permanently and can be used as guidance for shorter-term display spaces where appropriate. Throughout the document, where specifications relate exclusively to storage spaces, these are defined as such. Where specifications can also be applied to areas such as display galleries or reading rooms, these applications are referred to explicitly. Clauses relating to risks associated with security, environmental hazards, fire, water and pests apply to buildings as a whole and to any room in which collections may be held. Some of the clauses in this standard may be applicable in protected historic buildings that contain collections. In these settings, the scope for any alterations or achievement of conditions suitable for collections may be limited by the historic character of the structure, especially where it is protected by heritage regulations. NOTEThis standard covers the structure of buildings containing heritage collections, whether for storage or use.

Construction Specifications Writing

Author : Mark Kalin
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Updated edition of the comprehensive rulebook to the specifier'scraft With this latest update, Construction Specifications Writing,Sixth Edition continues to claim distinction as the foremosttext on construction specifications. This mainstay in the fieldoffers comprehensive, practical, and professional guidance tounderstanding the purposes and processes for preparation ofconstruction specifications. This new edition uses real-world document examples that reflectcurrent writing practices shaped by the well-established principlesand requirements of major professional associations, including theAmerican Institute of Architects (AIA), the Engineers JointContract Documents Committee (EJCDC), and the ConstructionSpecifications Institute (CSI). Also included are guidelines forcorrect terminology, product selection, organization ofspecifications according to recognized CSI formats, and practicaltechniques for document production. Fully revised throughout, thisSixth Edition includes: Updates to MasterFormat 2004, as well asSectionFormat/PageFormat 2007 and Uniformat End-of-chapter questions and specification-writing exercises Samples of the newly updated construction documents from theAIA New chapter on sustainable design and specifications for LEEDprojects Updated information on the role of specifications in BuildingInformation Modeling (BIM)

Structural Aspects of Building Conservation

Author : Poul Beckmann
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This practical guide to the assessment and repair of historic buildings is invaluable for structural engineers, architects, surveyors and builders working in all aspects of building conservation. Taking a practical step-by-step approach, the authors discuss the appraisal of buildings and the differences in structural behaviour between new and existing structures. Each stage in the appraisal is explained, using examples from the authors' own work. Each major construction material is assessed in detail, with separate sections on masonry, concrete, timber and the particularly complex issues of iron and steel framed buildings. Techniques for testing the ability of a building to continue its existing use or to be converted to a new use are explained.

Practical Building Conservation

Author : David Odgers
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Stone considers the wide variety of historical uses, from simple masonry walling through to elaborate carving and decoration. The book considers why stone decays or fails and how to assess and understand the causes, before concentrating on the practical methods of treatment, repair and maintenance.

1997 Masonry Codes and Specifications

Author : John Chrysler
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The Masonry Institute of America believes that the best way to extend and improve the use of masonry is through education and dissemination of information. Following a long tradition of such ideals, the 1997 Masonry Codes and Specifications is a ready reference that furnishes, in one document, the various code requirements for masonry from the Uniform Building Code and Standards, the California State Building Code, and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards that govern the specification of quality and testing of materials. The book includes Guide Specifications for masonry construction set forth in the CSI format with notes to the specifier.

The Imperial Politics of Architectural Conservation

Author : Reyhan Sabri
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This book documents the changing role of the Islamic Waqf institution in Cyprus and the conservation of Waqf heritage buildings of Ottoman and Western origins. Previously ignored archives of documents detailing the conservation of Waqf buildings during Ottoman and British rule allow a fine-grained analysis of the colonial introduction of Western approaches to heritage conservation. Colonial rule saw major legislative and administrative changes to the originally autonomous Ottoman Waqf institution, which had already been subject to reforms under the Ottoman regime. Under British rule, Western heritage concepts and modern architectural conservation discourses became the core conservation principles in Cyprus. Earlier centralisation attempts during the Ottoman Tanzimat (1831-1876), and the procedural, technical, and political reconfigurations during the British colonial era in Cyprus (1878-1960), were key factors of the transformation of the Waqf’s traditional building upkeep system. These imperial interventions, their orientalist mindset, and the rise of nationalism, finally led to the erosion of Waqf in Cyprus as a non-Western and sustainable form of building conservation. This study reveals how the Western approach, the forms of expertise it privileges, and pragmatic diversions from this practice for political purposes, were useful in neutralizing the legitimacy of local practices, except in cases where opportunistic ‘recognition’ of their utility played a role in inter-communal, colonial, nationalist, and inter-imperial politics.

Structures and Construction in Historic Building Conservation

Author : Michael Forsyth
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This book is the second in a series of volumes that combine conservation philosophy in the built environment with knowledge of traditional materials, and structural and constructional conservation techniques and technology: Understanding Historic Building Conservation Structures & Construction in Historic Building Conservation Materials & Skills for Historic Building Conservation The series aims to introduce each aspect of conservation and to provide concise, basic and up-to-date knowledge for architects, surveyors and engineers as well as for commissioning client bodies, managers and advisors. In each book, Michael Forsyth draws together chapters by leading architects, structural engineers and related professionals to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of conservation work. The books are structured to be of direct practical application, taking the reader through the process of historic building conservation and emphasising throughout the integrative teamwork involved. This present volume – Structures & Construction in Historic Building Conservation - traces the history of structures in various materials and contains guidance on the survey, assessment and diagnosis of structures and the integration of building code requirements within the historic fabric. It discusses conservation engineering philosophy, exposes the conflict between building codes and conservation legislation, and offers solutions. Leading-edge, on-site metric survey techniques are described and a range of structural advice is given, including methods of repair in relation to philosophical principles. Causes of induced movement in historic buildings are explained, together with basic soil mechanics and the assessment and diagnosis of structural failure. Chapters also cover the conservation of different types of construction: masonry, iron and steel, and concrete and reinforced concrete. Fourteen chapters written by the experts present today's key issues in structures and construction for historic building conservation: Bill Blake, Michael Bussell, David Cook, Dina F. D'Ayala, Steve Emery, Michael Forsyth, Ian Hume, Peter Norris