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Spectral Analysis and Time Series Two Volume Set

Author : M. B. Priestley
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Enth.: Univariate series ; Multivariate series, prediction and control.

Workload Modeling for Computer Systems Performance Evaluation

Author : Dror G. Feitelson
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A book for experts and practitioners, emphasizing the intuition and reasoning behind definitions and derivations related to evaluating computer systems performance.

Perceiving in Depth Volume 1 Basic Mechanisms

Author : Ian P. Howard
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The three-volume work Perceiving in Depth is a sequel to Binocular Vision and Stereopsis and to Seeing in Depth, both by Ian P. Howard and Brian J. Rogers. This work is much broader in scope than the previous books and includes mechanisms of depth perception by all senses, including aural, electrosensory organs, and the somatosensory system. Volume 1 reviews sensory coding, psychophysical and analytic procedures, and basic visual mechanisms. Volume 2 reviews stereoscopic vision. Volume 3 reviews all mechanisms of depth perception other than stereoscopic vision. The three volumes are extensively illustrated and referenced and provide the most detailed review of all aspects of perceiving the three-dimensional world. Volume 1 starts with a review of the history of visual science from the ancient Greeks to the early 20th century with special attention devoted to the discovery of the principles of perspective and stereoscopic vision. The first chapter also contains an account of early visual display systems, such as panoramas and peepshows, and the development of stereoscopes and stereophotography. A chapter on the psychophysical and analytic procedures used in investigations of depth perception is followed by a chapter on sensory coding and the geometry of visual space. An account of the structure and physiology of the primate visual system proceeds from the eye through the LGN to the visual cortex and higher visual centers. This is followed by a review of the evolution of visual systems and of the development of the mammalian visual system in the embryonic and post-natal periods, with an emphasis on experience-dependent neural plasticity. An account of the development of perceptual functions, especially depth perception, is followed by a review of the effects of early visual deprivation during the critical period of neural plasticity on amblyopia and other defects in depth perception. Volume 1 ends with accounts of the accommodation mechanism of the human eye and vergence eye movements.

Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

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Lists citations with abstracts for aerospace related reports obtained from world wide sources and announces documents that have recently been entered into the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Database.

Spectral Analysis of Time series Data

Author : Rebecca M. Warner
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This book provides a thorough introduction to methods for detecting and describing cyclic patterns in time-series data. It is written both for researchers and students new to the area and for those who have already collected time-series data but wish to learn new ways of understanding and presenting them. Facilitating the interpretation of observations of behavior, physiology, mood, perceptual threshold, social indicator variables, and other responses, the book focuses on practical applications and requires much less mathematical background than most comparable texts. Using real data sets and currently available software (SPSS for Windows), the author employs extensive examples to clarify key concepts. Topics covered include research design issues, preliminary data screening, identification and description of cycles, summary of results across time series, and assessment of relations between time series. Also considered are theoretical questions, problems of interpretation, and potential sources of artifact.

Journal of the American Statistical Association

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Functional Neuroscience

Author : E. Roy John
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The late E. Roy John is considered the pioneer in the field of neurometrics – the science of measuring the underlying organization of the brain’s electrical activity. Volume 1, co-authored by Robert W. Thatcher, and Volume 2 both originally published in 1977, were among the first books this field. Volume 3, written by colleague Thalía Harmony, followed in 1984. The field expanded significantly in the 1990s and thousands of articles have subsequently been published. Available together for the first time these 3 volumes were important foundational works for the fields of quantitative electrophysiology and neurometrics.

NMR Spectroscopy Modern Spectral Analysis

Author : Ursula Weber
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The state-of-the-art in NMR spectral analysis. This interactive tutorial provides readers with a comprehensive range of software tools and techniques, as well as the necessary theoretical knowledge required to analyze their spectra and obtain the correct NMR parameters. Modern Spectral Analysis provides expert guidance, by presenting efficient strategies to extract NMR parameters from measured spectra. A database of selected spectra and modern, powerful WIN-NMR software designed by Bruker are provided on the enclosed CD-ROM. The programs provided are 1 D WIN-NMR, WIN-DAISY, WIN-DR and WIN-DYNAMICS, and direct data exchange between all these programs is possible. Readers are shown how they can obtain maximum structural information from their 1 D NMR spectra with time-saving computer assistance. Practical problems that can occur and their solutions are discussed at length using clear, easy-to-follow examples. Both homo- and heteronuclear and first- and second-order spin systems are demonstrated. Moreover, relaxation analysis, nuclear Overhauser effects and magnetic site exchange are all covered in this hands-on guide to NMR spectral analysis.

Scattering Two Volume Set

Author : E. R. Pike
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Scattering is the collision of two objects that results in a change of trajectory and energy. For example, in particle physics, such as electrons, photons, or neutrons are "scattered off" of a target specimen, resulting in a different energy and direction. In the field of electromagnetism, scattering is the random diffusion of electromagnetic radiation from air masses is an aid in the long-range sending of radio signals over geographic obstacles such as mountains. This type of scattering, applied to the field of acoustics, is the spreading of sound in many directions due to irregularities in the transmission medium. Volume I of Scattering will be devoted to basic theoretical ideas, approximation methods, numerical techniques and mathematical modeling. Volume II will be concerned with basic experimental techniques, technological practices, and comparisons with relevant theoretical work including seismology, medical applications, meteorological phenomena and astronomy. This reference will be used by researchers and graduate students in physics, applied physics, biophysics, chemical physics, medical physics, acoustics, geosciences, optics, mathematics, and engineering. This is the first encyclopedic-range work on the topic of scattering theory in quantum mechanics, elastodynamics, acoustics, and electromagnetics. It serves as a comprehensive interdisciplinary presentation of scattering and inverse scattering theory and applications in a wide range of scientific fields, with an emphasis, and details, up-to-date developments. Scattering also places an emphasis on the problems that are still in active current research. The first interdisciplinary reference source on scattering to gather all world expertise in this technique Covers the major aspects of scattering in a common language, helping to widening the knowledge of researchers across disciplines The list of editors, associate editors and contributors reads like an international Who's Who in the interdisciplinary field of scattering

NBS Special Publication

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