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Author : Len Kasper
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SPENCER SPEEDWAY LEGENDS 1957-1977 by Len Kasper SPENCER SPEEDWAY LEGENDS 1957-1977 was written using notes and journals kept by the author, and it tells an in-depth chronology of a racetrack in a suburb of Rochester, New York, over a twenty-year period. The storyline follows the drivers, owners, promoters, officials, and race crews that made this incredible history possible. It includes a multitude of behind-the-scenes information and personal stories with rare photographs from the author and from the racing families themselves. For those who lived through the period, it is a nostalgic trip back in time. For others, it will be a compelling journey through time where local tracks were evolving from jalopy tracks to professional racing circuits, and their drivers rose to national prominence.

Speedway Legends

Author : John Chaplin
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Speedway historian John Chaplin and image archivist John Somerville have teamed up again to produce the third in their highly praised trilogy about the world's most exciting sport. 'Speedway Legends' deals with their lifelong passion for speedway racing and their admiration for the men who, over almost ten decades, have by their skill, daring and bravery, made it what it is. It honours the many personalities they particularly admire and is designed to make speedway enthusiasts aware of how their contribution to the development of the sport has made it what it is today.

The Legends of Watertown Speedway

Author : Dave Stoodley
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Scottish Sporting Legends

Author : Robert Philip
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Scotland may not have won a World Cup (yet!), but many of the country’s sportsmen and women are revered as global legends, including Olympic and US Open champion Andy Murray and winner of six Olympic gold medals, Sir Chris Hoy. In football, the likes of Denis Law, ‘Slim’ Jim Baxter and Jimmy ‘Jinky’ Johnstone would not have looked out of place in the canary yellow of Brazil, while managers Sir Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Jock Stein have become part of football folklore, as has Sir Alex Ferguson in more recent times. Amazingly, Scots have reached the top in just about every major sport: Jim Clark and Sir Jackie Stewart in Formula One; Andy Murray in tennis; Ken Buchanan and Benny Lynch in the boxing ring; Chris Hoy in cycling; sprinters Allan Wells and Eric Liddell on the Olympic track; and, as befits a nation renowned as ‘the home of golf’, Sandy Lyle was recognised as the greatest player on the planet upon winning the Masters in 1988. Scottish sport is the richest of tapestries and in Scottish Sporting Legends the cream of the crop are entertainingly profiled in a revealing collection of pen portraits of stars past and present.

Legends of Delaware Auto Racing

Author : Chad Wayne Culver
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Welcome to a fast-paced thrill ride into Delaware's rich racing history. The earliest drivers raced on dusty tracks carved into a farmer's field. Early characters like Johnny Martin and Paul Walker helped establish racing in Delaware shortly after World War II. The latest generation races at the famed Georgetown Speedway and Delaware International Speedway, and drivers, owners and promoters like Ricky Elliott, Curt Michael and Brett Deyo make racing the thriving sport it is today. Through interviews and extensive research, author Chad Wayne Culver has captured the stories of some of Delaware's best-known racing legends.


Author : Allan Batt
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Indy Racing Legends

Author : Tony Sakkis
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Profile 25 of the greatest drivers and builders in the history of Indy Car racing including A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, and AL Unser.

Legends Of Speed

Author : Bill Woods
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Race drivers are a breed unto themselves. How many people can sit for three hours, in 55°C temperatures, in three layers of clothes, with a heart rate of 160 beats per minute and not totally lose it? In Legends of Speed, respected commentator Bill Woods takes us on a journey that begins with two pioneers who shaped their sport from either side of the world. From the roots of their success a sequence of stories grew, the branches reaching every level of motor racing and weaving through all of its major evolutions. this is not just a tale of individual achievements but remarkable associations and, in some cases, coincidence. there's tony Gaze, the RAF fighter ace who became Australia's first Formula 1 driver and survived the most destructive days of motor racing. there's Sir Jack Brabham, winner of three Formula 1 titles and the only driver ever to win the championship in a car of his own construction; and there's Alan Jones, the playboy racer who won the Formula 1 title in 1980 and helped forge a winning dynasty at Williams. throw in other names like: Peter Brock Mark Webber Frank Gardner Allan Moffat Kevin Bartlett Dick Johnson Frank Matich Bob Jane and you have a who's who of motor racing, men whose friendships, rivalries and exploits changed the world. Every major event, every major player in motor racing has at some time been influenced by one or more of these exceptional characters - the 'Legends of Speed'.

This is Indianapolis

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Legends of NASCAR

Author : Charlotte Observer
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Offers profiles of six veteran NASCAR drivers, looking at their lives and how they have contributed to their sport.

Stock Car Legends

Author : Ronda Jackson Martin
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The Legend of the First Super Speedway

Author : Mark Dill
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Barney Oldfield riveted his eyes into one of the 3.2 million bricks that paved America's First Super Speedway. He sought to blot out the din of a packed grandstand and the dangerous gusts that could sweep his car into the unforgiving concrete wall. A record run could restore his reputation as America's Speed King or cost him his life. A record run could deliver the telling blow in the raging culture war for the soul of American auto racing. Oldfield has the fastest car in the world, and now he must prove himself as America's champion and ensure the success of his friend Carl Fisher's titanic battle to raise the modern Indianapolis Motor Speedway up from a fallow cornfield. It's May 1910 and you have a front-row seat. The Legend of the First Super Speedway thrusts you into the early 20th century with vivid interpretations of auto racing and what it would be like to walk among the people and grasp their world view. You will meet the rugged characters of the era as they get corned on whiskey, chew chaw, and bounce violently as they scorch the bricks of America's first speedway. You will ride with them on trains, bound across the craggy terrain of road races, and step over dead horses rotting in the street. The world convulsed with technological change, and the winners mastered it. Everything unfolds through the eyes of protagonists Barney Oldfield and Carl Fisher as they grapple with a cultural battle for the soul of American auto racing. Most importantly, early auto racing's good, bad, and ugly are put before you in an unvarnished fashion. Why? Because it really happened. No storyteller needs to dramatize a single detail because the amazing events actually took place and the awe-inspiring people behind them walked the Earth just as you do now.

Chain Store Age

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St Austell Speedway

Author : Jeremy Jackson
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Containing many rare photographs of St Austell's speedway legends, this book talks about the formative years of the shale sport west of the Tamar river.

Road Track

Author :
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American Legends

Author : Mike Mueller
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America's legendary automobiles will forever be remembered for their style and performance. The stunning color photographs and extensively researched text in this book belongs on any classic car lover's bookshelf.

Kansas Speedway

Author : Anthem Motorsports Inc
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Documents the history of the Kansas Speedway including many pictures of races and drivers.

North Carolina

Author : Jim Hoffman
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Native American attractions, a lighthouse tour, amusement parks, and great outdoor activities are all explored in this comprehensive "Family Adventure Guide". 7 maps. 10 photos.

Fun with the Family in North Carolina

Author : James L. Hoffman
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here's the inside information on all the family-friendly fun to be had in the Tar Heel State. Fun with the Family in North Carolina leads the way to amusement parks, hiking trails, zoos and aquariums, children's museums, festivals, parks, and much more.Written by a parent, for parents, this opinionated, personal and easy-to-use guide has the best things to see and do to keep the kids busy and happy for an hour, a day, or a weekend-a guaranteed antidote to vacation boredom! This guide includes up-to-the-minute information on North Carolina's family attractions, detailed maps, quick reference icons, age-appropriate guidelines, kid-friendly restaurants and places to stay. (5 1/2 X 8 1/2, 256 pages, maps, icons)

The Story of Speedway

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