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Saint Augustine on the Role of the Holy Spirit in Judgment

Author : Ronald Keith Haflidson
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The Holy Ghost on the Bench Other Spirits at the Barre

Author : Richard Hollingworth
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Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

Author : Francis Frangipane
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We have wanted the world to become Christian without the church becoming Christlike. Yet, what happens when believers repent of judging, self-righteousness and worldliness? As the love of Jesus Christ rises within us, even in the midst of great darkness, God promises "nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising" (Isaiah 60:3). Francis Frangipane proclaims the triumph of mercy over judgment, prayer over criticism, and faith over fear. Don't doubt! All things are still possible for those who believe. If your vision is to be like Jesus, and you are concerned about the direction of your nation, you'll be moved by this living message of grace and truth. Let it empower both you and your country toward the destiny of God.

The Fiery Holy Spirit

Author : Jonathan Kienzler
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The Role of the Holy Spirit in Judgment

Author : Rustin Jack Umstattd
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Judgement in the Community

Author : Calvin J. Roetzel
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The Spirit of Judgment

Author : Watchman Nee
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This book contains teachings given by Watchman Nee at conferences and training sessions in China in 1942 and 1948. Also included are miscellaneous messages given by the author at different times and places during his long and fruitful ministry.

The Spirit of the Pilgrims

Author :
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The Spirit and the Lake of Fire

Author : Rustin Umstattd
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The Holy Spirit and the Lake of Fire! What does the Spirit have to do with God's final judgment? The Holy Spirit and God's judgment upon sin are not two topics that are often connected, but to understand the full work of the Spirit, they need to be. It is not enough to view judgment as the work of just the Father and the Son, but in full Trinitarian fashion, it must be understood as the work of all three persons of the Trinity. In The Spirit and the Lake of Fire Rustin Umstattd establishes the Spirit's role in judgment by connecting several symbols that are used for both the Spirit and judgment, such as fire, God's breath, and God's arm. Furthermore, by examining Augustine's position that the Spirit is the mutual-love of the Father and the Son, and Luther's position that God's wrath is the underside of his love, Umstattd demonstrates how one comes to the conclusion that the Spirit is operative in God's judgment upon sin. ""In The Spirit and the Lake of Fire, Rustin Umstattd exposes, then fills, a gap in the fields of biblical studies and systematic theology on the work of the Holy Spirit. The author presents four biblical motifs to argue the Holy Spirit is the Father's agent for righteous and loving judgment in the Son. I highly recommend this book."" --Adam Harwood, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ""I am grateful to God to see the publication of Dr. Umstattd's The Spirit and the Lake of Fire. It is both biblical and insightful. Reading this book will add fervency to one's life and ministry."" --Jason K. Allen, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ""The scriptures are clear--God is both Judge and just in his judgment. Yet many are content to only explore concepts of the love of God. Umstattd's work masterfully connects readers to the full work of the Trinity in meting judgment on humanity. This is a much-needed addition to the theological conversations surrounding the role of the Holy Spirit in the Godhead."" --John Mark Yeats, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Rustin Umstattd is Assistant Professor of Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, and serves on the Pastoral Leadership Team at Northland Baptist Church.

Spirit of Power Love and Sound Judgment 2 Timothy 1 7

Author : New Grace Christian Gifts
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A BLANK, 8.5 X 11, lined, 120 Page Journal/ Notebook. "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment." -2 Timothy 1:7 A bible passage to reflect and pray on in these dark and frightening times. God's grace can bring comfort and strength when it is needed most. Great for self-reflection as well as for a gift.

What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit

Author : David Pawson
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This book is a clear, readable study of what the Bible actually teaches about the Holy Spirit. The author writes: Have you ever tried to convince a person that one day they will stand before God and answer for every idle word they have uttered and every thought they have had, and every feeling that passed through their minds? Have you ever tried to convince anyone that they are going to be judged for their whole life, and that things they have forgotten for years will be brought up again? Have you ever tried to convince somebody that this is true? You never will. People today don't believe there is a judgment, they don't believe in hell, they don't believe in anything like that. How will we convince them? The answer is the Holy Spirit will convince the world (not the church) of sin and righteousness and judgment. When someone is convinced of those three things they are ripe for the gospel, ready for the Saviour. They want to know how they can escape. How can I get out of this terrible dilemma? I am bad, God is perfectly good. When I meet him face-to-face I shall have to run from him. How can I get out of this? Then you can tell them: "Jesus died for you. Jesus died that you might be forgiven. He died to make you good, that you might go at last to heaven, saved by his precious blood." That is when the gospel comes in.

Contemplations on the Ocean Harvest Sickness and the Last Judgement A new edition

Author : Richard PEARSALL
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The Accuser of Our Brethren Cast Down in Righteous Judgment Against that Spirit of Hellish Jealousie Vented in a Great Confused Book by W Rogers Falsly Entituled The Christian Quaker Distinguished from the Apostate and Innovator Etc A Postscript Partly by Way of Question and Partly Some Friends Sence on W Rogers s Way of Writing Something of Concern Added by Another Hand

Author : William ROGERS (Member of the Society of Friends.)
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Judgement of the Judges of Jehovah or the Rationalism of Ultra Calvinism repudiated etc

Author : William Robertson AIKMAN
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Victory and Discernment Through the Fruit of the Spirit

Author : Bruce Salisbury
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Victory and Discernment Though the Fruit of the Spirit""this reality can be our hope and encouragement for living with a winning strategy in our lives if we repent and accept God's forgiveness in our hearts. As individuals now, in the past, and in the future, we are involved in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. Satan and his cohorts are our enemy. Jesus is our Savior and Provider who loves us unconditionally. As we battle daily against false beliefs and philosophies promoted by false Christs, teachers, and those who are uninformed regarding the truth of God's Word, we can have victory in our lives. We do not need to be deceived or led astray. Understanding the fruit of the Spirit prevents us from being confused or deceived and enables us to defeat our enemies spiritually. Victory is winning a battle, struggle, or contest. It is being successful in defeating an enemy. Discernment is being able to see or recognize. With discernment and victory, we can have good judgement and understanding of God's Word and will for us. The purpose of this book is to help those who read it to distinguish the difference between true believers in Christ and false believers in Christ and to recognize the difference between true and false apostles regarding their teachings. There is clarification of how the fruit of the Spirit operates in a person's life. This clarification is accomplished by the discernment given to us by the Holy Spirit. When you look at the opposite fruit of each of the good fruit (love vs. hate), you will see the truth that "by their fruits you will know them." The knowledge here is geared to those who have accepted Christ and to those who have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Fire for Life s Journey

Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
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Fire for life's journey expounds an uncommon theme. It highlights the fact that life is a journey and that the fire of the Holy Ghost is needed for uncommon impact. This book will usher you into the realm of fire.

Private Judgement the Bible the Teaching of the Holy Spirit

Author : British Society for Promoting the Religious Principles of the Reformation
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Marino Sanudo Torsello The Book of the Secrets of the Faithful of the Cross

Author : Dr Peter Lock
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This is the first full translation of Marino Sanudo Torsello's Secreta fidelium Crucis to be made into English. The work itself is a piece of crusading propaganda following the fall of Acre in 1291, written between 1300 and 1321, but it includes much of historical relevance along with interesting observations on the early history of Jerusalem and the Crusader Kingdom. The translation is based upon the text edited by Jacques Bongars in 1611. There is an introduction that contextualises the book, its author, his sources and his audience. The notes provide essential information to clarify internal textual references and allusions, as well as the role of Biblical references in Sanudo's grand design. The index is designed to make this detailed text usable and accessible. In this, his major work, Sanudo advocated the conquest of Egypt as the means to regain Jerusalem for the Latins and worked through his points with considerable detail alongside references to 13th-century Mediterranean history, especially involving Louis IX of France and Charles of Anjou, king of Naples. Books I and II give considerable detailed discussion of the concept, plan and costs of his proposed crusade. Book III provides an outline history of the crusades and the crusader states. It is derived from a wide-reading of other sources especially of William of Tyre, and, for events after 1184 on the Eracles, the letters of James of Vitry, and Sanudo's own experiences in the east. Throughout, the work contains a staggering amount of cartographical, ethnographical, geographical, and nautical information, as well as numerous unique insights into historical events and personalities of the late 13th century, not only in Outremer but in Western Europe.

The First Judgment of the Christians by the Spirit Alpha and Omega An Authorised Revision of St Matthew and the History of this Planet from the First Strata to the End Written for the Spirit at Command by F W Cunard

Author : Frederic William CUNARD
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Jesus Christ Gods Shepherd and the Man Gods Fellow on Zach 13 7 With his or the Two sticks made one on Ezek 37 19

Author : William STRONG (Preacher at Westminster Abbey.)
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