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Spiritual Life in the Early Church

Author : Bonnie Bowman Thurston
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A common assumption is that the piety of the earliest Christians is determinative for the church of all ages. But what were the basic features of this spirituality? Thurston examines the Jewish and Hellenistic religions that provided the basis for early Christianity and explains what early Christians would have understood as "spirituality".

Christianity in the Roman Empire

Author : Robert E. Winn
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Christianity in the Roman Empire is a topical and biographical introduction to Christianity before Constantine. While its focus is the historical development of the proto-orthodox community, Robert Winn aims to bridge the gap between contemporary Christians and those who lived in the Roman Empire. To do this, his chapters discuss particular topics such as prayer, biblical interpretation, worship, and persecution, as well as prominent and controversial individuals such as Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, Melito of Sardis, and Tertullian. Part One addresses the world of the apostolic fathers, Part Two addresses hostility to Christianity and the response of Christians to this antagonism, and Part Three addresses doctrinal and communal issues of the third century. The book will pique readers interest and provide them with a deeper appreciation for the religious identity of early Christians in the Roman Empire: what they believed and how they lived. Part One: Christianity in the Year 100 1. Christians, Jews, and Romans in the First Century 2. New Way of Life: Didache and the Epistle of Barnabas 3. Clement of Rome and the Church of Corinth 4. Ignatius of Antioch and True Christianity 5. Worship and Church Order in the Year 100 Part Two: Christianity in a Hostile World (100250) 6. Celsus, a Critic of Christianity 7. Justin Martyr, a Defender of Christianity 8. The Persecution of Christians 9. The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity 10. Cyprian of Carthage and the Unity of the Church Part Three: Faith and Practice in the Third Century 11. Reading the Bible with Early Christians 12. Irenaeus of Lyons and True Christianity 13. Tertullian of Carthage and True Christianity 14. Prayer and the Spiritual Life of Early Christians 15. Eusebius of Caesarea: After Two Hundred Years

The Divine Embrace

Author : Robert E. Webber
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This challenging work calls readers to an alternative Christian spirituality, one that reveals God's ''divine embrace'' of us and our passionate response.

Life in the Spirit

Author : Jeffrey P. Greenman
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Including essays from 2009 Wheaton Theology Conference keynote speakers Dallas Willard and Gordon Fee as well as contributing essays by noted presenters such as Chris Hall, David Gushee, Linda Cannell, Cherith Fee Nordling and Lawrece Cunningham, this book offers a stimulating exploration of the historical, biblical and theological dimensions of spiritual formation.

The Spirit of Early Christian Thought

Author : Robert Louis Wilken
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Focusing on major figures such as St. Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa, as well as a host of less well known thinkers, Robert Wilken (the author of The First Thousand Years: A Global History of Christianity) chronicles the emergence of a specifically Christian intellectual tradition. He provides an introduction to early Christian thought on topics including early Christian worship, Christian poetry and the spiritual life, the Trinity, Christ, the Bible, and icons, and shows that the energy and vitality of early Christianity arose from within the life of the Church. While early Christian thinkers drew on the philosophical and rhetorical traditions of the ancient world, it was the versatile vocabulary of the Bible that loosened their tongues and minds and allowed them to construct the world anew, intellectually and spiritually. These thinkers were not seeking to invent a world of ideas, Wilken shows, but rather to win the hearts of men and women and to change their lives. Early Christian thinkers set in place a foundation that has endured. Their writings are an irreplaceable inheritance, and Wilken shows that they can still be heard as living voices within contemporary culture.


Author : Leonard Doohan
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Mark is one of the most daring figures of the early church, but at the same time he is not easily labeled. He is the first to assemble the oral traditions about Jesus, thereby showing his fidelity and devotion to the past. But he is equally forceful in challenging his own church's accumulated traditions, especially those he does not see as authentically representative of the events of Jesus's life and ministry. He respectfully documents the authority of church leaders, and still feels free to challenge them. At times, it is difficult to know what to make of Mark. One point is clear: no Christian of any time can read this gospel without being challenged by it.

Early Church History to A D 313

Author : Henry Melvill Gwatkin
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Church history is simply the spiritual side of universal history, just as economic history is its economic side. Everything belongs to it which has ever influenced the development of the spiritual life of men. - p. 3.

The World of the Early Christians

Author : Joseph F. Kelly
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Like every lost world," the world of the early Christians was a combination of the foreign and the familiar, the unique and the commonplace. In The World of the Early Christians, Joseph Kelly introduces and explains the world of the early Christians, and while he examines the differences between our two societies, he also stresses our similarities. The early Christians were people, like us, trying to make their way in life. There are many introductions to the world of the early Christians, but few if any deal with its historical background and the basic questions non-specialists ask: Why did the Christians use philosophy at al? Didn't it make everything confusing? Why didn't they just stay with the Bible? In The World of the Early Christians Kelly answers such preliminary questions and concentrates on the fundamental issue of why Christians used philosophy, rather than simply listing the philosophies they used. Not only do most people know little about the early Christians, they often have erroneous views about them. For example, many modern Christians think their ancient spiritual ancestors were impoverished, uneducated people from the lowest strata of Roman society. The World of the Early Christians addresses some of these misconceptions by considering the historical evidence available about these people. Similarly, Kelly also explains some ancient topics - such as magic and astrology - and considers how they can be misleading to modern students. He then describes the early Christians' relationships with other groups, such as Jews, pagans, and members of popular and official cults, and then explores the intellectual and cultural lives of the early Christians. Students and anyone interested in understanding the now lost world of early Christianity will appreciate this volume's straightforward treatment of this essential background material. Kelly touches upon topics treated by the other volumes in the Message of the Fathers of the Church series. He refers to original sources in translation unless no translation is available, and he includes bibliographic references for further research. In a direct and easy manner, Kelly brings to life for us today the rich world of the early Christians. Chapters are: "Who Were the Early Christians?" "How Do We Know About the Early Christians?" "The Physical World," "Others," "Intellectual and Cultural Life," "Living in the World," and "A Brief History of Early Christianity." "

History and Thought of the Early Church

Author : Henry Chadwick
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These studies form part of an endeavour to understand the early Christians in relation to their social and intellectual environment - to trace the influences, particularly that of the classical tradition, on the development of Christianity. They centre upon historical themes to which ideas are cardinal, and the personalities with whom those ideas are associated; the origins of the authority of the Roman Church; Philo and the first theologians; the nature of Early Christian apologetic; and the great religious controversies of the 4th and 5th centuries - Arianism, Christology and Monasticism.

Spiritual Classics from the Early Church

Author :
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This is an exploration of the rich spirituality of the Church Fathers found in the writings of Cyprian; the Desert Fathers and Mothers; Basil the Great; Gregory of Nyssa; John Chrysostom; Augustine; Benedict; and Gregory the Great.