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Sports Tactics

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 111. Chapters: American football strategy, Association football tactics and skills, Cricket captaincy and tactics, Fielding, Total Football, Combination Game, Formation, Offensive philosophy, History of the bicycle kick, Cricket pitch, New England Patriots strategy, American football plays, West Coast offense, Wildcat formation, Football Outsiders, Coryell offense, Long ball, Spread offense, Passing, Batting order, Catenaccio, Tiki-taka, Zone defense in American football, Result, Tampa 2, Types of bowlers in cricket, Hurry-up offense, Triple option, Anti-football, Marseille turn, Air raid offense, Zone blocking, Cricket field, Bowling strategy, Direct free kick, Reverse, Coerver Method, Curl, Nutmeg, Bouncer, Rainbow kick, Advanced NFL Stats, Clock management, Icing the kicker, Leg theory, Pel runaround move, Last man, Flo Pass, Sliding tackle, Smashmouth offense, Volley, Nickel defense, Training ground, Back foot contact, Fielding restrictions, Approach, Off theory, Rabona, Seal dribble, Push and run, Two-level defense, The Hidden Game of Football, Point of release, Cruijff Turn, Revie Plan, Step over, Bump and run coverage, Pro-style offense, Behind The Leg Flip Flap, Short of a length, Bowling action, Dime defense, One touch, Bound, Front foot contact, Grip, Follow through, Hot Route. Excerpt: There are various individual skills and team tactics needed to play effective association football (soccer). Football is in theory a very simple game, as illustrated by Kevin Keegan's famous assertion that his tactics for winning a match were to "score more goals than the opposition." However, well-organised and well-prepared teams are often seen beating teams with supposedly more skillful players, even over time. Coaching manuals and books generally cover not only individual skills but tactics as well. . Formations in football are a me...

Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills

Author : Stephen A. Mitchell
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This updated edition includes chapters on lacrosse, rugby, cricket and bowling, as well as a brief overview, practical lessons and student centred teaching on a variety of other sports.

Computer Science and its Applications

Author : James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park
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The 6th FTRA International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA-14) will be held in Guam, USA, Dec. 17 - 19, 2014. CSA-14 presents a comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of advances in engineering systems in computer science, and applications, including ubiquitous computing, U-Health care system, Big Data, UI/UX for human-centric computing, Computing Service, Bioinformatics and Bio-Inspired Computing and will show recent advances on various aspects of computing technology, Ubiquitous Computing Services and its application.

The Sports Book

Author : DK
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The ultimate guide to sports, this book is the perfect reference for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 - an amazing year for sport. Discover the origins, rules, and key players for more than 200 sports - from equestrian sports, athletics and gymnastics to winter sports and extreme sports. Learn the key skills and tactics of the world's best competitors, along with the latest facts and statistics, including updated world and Olympic records. This fully revised edition includes fully up-to-date information on the rules and results for more than 200 of the world's greatest sports such as football, cricket, basketball and golf. It also offers an exciting overview of the hugely anticipated Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020, along with coverage of all previous Olympics, and profiles every Olympic sport, including the new ones for Tokyo - baseball, softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding. The Sports Book is perfect for any sports buffs in need of an ultimate quick-reference guide, or anyone looking to top up their sports knowledge.

BTEC National Sport

Author : George Caplan
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Second edition of BTEC National Sport Book 1 to match Edexcel's new specification which will apply from September 2007. Covers the curriculum in manageable chunks that clearly link to the new specification headings, so students can be confident they have covered all the underpinning theory they need. Includes the core units for the Development, Coaching and Fitness, and Performance and Excellence pathways. Full-colour format offers accessible support with annotated diagrams, straightforward explanations and realistic activities.

Sport Pedagogy

Author : Jaime Serra-Olivares
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There are several teaching sports approaches for school-age sports practitioners. However, relatively few models have a substantial theoretical and scientific foundation. In this sense, the present work aims to serve as an introduction on which to support the didactical process of a Non-Linear Pedagogy of games teaching, as described in the first chapter. A comparison between the traditional approach of sports teaching and the Teaching Games for Understanding model within the Slovak Republic context is exposed. Subsequently, experience in the Sport Education model in Finland is presented. Then, research regarding teachers' experiences with the Cooperative Learning model at different ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds is developed. Finally, an example of the Non-Linear Pedagogy program is used in Malaysia.

Teaching and Learning Team Sports and Games

Author : Jean-Francis Gréhaigne
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Written as a resource for both pre-service and in-service educators, this theory-to-practice book focuses on the foundations and applications of constructivism applied to the teaching and learning of invasion sports and games.

The Sports Book

Author : Ray Stubbs
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This is the ultimate armchair companion to practically every sport ever invented, put together with sports fanatic Ray Stubbs. Open up it to check out the rules, history, players and events for over 250 of the world's greatest sports: from basketball to bobsleigh, karate to korfball, and synchronised swimming to ski jumping. Stay ahead in the world of sport with the latest facts and figures from leading experts and governing bodies. And pick up the techniques and tactics of the world's best competitors. Plus get into the Olympic spirit with the special fact-filled feature on the Olympic Games.

Tactical Decision Making in Sport

Author : David Cooper
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This book expands on the ‘Developing Thinking Players’ model across a wide range of team and individual sports, to explain how coaches can help athletes to learn how to make better decisions during play and to think for themselves. It provides an overview of game-centred and athlete-centred approaches to teaching and coaching in sport, combining essential theory with practical tips and guidance. Written by an international team of coaching researchers and practising coaches, the book provides sport-specific instructions for coaching players in territory games, net games, striking games, target games, racquet games and combat sports, including netball, basketball, ice hockey, cricket, softball, football, rugby, volleyball, squash and karate. The book argues that the implementation of these student and athlete-centred approaches creates more opportunities for athletes to understand their sport and improves their ability to think for themselves and to learn to make better in-game decisions. Providing a theoretical underpinning for teaching tactical decision-making, it considers the development of players at all levels and age groups, from youth athletes to elite level. Thirteen sport-specific case studies offer real-world coaching insights. This is essential reading for any student, researcher or practising teacher or coach working in sport, physical education and coach education.

Edexcel Sport Examined Textbook

Author : Paul Beashel
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Written by experienced teachers, authors and examiners, this textbook provides clear and accessible coverage of the Edexcel specifications, ensuring that foundation tier candidates are focusing on the information they need to know to attain Grade C results.

Youth sports growth maturation and talent

Author : Manuel J. Coelho e Silva
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O Desporto Escolar pretende ser um instrumento de promoção da saúde, de inclusão e promoção social, de combate ao insucesso e abandono escolar, razões que justificam uma forte aposta do Governo neste sub-sistema do desporto infanto-juvenil. Há mais de 50 anos que a oferta do Desporto Escolar está prevista no sistema educativo, tendo, a partir de 2008-2009, sido tornada obrigatória em todos os estabelecimentos do Ensino Básico e Ensino Secundário, mantendo-se a adesão voluntária dos praticantes. Esta aposta é suscetível de ser traduzida em números. Existem atualmente mais de 40 modalidades desportivas desenvolvidas na rede de escolas, variando de acordo com os recursos materiais e humanos disponíveis. A importância assumida pelo Desporto Escolar nos projetos educativos, na vida dos 700.000 jovens envolvidos na atividade interna e externa e na comunidade em que a participação desportiva ocorre resulta num substancial esforço de formação de árbitros, juízes, oficiais, treinadores, professores, dirigentes. A presente obra acrescenta valor à política da Direção-Geral de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Curricular, que tem como objetivo primordial a salvaguarda da qualidade da prática oferecida aos jovens em contexto escolar, combinando a opinião de peritos e estudos em aspetos tão importantes como os assuntos expressos no título do livro: “crescimento, maturação e talento”. Desejamos e esperamos que a parceria entre a DGIDC e a Universidade de Coimbra possa continuar a dar frutos.

Dph Sports Series Basketball

Author : H.C. Dubey
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This book will be useful to the sports promoters, organisers, coaches and other persons related or interested in sports. Contents: History of Basketball, Basketball Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Technique in Attack and Defence, Defensive Fundamental Drills, Rules and Regulations.

Understanding Sport Organizations

Author : Trevor Slack
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The classic groundbreaking text for understanding organizational theory in the sport industry is back in an extensively revised new edition. With an added emphasis on organizational behavior and practical applications of the theory, Understanding Sport Organizations: Applications for Sport Managers, Third Edition, provides a logical progression to understanding the many components of and processes in sport organizations. Readers will gain a strong theoretical foundation while learning how it applies within the context of the ever-changing field of sport management. In this third edition, new chapters incorporate critical concepts that sport managers in the current era must be familiar with: Different policy types and the responses of sport organizations to policy Perspectives of marketing of sport and marketing through sport Control in sport organizations Sex and gender in sport organizations Volunteer management in sport Dimensions and assessment of governance in sport organizations Mental health difficulties and management strategies within sport environments Applying statistical analysis to support analytic decision making in sport Corporate social responsibility Procurement and sport organizations To facilitate comprehension and application, each chapter opens with a list of key concepts and a real-world, contemporary scenario to demonstrate the relevance of theory and behavior in the sport industry. Time Out sidebars offer accounts from actual sport organization situations or from research findings to further illustrate issues being discussed. Chapter summaries and review questions are provided to stimulate discussion about the central issues from each chapter. Key Issues for Sport Managers boxes highlight how chapter content is applied at the level of sport manager, and closing Case for Analysis examples allow readers to directly apply information from each chapter. Real-world examples throughout the text provide opportunities for additional exploration and application of relevant concepts. Every chapter references key articles that build on the foundational framework presented and includes suggestions for further reading within general management and sport management literature. This thorough presentation of subject matter will guide readers to a greater and more practical understanding of core issues. Synthesizing modern conceptual and empirical research from many fields of management into a practical, engaging look at the sport management field, Understanding Sport Organizations: Applications for Sport Managers, Third Edition, is an invaluable resource for students and current practitioners alike.

The Sports Book

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The Sports Book

Author : Dk Pub
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Perfect for sports buffs in need of an ultimate quick-reference guide, or anyone looking to update their sports knowledge. The ultimate guide to games, this fully revised visual companion explains the rules, tactics, and techniques for more than 200 of the world's greatest sports. From team sports, athletics, and gymnastics to winter sports and extreme sports, grasp the incredible techniques and tactics of the world's best competitors. Stay ahead of the curve with this amazing sports source with the latest facts and statistics, including updated world and Olympic records from leading experts and sports governing bodies around the globe. Immerse yourself in the most spectacular sporting event on the planet, with fascinating coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics, and an exciting overview of the highly anticipated Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Encyclopaedia of Sports Health and Physical Education

Author : S.R. Sharma
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Aggression in the Sports World

Author : Gordon W. Russell
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They are familiar scenes: sports fans turning on each other in acts of violence, and mobs of sports fans flooding onto the field or out into the streets. Is there something inherent in the competitive sport setting that produces this frequently dangerous behavior? Written in an engaging style, this volume addresses the question by exploring the wide range of influences at work, from a social psychological perspective. Topics range from a focus on the personality traits that predispose individuals to act aggressively, to a wider concern with who riots, why they riot, and situations that favor the occurrence of sports riots. Research on the equally disturbing phenomenon of crowd panics explores the underlying causes and peculiar behavior of people caught in the panics. Aggression is influenced and exacerbated by multiple factors: troublemakers who incite others to aggress, influence by the media, differing cultural backgrounds, blind obedience, and attempts by individuals to emulate unworthy personal heroes. Less obvious factors such as temperature, noise, and color also exert important effects on interpersonal aggression, and drugs such as alcohol and steroids further inflame the possibilities for violence. Russell examines all these factors in his international and interdisciplinary presentation of the best and most recent findings in the study of sports aggression, and provides a series of proposals intended to prevent or minimize the severity of riots and panics. Additionally, he explores the relationship between aggression and what is probably the most revered concept in sports: competition. Scholars, students, and sports savvy fans will find this book of interest.

Dph Sports Series Tennis

Author : H.C. Dubey
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This book will be useful to the sports promoters, organisers, coaches and other persons related or interested in sports. Contents: Principles of Tennis, Tennis Strokes, Court Tactics and Strategy, The Game, Playing Strategy, Tennis drills, Tennis Coach.

Multimedia Content Analysis

Author : Ajay Divakaran
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Multimedia Content Analysis: Theory and Applications covers the latest in multimedia content analysis and applications based on such analysis. As research has progressed, it has become clear that this field has to appeal to other disciplines such as psycho-physics, media production, etc. This book consists of invited chapters that cover the entire range of the field. Some of the topics covered include low-level audio-visual analysis based retrieval and indexing techniques, the TRECVID effort, video browsing interfaces, content creation and content analysis, and multimedia analysis-based applications, among others. The chapters are written by leading researchers in the multimedia field.

Sports Coaching Concepts

Author : John Lyle
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Coaching is a central issue in sport at all levels. This text offers a comprehensive introduction to the conceptual issues that underpin sports coaching practice and provides a complete conceptual framework for understanding sports coaching.